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2022 NBA Draft Big Board 4.0 and Top-50 Rankings


In lower than two weeks, the lives of 58 different young basketball talents shall be ceaselessly modified after they hear their name called within the 2022 NBA Draft.

Teams across the NBA proceed to do their homework on many alternative prospects and as we hit the homestretch of the pre-draft evaluation period, a greater picture is being painted for which prospects are being considered the “top-tier guys.”

Nonetheless, throughout the pre-draft process, it’s becoming increasingly clear which players could wind up being the largest “sleepers” on this 12 months’s draft, in addition to which prospects could make an impact as undrafted signees right after the conclusion of the draft.

Jabari Smith Jr., Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero and Jaden Ivey are heavily considered the most effective prospects this 12 months, but there may be a ton of talent and untapped potential up-and-down this draft class.

Whether you might be the primary overall pick, the last pick or go undrafted, there are opportunities available within the NBA and we’ll see loads of rookies from this draft class make a difference through the 2022-23 NBA season.

With teams recovering evaluations as to who all of this 12 months’s prospects are as players, here is the Top-50 of my 2022 NBA Draft Big Board 4.0:

#1 Jabari Smith Jr. – Forward – Auburn – Freshman

Arguably the highest pick in lots of scout’s minds straight away, Jabari Smith Jr. looks as if the most effective scoring talent at the highest of the draft board. At Auburn, Smith showcased his abilities to attain from virtually anywhere on the ground and out of all the top prospects on this 12 months’s draft, he is certainly the most effective jump-shooter. One other “positionless” variety of player on the wing, Smith has a very good shot at being the primary player chosen by the Magic this 12 months.

Irrespective of where he’s on the ground, Jabari Smith Jr. is capable of get to his spots and knock down either a mid-range jumper or a three-point shot. He shot 43.6% from deep at Auburn, leaving many NBA scouts and executives to consider he shall be a 40-plus percent three-point shooter on the wing at the following level. Still having a ton of upside to grow, it is tough to assume Jabari Smith Jr. not being the primary or second prospect drafted in June. He has all the abilities offensively to grow into an All-Star-level wing and given his length, Smith can grow right into a factor defensively as well.


#2 Paolo Banchero – Forward – Duke – Freshman

Many are likely to know Paolo Banchero heading into the draft, especially since he was the star player for Duke this season, helping them reach the Final 4. Standing 6-10 with an unofficial wingspan of 7-1, Banchero really has the flexibility to play any position on this league, especially provided that he’s greater than able to playing one-on-one against any variety of defender. By way of scoring and offense, Paolo Banchero can do all of it.

From perimeter to post, the previous Duke Blue Devil suits the mold of a contemporary day power-forward on this league and might not only make plays for himself, but others as well. Perhaps considered one of the more underrated parts of his game that gets overshadowed by his scoring abilities on the rim is Banchero’s passing abilities. He is just not a “point-forward” per se, however the 19-year-old is incredibly confident bringing the ball up the ground and initiating an offense. It might not be shocking to see him be an All-Star at some point and with the proper team, Banchero can truly be the face of a rebuild. He has a terrific feel for the sport and having the ability to play multiple different positions and wear plenty of various hats, Banchero is well on his option to being a top pick


#3 Chet Holmgren – Forward/Center – Gonzaga – Freshman

Coming out of Gonzaga, Chet Holmgren is rated as the highest big man on this 12 months’s draft class and his length is what has many teams within the league enthusiastic about his potential. Standing 7-0 tall with a 7-6 unofficial wingspan, Holmgren is being classified as a high-level rim-protector that’s greater than able to stretching the ground. Not many 7-footers can move well outside of the paint, but Chet Holmgren is the total package.

His footwork and quickness is phenomenal for his size and stature, making him very worthy of being the highest pick on this 12 months’s draft. Holmgren is an elite-level prospect that basically doesn’t have any long-term concerns. Adding weight and becoming stronger is something that could be worked on, however the skill he possesses and understanding of the sport is something that can not be taught. A latest modern-day big man, Chet Holmgren will make a difference on each ends of the court during his rookie season.


