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Bernard Tomic challenges Nick Kyrgios to stump up $1million for winner-takes-all tennis match


Bernard Tomic has told Nick Kyrgios to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and challenged his rival to participate in a winner-takes-all showdown price $2million because the disagreement between the 2 escalated.

The feud between the Aussie tennis stars ignited this week, with Kyrgios telling Tomic he needed to ‘quieten down’ after claiming he was a greater player than him. 

The latter fired back by claiming Kyrgios only goaded him because he’s in awe of what he achieved on the court. Tomic is currently the world’s number 418, while Kyrgios is the 76th-ranked player on this planet. 

Bernard Tomic (left) and Nick Kyrgios have previously been good friends, but have fallen out spectacularly over the past five years

Bernard Tomic vs Nick Kyrgios head-to-head 

Name: Bernard Tomic

Age: 29

ATP world rating: 418

Turned pro:  2008

Last tournament won: 2018 Chengdu Open (singles)

Profession titles:

Name: Nick Kyrgios

Age: 27

ATP world rating: 76

Turned pro: 2013 

Last tournament won: 2022 Australian Open (doubles), 2019 Citi Open (singles)

Profession titles: 6

Head-to-head record: Tomic won the one previous encounter between the 2, beating Kyrgios in straight sets in an exhibition game. 

On Thursday night, Tomic raised the bar even further, saying he was willing to tackle his foe ‘anywhere, anytime’ and that he was prepared to place up $1million as prize money so long as Kyrgios agreed to do the identical. 

‘Put your money where your mouth is or accept that I’m higher than you, full stop,’ the 29-year-old told the Gold Coast Bulletin.  

‘Talk is affordable. I’m pleased to make it two nil [to me] any time. 

‘I’ll put up one million and you set up one million, let’s see who’s the higher player. Let the general public see who is healthier for once and for all. 

I’ve beaten you easy before and I’ll do it again. Plus we’ll play on grass so that you don’t make any excuses.’ 

Earlier this week, Kyrgios claimed Tomic was ‘essentially the most hated athlete in Australia’ after his old rival said the reigning Australian Open men’s doubles champion has ‘at all times been living in my shadow’. 

‘The one logical explanation is that I’m his idol. He’s at all times been in my shadow growing up,’ Tomic said in a video he posted on Instagram.

‘That is why anytime someone mentions my name to him, it gets under his skin.’

The 29-year-old then bizarrely referenced his long-finished junior profession, implying it was clear proof he was the higher player.

Kyrgios (second from left) and Tomic (second from right) pictured after winning a Davis Cup playoff for Australia in 2016

Kyrgios (second from left) and Tomic (second from right) pictured after winning a Davis Cup playoff for Australia in 2016

‘He knows he cannot re-write history. The records that I set once I was 16, 17, 18, and 19 — youngest slam quarter-finalist at Wimbledon (since Boris Becker), the largest tournament on this planet,’ he said.

‘He knows he cannot change that, he cannot re-write that and he would like to shut me up if he could, he knows he cannot. 

‘He knows my style dominates his and he knows he’ll lose.’

The blast was his response to Kyrgios’ claim last week Tomic is now essentially irrelevant in the case of tennis. 

Tomic referenced his successful junior career when explaining why he was a better tennis player than Kyrgios

Tomic referenced his successful junior profession when explaining why he was a greater tennis player than Kyrgios

‘Higher in what way? I’ve got the next profession high [ranking]. Extra money, more wins and provides back each time I can,’ he said to the fan on Instagram who claimed Tomic was higher.

‘It is time for BT to only cool down. He ain’t even playing anymore. I got years left.’

Kyrgios was much more scathing in response to Tomic’s video of Wednesday night, stating his lowly world rating – he’s currently 418th on this planet, while Kyrgios is 76th – and lack of support in his home country.

‘Bernard, I didn’t realise it was this bad. I low key feel bad now,’ Kyrgios posted on his Instagram story, highlighting Tomic’s rating.

Kyrgios then retorted with a screenshot of Tomic's latest results on the Challenger tour

Kyrgios then retorted with a screenshot of Tomic’s latest results on the Challenger tour

‘Hit me up in the event you need me to allow you to remember methods to play. Geezus.

‘Let’s not forget the time I payed to your flight home from Shanghai since you had no money.

‘Hahaha re write history, you might be essentially the most HATED athlete in Australia. You’re right, nobody can take over that,’ said Kyrgios, accompanied by a pair of crying laughing emojis.

Neither of the pair are competing within the French Open in the mean time, though each are expected to play in Wimbledon this June and July. 

Kyrgios has branded Tomic 'the most hated athlete in Australia' after his rival said he'd never be able to match his career milestones

Kyrgios has branded Tomic ‘essentially the most hated athlete in Australia’ after his rival said he’d never have the opportunity to match his profession milestones

Kyrgios is confident he may give the tournament a shake, recently labelling himself the perfect player on this planet on grass, while Tomic declared in January he could win the title before he retired.

‘I can win Wimbledon. Everyone knows this, I do know this — I’m probably a top 10 player on this planet on grass,’ he told A Current Affair earlier this 12 months.

‘I’ll do it, before I retire, I’ll do it, that is needless to say.

‘Time is running out. I’ve probably got 4 or five good years and I would like to do that for myself […] to complete it off the suitable way and retire pleased and guilt free,’ said Tomic.

Tomic has spent much of the past 12 months on the Challenger Tour, a tier below the ATP tour, while Kyrgios continues to stand up the rankings after starting the 12 months outside the highest 100.

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