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Best BT Broadband Deals in August 2022


Best BT broadband deals within the UK today: We have rounded up all of the most recent discounts and freebies (Image: BT • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS ) This text incorporates affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

BT is probably the most widely-available web providers across the UK. It offers a variety of the best UK broadband deals, including packages with free gift cards price as much as £110 that may be spent anywhere that accepts Mastercard, and a free subscription to Xbox Game Pass for one-year to play the most recent games like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Flight Simulator, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at no extra cost. Not to say, BT is considered one of the few broadband providers that gives an “unbreakable” package, dubbed BT Halo broadband, that uses EE’s 4G and 5G network as a backup so you will never lose Wi-Fi at home.

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Get Sky TV and Netflix For Under £10, Exclusively From BT

Telly fans, rejoice! BT has launched a seriously competitive deal that trumps the best Sky TV deals around.

For a limited time, recent and existing BT broadband customers can unlock Sky TV channels and an entire Netflix subscription for under £10 per thirty days. Not only that, but this blockbuster deal also comes with the critically-acclaimed BT TV Box Pro, which helps you to pause and rewind live television, record as much as 600-hours of your favourite shows, sports and films, and stream from Prime Video, Disney+ and Netflix in as much as 4K Ultra HD and HDR quality.

Try the Sky TV + Netflix bundle, available exclusively for brand spanking new and existing BT broadband users

The value of this astounding binge-watch bundle can be locked throughout your 24-month contract – saving you £192 in comparison with subscribing to NOW (formerly NOW TV) and Netflix individually. BT has also waived the upfront and postage fee on this deal too.

BT broadband deals – at a look

BT also bundles two free licences to BT Virus Protect with every subscription, which is powered by industry heavyweight Norton to warn you every time you stumble across a harmful or unsure website, prevent bad actors from attacking your machine, and more. In order that’s a reasonably good reason to select this provider over its nearest competition.

As you’ll be able to already tell, there is not any shortage of alternative with regards to finding the very best BT broadband deal within the UK. In case you’re considering of switching to BT, but you are somewhat unsure where to start out, this guide to the very best BT deals will help pinpoint the very best offer for you.

Express.co.uk has rounded up the most recent prices and discounts available from BT below. It’s price remembering that these prices are only available to recent customers, so you will should be switching from a rival supplier, or organising a connection in a recent home, to access these prices. In case you’re currently in-contract with BT, but wish to drop the worth of your subscription, we have got some more information on the very best strategy to renegotiate further down this guide.

Likewise, if you happen to need more information on BT as a broadband provider, the form of speeds that you simply need, the BT Smart Hub and the way it really works, and more, scroll down for answers to among the most commonly-asked questions. Alternatively, you’ll be able to take a look at the best Virgin Media broadband deals, or best Three broadband deals to see what the competition can offer.

The Best BT Broadband Deal Money Can Buy Right Now

In search of the very best overall deal from BT? Well, look no further than its Fibre 1 broadband plan, which offers download hurries up to 50Mbps and a speed guarantee of 25Mbps. That must be fast enough to stream boxsets and blockbusters from Netflix in its highest picture quality (Ultra HD requires a minimum of 15Mbps), even though it might struggle in busy households with multiple people streaming video and music, backing up photos, and making video calls. BT will upgrade your broadband speeds at no cost through the first month of your recent 24-month contract, unlocking the identical download speeds as its Full Fibre 100 package (with average downloads topping out at 150Mbps – that is 3x faster).

For the reason that Fibre 1 plan is simply available to those covered by BT Broadband’s upgraded full-fibre network, you will not must worry about line rental costs. As an alternative, all the things is handled by the next-generation fibre-optic broadband, including the optional landline phone, which offers higher quality calls than traditional copper cabling.

Because it stands, BT will include a £70 BT Reward Card with this broadband plan. This pre-paid card may be spent anywhere that accepts Mastercard which is, principally, anywhere. That is good enough to treat yourself to recent gadgets, Wi-Fi boosting extenders, or anything you fancy!

