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Bailey: Inflation will fall but ‘it’s taking rather a lot longer than expected’


Bank of England believes inflation will fall, but ‘it’s taking rather a lot longer than expected’, says Governor Andrew Bailey

Bringing down UK inflation is taking ‘rather a lot longer than expected’, the Governor of the Bank of England admitted yesterday. 

Chatting with the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, Andrew Bailey highlighted that the British jobs market was ‘very tight’, with some firms ‘hoarding’ staff to avoid having to recruit recent employees from a shrinking pool. 

While there are signs that the provision of employees is recovering, Mr Bailey said this was happening ‘very slowly’, causing wages to rise quickly and fuel inflation. 

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Chatting with the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, Andrew Bailey highlighted that the British jobs market was ‘very tight’ 

‘Employers say they’re finding it so hard to recruit labour on this market that they will not be going to release labour, they’re labour hoarding. They are going to adjust hours in the event that they need but will probably be very reluctant to make people redundant,’ he said.

Mr Bailey added: ‘We still think inflation goes to come back down nevertheless it’s taking rather a lot longer than expected.’ 

The Governor also revealed that food price inflation, which within the yr to April was at near record highs of 19.1 per cent, was proving to be more persistent than expected. 

But Mr Bailey said food retailers had been inaccurate when telling the Bank concerning the state of costs within the sector.

‘We have been told more so by retailers than food producers that inflation will come down. 

Then the contact coming back later and saying, ‘Sorry, we got that one flawed,’ he said. 

Bringing down UK inflation is taking 'a lot longer than expected', the Governor of the Bank of England admitted

Bringing down UK inflation is taking ‘rather a lot longer than expected’, the Governor of the Bank of England admitted

His comments got here after official data revealed UK wages rose 7.2 per cent within the three months to April, their fastest pace on record outside of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This was accompanied by the employment rate hitting a record high of 76 per cent while unemployment dipped to three.8 per cent from 3.9 per cent. 

Danni Hewson, head of economic evaluation at investment firm AJ Bell, said: ‘Fear of finding recent expert employees is stopping many employers from letting staff go.’ 

She added that with soaring food costs and the prospect of ‘unattainable hikes to mortgage payments’, many employers considered pay rises to be ‘the one method to keep valued staff on board.’ 

But Ms Hewson warned that pay increases were helping push up prices. 

‘Pay rises have helped mitigate rising costs to a level, but they’ve also helped maintain purchasing power and that just fuels the very thing that is causing all of the pain in the primary place,’ she said. 

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