#4 Keegan Murray – Forward – Iowa – Sophomore

A really efficient combo-forward, Keegan Murray can do just a little little bit of the whole lot on the ground. At Iowa, Murray was his team’s primary scoring option and was capable of make an impact even when he didn’t have the ball in his hands due to his understanding for where to be. Whether it’s positioning himself for an offensive rebound or setting a screen to release considered one of his teammates on offense, Murray checks off all of the “intangible” boxes for a team on the lookout for an all-around playmaker within the draft.

Defensively, Keegan Murray has a likelihood to shine given his wide frame and length. It is just not hard to consider that within the modern-day NBA, he’ll even have the ability to sub-in as a “small-ball” center in some rotations. Set to show 22 in August, Murray is older than another top-tier draft prospects, but he’s probably the most NBA-ready players on this draft class and can very likely have an effect within the league from Day 1, very similar to this 12 months’s Rookie of the 12 months in Scottie Barnes. Just taking a look at long-term projection, Keegan Murray shall be within the NBA for a few years to come back as a trustworthy and reliable forward.


#5 Jaden Ivey – Guard – Purdue – Sophomore

Probably the most athletic guard on this 12 months’s draft class, Jaden Ivey tends to play well above the rim and is an exceptional ball-handler within the open floor. Quickness and explosiveness are the 2 essential things talked about with reference to Ivey, making him a prospect that would immediately help change the narrative for a franchise needing talent of their backcourt. Ivey was among the best guards in college basketball this last 12 months at Purdue and his game should translate perfectly to the NBA-level, especially given the success other young, explosive guards like Ja Morant and Donovan Mitchell have had in a brief time frame within the league!

Shooting off-the-dribble and spot-up from deep, Ivey has the flexibility to be a threat from the perimeter immediately and he’s a really crafty playmaker as well, getting those around him involved. As a defender, Jaden Ivey is capable of keep his opponents in front of him and has really solid lateral footwork. Offensively, you realize what you’ll get with Jaden Ivey and his explosiveness is what has propelled him to being a top-tier prospect.


#6 Bennedict Mathurin – Guard/Forward – Arizona – Sophomore

Showing flashes of All-Star-level talent on the wing, Bennedict Mathurin is considered one of the higher overall playmakers on the wing on this draft class. He is just not afraid to initiate an offense and defensively, Mathurin’s length allows him to remain in front of smaller, more agile guards on the perimeter. Standing 6’6” with a 6’9” wingspan, Mathurin has potential to proceed growing on the defensive-end of the ground. Turnovers are just a little little bit of a priority coming out of school, but many teams love Bennedict Mathurin’s high motor when he’s on the ground.

Mathurin has quickly risen up draft boards during the last month after being considered a mid first-round prospect. At this point, it could be shocking to see him fall outside of the Top-10 on draft night. A real three-point shooting threat, the team that drafts Bennedict Mathurin will look to get him involved immediately.


#7 Dyson Daniels – Guard – G-League Ignite

Coming from the G League Ignite team, Dyson Daniels has shot up draft boards during the last several months and is once more on the rise after a formidable showing on the NBA Draft Mix. Many teams fell in love with Daniels through the interview process and his measurements caught lots of scout’s attention, because the 19-year-old guard measured in at roughly 6’7.5” with a near 6’11” wingspan. Being a terrific playmaker and ball-handler, Dyson Daniels has a likelihood to be the most effective on-ball guard on this draft class. Good things occur when Daniels has the ball and he’s just nearly as good of a defender as he’s a facilitator.

There’s lots of hype surrounding Daniels straight away and rightfully so. He has just a little little bit of the whole lot to his game that makes him a young, high-potential prospect entering the league and his length is certainly a “plus” for a guard. At this point, it is tough to assume Dyson Daniels falling outside of the Top-10 on draft night, as there are several teams near the highest of this 12 months’s draft that love the flexibility and upside Daniels presents long-term. Looking ahead just a few years, it could not be surprising to see Daniels be considered one of the highest players from this draft class.


#8 Johnny Davis – Guard – Wisconsin – Sophomore

Johnny Davis shot up draft boards during this past college basketball season and really made a reputation for himself being a threat to attain from anywhere on the ground. The near 6’6” guard tends to play more on the rim and within the mid-range area than on the perimeter, but he may be very poised and has a scorer’s mentality with the ball in his hands. Davis is just not the most effective athlete on the earth, but is a robust on-ball defender and his game should translate nicely to the NBA-level. By way of growth and upside, Johnny Davis still has room to enhance his overall game at 20-years-old.

