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Best iPhone VPN: The highest-rated VPN for iPhone and iOS 16.2


Best iPhone VPN: At a look



Surfshark VPN

Want the very best iPhone VPN app? We have tested the largest players to seek out the very best buy! (Image: APPLE • GETTY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS) This text accommodates affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Want to seek out the best VPN to your iPhone? Whether you are seeking to supercharge your privacy online, or need to swerve geo restrictions to unlock TV shows and sports fixtures unavailable to stream in your country …installing a VPN in your iOS device is a serious upgrade. But with so many to pick from, it might be somewhat overwhelming.

After testing various the largest VPNs, our top pick is NordVPN. This VPN service has some of the beautifully designed VPN apps on iOS of any provider that we have ever tried. Not only that, however it has a extremely easy interface that’s perfect for VPN newcomers, while still packing a truckload of advanced features – like multi-hop connections, Dark Web monitoring, Kill Switches, and more – for individuals who are comfortable with Virtual Private Networks and wish to essentially tinker with the settings for hours.

Higher yet, iPhone owners pay for his or her NordVPN subscription with a single tap using Apple Pay – this has the additional benefit of also keeping your bank card details hidden in the course of the checkout process, due to Apple’s secure payment system. Those with multiple Apple gadgets will have the option to make use of their subscription to sign-in to as much as six devices at a time.

NordVPN offers native applications for macOS, iPadOS, in addition to web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Windows and Android are also supported for individuals who use multiple operating systems at home.

You will only need a single subscription to sign-in and use NordVPN on all of those devices, although you are limited to 6 simultaneous connections.

NordVPN boasts a healthy number of VPN server locations across the planet and mechanically checks for DNS leaks. It will possibly also monitor the Dark Web to provide you with a warning at any time when your login details are leaked by hackers on shady underground forums, so you possibly can quickly change your password to forestall any intrusions.

Despite some confusion, Apple does not offer a VPN without cost with iPhone. Nevertheless, iOS does play nicely with VPN services, which can be found to download from the App Store. You will need to permit your chosen VPN service to change your iPhone settings – and that is it. You may enable and disable the Virtual Private Network from inside iOS 16’s Settings app, saving you the trouble of hunting around for the NordVPN app every time you ought to head online.

Automatic connections also mean you are covered each time you open Safari or one other web browser in your iPhone.

Scroll down for our comprehensive guide to the very best VPN for iPhone. In addition to our top-rated pick, we have rounded up a number of the other good VPNs you would possibly want to think about downloading on iOS. We have also got answers to a number of the most commonly-asked questions on VPNs, including how a VPN works on iOS, whether there are free iPhone VPNs available, and rather more. You may jump to the relevant section using the links on the right-hand side, when you’re short on time!

best vpn for iphone connect apple smartphone

VPNs are designed to encrypt the entire traffic out of your iPhone – keeping every thing you do protected (Image: GETTY)

What’s a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, more commonly referred to by its initialism VPN, creates a secure tunnel for all your web traffic. This protective, encrypted layer prevents anyone from spying on what you are doing online – keeping your data safely locked away from bad actors, advertisers, and even your broadband provider. By ensuring every thing that you simply do online is encrypted, you may be protected from data-snoopers seeking to steal your payment data in addition to intrusive advertisements based in your browsing history.

VPNs can manually alter your IP address, which makes it appear as when you’re based in almost any location around the globe. For many who do not know, each time that your device connects to the web it’s assigned an IP address, which incorporates information concerning the location where you have connected to the net. That is how the web site to your favourite cinema chain knows the closest branch to you, food delivery services can pinpoint your location, and Google Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions out of your current location.

By manually tweaking your IP address to a different country, these web sites could be tricked into assuming that you simply’re abroad. Granted, this is not particularly useful on the subject of directions in Google Maps, nonetheless, there are various services that could be blocked in your current location that might suddenly develop into available.

