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Best EE SIM only deals in July 2022


The very best EE SIM only deal will unlock enough data for WhatsApp, Netflix, and Spotify on the move (Image: EE • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS) This text incorporates affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

On the hunt for the very best EE SIM only deals available? We have rounded up the newest discounts and deals from the EE shop for you on this guide. These SIM only deals will make it easier to slash your monthly phone bills, boost your mobile data allowance, unlock free Netflix, and should you’re really lucky …all three!

Not within the mood for loads of reading? Our favourite EE SIM only deal available immediately lands with 160GB of 5G data every month, unlimited calls, text messages, and your selection of six-months free subscription to Apple Music or Apple TV+. The deal, which costs £12.50 monthly for the primary three months of your recent contract, also means that you can share any remaining 4G or 5G data with relations on EE.

This deal comes with a Smart Profit too, allowing you to select ‘n’ mix every month between a variety of perks, like a free Netflix subscription, BT Sport Ultimate, free roaming across Europe and North America, and more.

EE is not known for its low-cost SIM only deals. In truth, the mobile network is pretty consistently probably the most pricey available on the market. Nonetheless, what it lacks in mind-bogglingly low-cost phone plans it greater than makes up for with among the most reliable, widespread and fastest 4G and 5G coverage across the UK.

RootMetrics, which specialises in mobile network performance, has crowned EE as the general best performing network within the UK since 2013. EE has consistently won the highest awards for the very best network reliability and speed. In other words, should you’ve treated yourself to a shiny recent smartphone and wish to make sure that you are at all times in a position to make the most of its features with speedy mobile web – indoors and outdoors – nationwide, then EE might be your best bet.

BT-owned EE does offer some generous perks for its SIM only customers. Dubbed Smart Advantages, these perks are only available on select plans but will be swapped-out every month throughout the EE companion app on iPhone and Android. Customers can pick ‘n mix between…

  • Free Netflix subscription (value £6.99 monthly)
  • Free access to BT Sports Ultimate (value £10 monthly)
  • Free Apple Music subscription (value £9.99 monthly)
  • Video Data Pass (stream TV shows and films without eating into your monthly data allowance)
  • Roam Abroad (use your monthly data, minutes and texts abroad without incurring any extra costs)

EE SIM only deals work with each iPhone and all Android brands, including Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, OnePlus, and Motorola, to call a couple of. In the event you already own a smartphone outright or have bought a recent handset with monthly instalments from one other retailer, you will give you the option to insert the brand new SIM and start using it immediately.

best ee sim only deals 2022

In the event you go for an EE SIM only cope with Smart Advantages, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of extra perks (Image: EE)

What Is The Best Thing About EE?

Indisputably, the very best a part of EE is the incredible nationwide coverage within the UK. Its 4G network enjoys around 99% coverage across the UK population and roughly 86% of the landmass of the country.

While the 5G network is way newer, it’s now available in all major UK cities and is rapidly expanding across the remainder of the country. EE hopes that fifty% of the UK will give you the option to access this blistering quick service by 2023.

For many who do not know, 5G is the successor to 4G and unlocks much faster download speeds (comfortably beating the typical UK home broadband speed in tests) and lower latency. 5G networks are higher at handling large numbers of devices, so it’s best to give you the option to proceed making FaceTime calls, uploading to social media, and downloading music during huge crowds at festivals and live shows.

The phone in your pocket is nearly guaranteed to be compatible with 4G, nevertheless, you will need to upgrade to a recent handset to make the most of next-generation 5G speeds. The newest mid-tier and flagship models from Apple, Samsung, Google and OnePlus all support the technology, so should you’ve upgraded throughout the last two years, likelihood is, you will give you the option to make the most of the improvements available from EE’s 5G network along with your recent SIM only deal.

What Is The Worst Thing About EE?

Unfortunately, EE has decided to reintroduce EU roaming charges following the UK’s departure from the European Union. In the event you take out a SIM only or pay monthly contract after July 7, 2021 then EE will charge you £2 per day to make use of the calls, text messages, and mobile data allowances like you’ll at home. Ouch.

Customers with older contracts, taken out before July 7, 2021, are exempt from the EU roaming charges for now.

If you will have a SIM only or pay monthly plan with a Smart Profit, it’s possible to change to the Roam Abroad perk before you jet off in your trip. This allows you to use your call minutes, text messages, and 4G/5G mobile data abroad without incurring any extra charges. In truth, the Roam Abroad pass extends well beyond Europe. You may give you the option to make calls, send texts and use as much as 15GB of your allowance in the US, Canada, Australia and dozens more at no extra cost.

Best EE SIM Only Deals in July 2022

On the lookout for the very best EE SIM only deals? We have put together a comprehensive list of the last word plans available in the mean time. EE means that you can pick between a 24-, 12-, or one-month contract when selecting which SIM only deal works best for you. As you’d imagine, a one-month rolling contract costs substantially greater than a 24-month contract. For those on the lookout for probably the most inexpensive plans, we would recommend picking a two-year SIM only deal to unlock a much bigger data allowance and Smart Advantages for a lower cost every month.

Best EE SIM Only Deals: Best Overall Deal

Our top pick from EE arrives with 160GB of 5G mobile data, unlimited calls, text messages, and your selection of a six-month free subscription to Apple Music or Apple TV+. All of that costs just £12.50 monthly for the primary three months. If you will have relations on EE, you will give you the option to share any unused data throughout the month to provide them a lift.

After all, should you don’t own a 5G-compatible handset quite yet, you will give you the option to make the most of the exact same cope with a 4G-powered phone. There’s lots to like about this EE SIM deal, including the actual fact that you would be able to never run out of mobile data. Yes, really.

Introduced by EE SIM plans from July 7, 2021 onwards, EE will keep you connected to 4G mobile web even whenever you’ve eaten through your monthly allowance.

Prior to now, you’d have to spend more to unlock more data, nevertheless, EE will now simply switch your SIM onto a slower speed (0.5Mbps), which will probably be high-quality to send text messages via WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage, but will struggle to stream 4K Ultra HD boxsets from Netflix or YouTube. This must be hugely reassuring for anyone who frets about running out of mobile data with any SIM only plan that does not include unlimited data.

This plan comes with a Smart Profit too, so you will give you the option to select from a couple of different options every month, which we have outlined above.

Best EE SIM Only Deals: Least expensive Deal

The most affordable EE SIM only deal is not available directly from EE. As a substitute, it’s offered exclusively via comparison site Uswitch, which offers a SIM only cope with 10GB of 4G mobile data, unlimited text messages, and unlimited calls. Higher yet, the length of the contract is simply 12-months. Which means you will give you the option to renegotiate a recent deal much before another deals, which could possibly be a bonus if you would like to at all times ensure you will have probably the most inexpensive plan.

Whilst you’re not buying from the EE shop, you will still be using the exact same mobile network as everyone else, so you will not have to worry about being a second-class citizen with slower 5G speeds. Like all the plans included on this guide, if you will have a 5G-compatible handset, your recent SIM only deal will unlock superfast and reliable 5G downloads. In the event you’ve still got a 4G-only device, this mobile plan will work the exact same …albeit with barely slower 4G speeds.

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