A high energy guard that’s comfortable with or without the ball in his hands, Johnny Davis has a calling demeanor to his game that makes him a Top-10 prospect on this 12 months’s draft. Being very adaptable and having a high knowledge for the sport, Davis should have the ability to make an impact immediately during his rookie season.


#9 AJ Griffin – Guard/Forward – Duke – Freshman

The son of former 10-year veteran and current NBA assistant Adrian Griffin, AJ Griffin finds himself as an athletic and intriguing prospect that may play either the shooting guard or small-forward positions. A really talented scorer, Griffin can really shoot from the perimeter and seems to have a certain level of poise to his game that many younger prospects wouldn’t have. He takes high percentage shots and knows the strengths of his game, which is what separates him from others offensively. His lack of productivity at Duke may cause some to query his skillset, but AJ Griffin is the true deal. Possessing a 7-foot wingspan, Griffin has a likelihood to essentially grow to be an impactful two-way wing on this league.


#10 Shaedon Sharpe – Guard – Kentucky – Freshman

One in all the largest unknowns on this 12 months’s draft class, Shaedon Sharpe is a young, highly explosive athlete that made a reputation for himself at the highschool level. Enrolling early at Kentucky, Sharpe has not played any college basketball, but possesses all the unique traits teams search for in a high-potential prospect. While some may shrink back from him given the query marks to his game, the 19-year-old guard has a likelihood to be an actual star.

Shaedon Sharpe can really get going from three-point range and possesses a really smooth shooting stroke from the permeter. An above-average ball-handler, Sharpe is not going to be viewed as a primary facilitator, but he’s a really capable playmaker and tends to get to his spots with ease. Defense and shot selection are the 2 things being questioned probably the most with Sharpe straight away ahead of the draft. There really is not any telling as to where Shaedon Sharpe goes within the 2022 NBA Draft, as some teams love his upside whereas other teams want no a part of the danger related to taking a young, unproven talent.

#11 Ousmane Dieng – Forward – France

Standing 6’10 with a 7’0”-plus wingspan, Ousmane Dieng has lots of upside for growth at just 19-years-old. Out on the wing, Dieng uses his athleticism to his advantage to blow past smaller, less athletic defenders and has a very good feel for when to drag up for a jump-shot when attacking the rim. Obviously teams are fascinated by his potential on defense given his length and apart from his three-point shooting abilities, there are not any long-term concerns to Dieng’s game. Still a really raw prospect, Ousmane Dieng could project to be a top-tier talent from this draft class if a team is willing to place within the time to develop him accurately.


#12 Malaki Branham – Guard – Ohio State – Freshman

Malaki Branham really got here into his own during his freshman season at Ohio State, showcasing his ability to attain from the perimeter and be an avid ball-handler on the shooting guard position. Measuring 6’5.5” on the mix after being listed as 6’4”, Branham’s measurements continued to attract attention when he measured a 6’10” wingspan. Projected as a 3-and-D wing, Malaki Branham is simply 19-years-old and still has loads of room to grow as an all-around playmaker and elite-level perimeter shooting threat. He’s considered one of the safer projected first-round picks on this 12 months’s draft, especially given his upside to still improve and the boldness he displays offensively.


#13 Jalen Duren – Center – Memphis – Freshman

Being a high-level shot-blocker at Memphis, Jalen Duren could thoroughly be the most effective shot-blocker on this 12 months’s draft class. With a near 7’5” wingspan, Duren can contest virtually any shot and he does are likely to move well for a giant man. On offense, Jalen Duren is an elite-level pick-and-roll big man that can catch any pass lobbed as much as him on the rim. He is just not the “modern-day” big man by way of shooting for the perimeter and being a playmaker, but Duren can block shots, he can rebound and shall be a high-level finisher within the paint, possibly even leading this rookie class in field goal percentage his first 12 months within the league.