The Best Full-Fibre Deal From BT Broadband

In case you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that was recently upgraded to the most recent full-fibre broadband connection by BT-owned Openreach, there is an exceptional deal available from BT immediately. BT Full Fibre 100 offers download speeds of 150Mbps, which is greater than twice the typical home broadband speed measured within the UK last yr (70Mbps) and means you will have the opportunity to stream boxsets from Netflix in crisp 4K Ultra HD, take heed to music from Spotify, answer video calls on WhatsApp, and more and not using a hint of buffering.

BT offers a speed guarantee of 100Mbps (still comfortably faster than the typical home broadband speed) with this package. In case your connection consistently falls below this threshold, you will have the opportunity to go away your 24-month contract without paying any early termination fees and check out one other provider. BT can be signed-up to a voluntary scheme from Ofcom that requires it to pay customers after they’re left and not using a connection – so you will get a payout if things really go awry too.

For a limited time, BT is offering a so-called Homebuyer’s Offer that drops the worth of your recent broadband deal in half for the primary three months. As such, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 150Mbps download speeds for just £17.49 on your first few bills. That is cheaper than any rival broadband package available on the market immediately.

And eventually, Full Fibre 100 customers will have the opportunity to enjoy even faster download speeds for the primary month of their recent contract as BT will upgrade all recent customers to its Full Fibre 500 package, which offers download speeds of 500Mbps (and a speed guarantee of at the very least 425Mbps). So, you will have the opportunity to enjoy speedier downloads for a full month without paying the same old £49.99 a month price tag for Full Fibre 500. Pretty nifty, eh?

The Most cost-effective BT Broadband Deal

In case you’re looking to avoid wasting as much money as possible together with your next broadband package, look no further than the Full Fibre Essential plan. This unlocks download speeds of 36Mbps, which is about half the typical home broadband speed within the UK, nevertheless it costs £28.99 a month – comfortably, the most affordable of all packages available from BT.

BT does include a speed guarantee of 18Mbps with this plan, which is sufficient to stream Netflix in the best quality it offers (4K Ultra HD – the corporate recommends a minimum of 15Mbps to observe in this selection) even though it’s price noting that there won’t be much bandwidth left for anything, including scrolling through Facebook, sending messages via WhatsApp, making video calls, streaming music, or downloading an update to your PC or tablet in one other room, for instance.

Best Unbreakable BT Broadband Deal

BT’s flagship broadband plan is named Halo 3+ and is the only broadband plan available within the UK immediately that claims to be “unbreakable”. So, how does it work? BT Halo 3+ customers receive the identical Wi-Fi router as those that sign-up for any of the deals above, but BT will add an additional gadget, referred to as the Hybrid Connect device. This features a SIM card from EE – exactly just like the one found inside your smartphone – that connects to the mobile network’s 4G signal as a back-up in case your broadband goes offline. So, the moment there’s any disruption to your broadband signal, the Hybrid Connect with ditch the fibre-optic cable and revert to EE’s signal as a substitute.

You will not even notice this has happened, BT handles all of it within the background. So far as you are concerned, your device continues to be connected to your own home Wi-Fi network and you are able to hook up with the web, stream music, use smart home gadgets like an Amazon Echo, and more. When the wired broadband connection is back up-and-running, your BT Halo 3+ will takeover again because the source of your web connectivity. And that is it.

In addition to its ambitious “unbreakable” claims, BT Halo 3+ also bundles a variety of other extras from its other packages. For instance, BT will mail out its Complete Wi-Fi system, which incorporates a variety of small disc-shaped devices that may be distributed around your home to spice up Wi-Fi signal in every room.

So, you must never lose Wi-Fi when taking a video call within the garden, or be unable to stream your favourite Netflix show from the spare bedroom. In case you’re unable to attain a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room of your home, BT offers a £100 money-back guarantee.

As a Halo 3+ customer, you will also have the opportunity to book BT’s Home Tech Experts in two-hour slots, seven days per week for help together with your Wi-Fi, including organising the mesh system, at no extra cost. Speaking of cost, BT says you will never pay greater than a recent customer if you renew your contract.

