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Are Heat showing enough to emerge as NBA taxpayers?


Q: The league is as wide open as I can remember (I’m pretty old). I do know the Heat don’t wish to go into the posh tax, nevertheless it looks as if they’ll compete with the highest teams within the league when focused. Do you’re thinking that the Heat would go into the posh tax if that’s what’s required to get an impact player on the 4? – Jeffrey, Miami.

A: In need of an All-Star (and I’m undecided how they might cobble the pieces), I’m undecided. The Heat had a possibility to enter the tax to retain P.J. Tucker, and didn’t. They’ve the chance to enter the tax and restock a roster depleted by the prolonged absences of Duncan Robinson, Nikola Jovic and Omer Yurtseven, and haven’t. So I’m undecided that anything wanting a blockbuster will change that course. Remember, Tyler Herro essentially can’t be traded due to his impending extension (not even stepping into his breakout play). So unless it’s some kind of flip of Kyle Lowry to an interested party, the probabilities are somewhat limited. And, again, we’re still talking only two games above .500. So it’s not as if the Heat coaching staff and front office can go to ownership and claim to be on the cusp of a title. Now, if the Heat can push up within the standings, ownership might alter the angle on the tax closer to the Feb. 9 NBA trading deadline.

Q: We’d like to have a giant play next to Bam Adebayo when leading at the tip of the games. Protect the paint and rebound higher. Bam and Orlando Robinson should defend. Playing small at the tip will not be working. – Ismael.

A: First, don’t overstate Orlando Robinson as a paint protector. He will not be a shotblocker, nor a leaper. That’s amongst the explanations the Heat have stood by Dewayne Dedmon, because the style of big body within the paint they otherwise lack. And Dewayne is simply too immobile to play in such late-game situations. The Heat simply don’t have such a secondary late-game presence for the center on their roster in the intervening time. It’s why it’s so vital to not get Bam Adebayo parked so often on the perimeter off switches, as he was against the Lakers.

Q: Kyle Kuzma would seem to be the proper fit position smart and Heat culture smart. With the Wizards losing and him likely opting out, would a first-rounder, Nikola Jovic, Duncan Robinson and any of Caleb Martin/Gabe Vincent/Dewanye Dedmon be a justified move? – S.W., Philadelphia.

A: The Wizards would want much more. And I’m undecided the Heat can afford to deplete draft assets on that level of a move. You save such picks for something big, really big. Plus, the Wizards actually had been winning again. So that they may be re-incentivized to as an alternative pay Kyle in free agency (even though it does appear as if he’s being shopped).

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