#14 Mark Williams – Center – Duke – Sophomore

Having the most effective rebounding potential on this draft class, for my part, Mark Williams has a likelihood to be an actual impact center on the NBA-level. Williams possesses a 7’7” wingspan that has made him draw lots of comparison to Mo Bamba when he got here out of Texas in 2018. He may not have the ability to stretch his game to the perimeter, but Williams’ length makes him a superb shot-blocker and someone that may really be a headache for teams on each ends of the ground. Mark Williams is just not a liability on offense and tends to maneuver very well either going to screen or cutting to the basket. For a team on the lookout for a middle, it is tough not to contemplate Williams on this 12 months’s draft.


#15 Jeremy Sochan – Forward – Baylor – Freshman

An elite-level defensive player, Jeremy Sochan could also be a prospect that may are available in and immediately make an impact for any team within the league on defense. Sochan stands 6’9” with a 7’0 wingspan and he really doesn’t back all the way down to any challenge. Whether it’s guarding a giant man or a guard, the 19-year-old forward has great footwork and really takes pride in his defense. While he’s an unproven shooter on offense, Sochan has loads of potential for growth and can see lots of time on the ground his rookie season due to how strong of a defender he’s.

#16 Tari Eason – Forward – LSU – Sophomore

Defensively, Tari Eason is among the best prospects on this 12 months’s draft class. His high motor and intensity on defense can sometimes get him in some foul trouble, however the 6’7” forward truly is a “positionless” player because he can guard 1-5 on the ground. Moving well off-the-ball, Eason has the flexibility to run in transition and might make plays within the paint despite the fact that he’s oftentimes guarded by stronger, lengthier defenders. Many teams are very intrigued together with his ability to fill multiple needs at the following level given his 7’2” wingspan and flexibility on the defensive-end of the ground.

#17 Jaden Hardy – Guard – G-League Ignite

One other player from the G League Ignite, Jaden Hardy appears to be a player many still have questions on. Scouts and executives are usually not questioning his ball-handling and playmaking abilities, as Hardy has no problem creating for himself or others, but he’s only a prospect that has lots of untapped potential. Hardy’s upside on this league could thoroughly depend upon where he finally ends up, as there are definitely elements of his game that resemble traits of an All-Star. Developing a consistent jump-shot and being a more aware off-the-ball defender will help Jaden Hardy grow to be an elite-level prospect.

#18 MarJon Beauchamp – Guard – G-League Ignite

An unknown coming out of the G League, MarJon Beauchamp has been generating some buzz from the mix given his intelligence and defensive instincts. Possessing a near 7’1” wingspan, Beauchamp is capable of close out thoroughly on his opponents and he is just not an out-of-control defender like others on this draft class. He may be very calm defensively and really rarely is blown past one-on-one. As a wing, his three-point shooting numbers within the G League are just a little bit concerning, but Beauchamp is NBA-ready and may sustain an extended profession together with his instincts on the defensive-end of the ground.

#19 E.J. Liddell – Forward – Ohio State – Junior

Possessing a giant frame and high understanding for the sport, E.J. Liddell is an older prospect that lots of current playoff teams are hoping shall be available late within the first-round due to impact he could make off-the-bench immediately. Coming back to Ohio State this season after testing the NBA Draft process out last 12 months, Liddell really improved as an all-around defender and has grow to be a robust rim-protector despite the fact that he is simply 6’7”. Offensively, Liddell can back his opponents down within the post and he also has a fringe game. With only a few flaws in his game, E.J. Liddell is certainly going to be a draft prospect that may are available in and contribute off-the-bench immediately in a team’s frontcourt.

#20 Nikola Jovic – Forward – Serbia

Probably the greatest international players on this 12 months’s draft class, Nikola Jovic is a flexible forward that may do just a little little bit of the whole lot on the ground. Pick-and-roll sets are where Jovic flourishes on the court and he’s just a really smart player. His understanding for the sport is what has made Jovic a possible lottery pick and getting those around him involved is something that has teams talking about his abilities. Defensively though, Nikola Jovic has been deemed a liability at times and might want to grow to be just a little bit stronger to essentially make an impact early on in his profession. No, this is just not Nikola Jokic despite the fact that one letter separates the 2.