Best BT Broadband Deal For Universal Credit Claimants

There are currently 4.2 million households eligible for so-called “Social Tariffs” designed for many who claim Universal Credit or other advantages. In case you fall into this category, BT has probably the most well-rounded social tariffs available, which is less expensive than its most reasonably priced broadband plan and offers the identical speeds. There are other benefits too: BT only requires a 12-month minimum contract term for Home Essentials bundle, which is half what you will need to sign-up for when buying considered one of its standard broadband bundles. BT will never charge an early exit fee in case your circumstances change, so that you need not worry about agreeing to a year-long contract in case your current circumstances are somewhat precarious.

So, if you happen to live in considered one of the 4.2 million households eligible for a Social Tariff, we would recommend signing up for BT’s Home Essentials plan. It includes average 36Mbps download speeds, upload speeds of 10Mbps, and 700 minutes of calls from the landline for just £15 a month. And you’ll be able to walk away from the contract every time you wish. In case you need somewhat more speed, BT offers the Home Essentials Fibre Plan, which boasts download speeds of 74Mbps, upload speeds of 20Mbps, and unlimited calls from the landline for £20 a month.

best bt broadband deals

BT is probably the most widely-available broadband suppliers within the UK today (Image: BT)

What Broadband Speed Do You Really Need?

Unsure what broadband speeds you will need at home? This could help to clear things up for you.

We’re all using our broadband increasingly – but that doesn’t suggest everyone needs blisteringly quick download speeds. In case you use your own home Wi-Fi to browse the online, do somewhat online shopping, send a couple of WhatsApp messages, answer some emails …then an ordinary 36Mbps connection can be good enough.

In case you’re watching a couple of boxsets on Netflix, downloading on-demand shows on Sky Q, watching videos on YouTube, and streaming your entire music from Spotify or Apple Music …you will likely wish to make sure that you’ve at the very least 60Mbps.

Consider your broadband connection like a motorway – the more traffic travelling at the identical time, the more congested it becomes. If you’ve a busy household, or you should multi-task and download a software update to your laptop in a single room, while browsing the online in your phone and watching a series on Netflix in one other …you will need more bandwidth.

So while Netflix only recommends a measly 5Mbps to observe its content in 1080p High Definition, you will quickly end up waiting for episodes to buffer if you happen to’re doing other things online at the identical time and do not have enough bandwidth to manage. With a speedy full-fibre 150Mbps connection, you are unlikely to see a slowdown at peak times – even in a busy household with multiple people making video calls, watching Netflix of their rooms, and more.

In case you’re doing nothing else on your own home Wi-Fi network, it is going to take around 16 minutes to download a feature-length film in High Definition. That is quite an extended time to attend on your film to start out after you have pressed the “Rent” or “Buy” button on iTunes. But with a 150Mbps connection, that download time drops to simply 4 minutes.

Why Select BT Broadband?

BT is considered one of the UK’s best-known web suppliers. The telecom company is behind Openreach, which installs and manages the broadband infrastructure nationwide that’s utilized by rival web providers, like Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Vodafone, Shell Energy, and EE, to call a couple of. In case you can get any of those broadband firms in your street …then, you will have the opportunity to get connected by BT too.

Openreach is currently upgrading 75,000 homes every week to the most recent broadband infrastructure. These full-fibre connections are more reliable and offer much faster download and upload speeds – as much as 1,000Mbps (14x faster than the present average broadband speed within the UK). Because it stands, greater than six million homes can access these speeds. That is somewhat underwhelming, by comparison, Virgin Media offers these next-generation download speeds to all of its 15.5 million customers nationwide (find the best Virgin Media broadband deals here) and newcomers like Hyperoptic and Community Fibre already reach a million customers combined, despite establishing their very own networks within the shadow of Openreach.

BT hopes to expand its full-fibre infrastructure to 25 million by December 2026. So, you must have the opportunity to upgrade to a few of its fastest bundles – like Full Fibre 500 – in the approaching years. 

Apart from speeds, BT has brought all of its call centres back to the UK. Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division, said: “We know the way vital providing a private, and native, service is to our customers. We’re delivering on our commitment to reply all of our customer support calls within the UK and Ireland. We all know our customers value talking to someone who understands their issue right down to the regional differences that make us so great as a rustic, whether that’s expert help with tech or chat in regards to the local football team.” 

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