#21 Jalen Williams – Guard/Forward – Santa Clara – Junior

Throughout the pre-draft process, no player has helped themselves out greater than Jalen Williams. Playing at Santa Clara, not many are aware of his game, but Williams truly is a high-level two-way wing that is simply going to improve in the proper situation. He can shoot from the wing, he can rating off-the-dribble and Williams’ 7’2” wingspan is something many are talking about from the NBA Mix, especially since he measured just below 6’6” with shoes. Jalen Williams’ upside may be very high and with a shooting touch and length on the wing, he’s someone not many teams will wish to pass up the chance to draft.

#22 Ochai Agbaji – Guard – Kansas – Senior

The leader of the 2021 NCAA Champion Kansas Jayhawks, Ochai Agbaji has a likelihood to go within the lottery this upcoming draft. Just like Chris Duarte and Corey Kispert in last 12 months’s draft class, Agbaji is an older prospect that already has the tools to make an impact within the league immediately. He is simply 22-years-old and is a really smart player with the ball in his hands, giving Agbaji a likelihood to be a sixth-man-like talent for an already winning franchise. A 3-and-D shooting guard, Ochai Agbaji shall be within the running for All-Rookie honors by the tip of the 2022-23 season due to impact he could make immediately.

#23 TyTy Washington – Guard – Kentucky – Freshman

TyTy Washington struggled at times in his Freshman season as Kentucky, but he remains to be considered one of the higher facilitators and ball-handlers on this draft class. Developing a consistent jump-shot from the perimeter shall be key for Washington, as he tends to play more downhill and depend on his mid-range game than the rest. While not the most effective athlete, TyTy Washington should prove to be a really worthwhile backup guard entering the league with the potential to proceed growing into a flexible playmaker.

#24 Blake Wesley – Guard – Notre Dame – Freshman

Improving so much over the course of his freshman 12 months, Blake Wesley has a likelihood to be a high-impact scorer on the NBA-level. While listed as a shooting guard, Wesley has a likelihood to be a combo-guard that generally is a team’s primary ball-handler due to his tight handles and hig understanding for the sport. Possessing a robust looking jump-shot and having the flexibility to get to the rim offensively, the Notre Dame product will most definitely be a first-round prospect.

#25 Dalen Terry – Guard – Arizona – Sophomore

A really intriguing and lengthy combo-guard that has done well for himself throughout the pre-draft process this 12 months, Dalen Terry continues to stand up draft boards and will thoroughly have a promise near the tip of the first-round at this rate given the “buzz” he has generated. Standing 6-7 with a near 7-1 wingspan, Terry is an extended guard that has a ton of potential to grow right into a talented two-way player. Becoming stronger and learning how you can use his length to his advantage will go a good distance for Terry in his potential NBA profession, but as of straight away, his playmaking abilities and length is what projects him to possibly be considered one of the largest “sleeper” picks within the draft.

#26 Kennedy Chandler – Guard – Tennessee – Freshman

#27 Patrick Baldwin Jr. – Forward – Milwaukee – Freshman

#28 Jake LaRavia – Forward – Wake Forest – Junior

#29 Bryce McGowens – Guard – Nebraska – Freshman

#30 Kendall Brown – Forward – Baylor – Freshman

#31 Walker Kessler – Center – Auburn – Sophomore

#32 Leonard Miller – Forward – Canada

#33 Max Christie – Guard – Michigan State – Freshman

#34 Wendell Moore Jr. – Forward – Duke – Junior

#35 Christian Braun – Guard – Kansas – Junior

#36 Trevor Keels – Guard – Duke – Freshman

#37 David Roddy – Forward – Colorado State – Junior

#38 Caleb Houston – Forward – Michigan – Freshman

#39 Christian Koloko – Center – Arizona – Junior

#40 Ismael Kamagate – Center – France

#41 Ryan Rollins – Guard – Toledo – Sophomore

#42 Jean Montero – Guard – Additional time Elite (Dominican Republic)

#43 Josh Minott – Forward – Memphis – Freshman

#44 Peyton Watson – Forward – UCLA – Freshman

#45 Andrew Nembhard – Guard – Gonzaga – Senior

#46 Gabriele Procida – Guard/Forward – Italy

#47 Justin Lewis – Forward – Marquette – Sophomore

#48 Hugo Besson – Guard – France

#49 Trevion Williams – Forward – Purdue – Senior

#50 Dominick Barlow – Forward – Additional time Elite (USA)

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