For instance, Netflix has a unique catalogue of boxsets and flicks in each country attributable to complex global licensing agreements and can only show you a number of shows, documentaries and movies that it’s in a position to broadcast in the placement of your IP address. Select sporting fixtures and streaming services, like HBO Max and BBC iPlayer, are only available in select countries.

Do VPNs work on iPhone?

Yes, VPNs work well with iOS.

Apple has created a dedicated toggle to configure your VPN throughout the Settings app, so you possibly can quickly enable a VPN connection without trying to find the app in your (probably, very cluttered) homescreen. Similar to your laptop or tablet, connecting to a VPN together with your iPhone will be certain that all of the information travelling to and out of your handset might be encrypted. That may shield you from data snoopers and cyber crooks.

Connecting to a VPN service together with your iPhone may even hide its IP address, so any web sites that you simply visit won’t have the option to find out your current location. This adds an additional layer of protection from prying eyes. You are also able to connect with a server in a unique country to unlock content inside your favourite iOS apps or web sites that could be locked to a particular geolocation.

Can you continue to use AirDrop with a VPN on iPhone?

In a word – no. In the event you’re attempting to use AirDrop to wirelessly beam photos, videos, documents, web links and more between your devices …you’ll have to be sure that that you’ve got switched off your VPN. Whatever the VPN provider, routing your web activity through an encrypted tunnel to maintain every thing secure doesn’t play nice with the easy wireless transfer system built into all iOS, iPadOS, and macOS gadgets.

After all, it only takes a second to leap into your NordVPN app (or one other VPN service) and pause the present connection. And that is it. All the pieces will work as usual – with users in a position to beam full-resolution photographs, videos, PDFs and documents between devices with a number of taps.

It isn’t a deal-breaker, however it’s something that iPhone owners might want to know before getting a VPN up and running on their handset. 

Best VPN for iPhone

In the event you want a terrific Virtual Private Network with advanced features, a competitive price, and a shocking app for iOS – look no further than NordVPN. This good service has a beautifully-designed iPhone VPN app that makes connecting to a server impossibly easy – even when you’re latest to VPNs.

The service is well integrated with iOS, the mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, and includes homescreen widgets for those using iOS 14 or newer, iMessage stickers, and support for the system-wide Light and Dark modes. NordVPN even helps you to subscribe with a single tap using Apple Pay at checkout. It’s easily probably the greatest iOS VPN experiences available on the market – and a must for iPhone fans.

1. NordVPN

This VPN earned the total five-stars in our NordVPN review, due to its stellar mobile app. And it has helped this good VPN service claim the highest spot here too – the iOS version of the app looks simply stunning and is incredibly easy to make use of, even for VPN newcomers.

The corporate supports iOS homescreen widgets, so you possibly can access a number of the core features without launching the app. NordVPN has even created a set of stickers to be utilized in Apple’s iMessage app as an alternative of ordinary emojis. That is a serious commitment to Apple users. For those with multiple iOS devices, NordVPN includes an iPad app so you possibly can be certain you may be protected on each platform.

Launching the iPhone VPN app for the primary time, you may be greeted with a map of all available NordVPN servers and a Quick Connect button that can find the very best server for you, based in your current location. And that is it. With a single tap of a button, you may be connected and every thing you do in your iPhone might be encrypted and secure.

best vpn for iphone nordvpn

NordVPN has created an intuitive iOS app for iPhone owners who want to learn from a VPN (Image: NORDVPN)

You may have the option to see your current, secure IP address (and it will even be helpfully highlighted on the map). Apple also adds a VPN icon next to the Wi-Fi strength indicator in Control Centre to indicate that you simply’re connected. NordVPN helps you to quickly favourite servers which have performed well for you. It’ll also highlight recent connections, helpful when you’re jumping between two or more countries frequently.

With regards to the number of nations available, NordVPN offers a fairly impressive selection – with a alternative of 60 nations worldwide. That said, it is not quite as many options are ExpressVPN, which boasts 94 possible countries. So, those that want to seem in additional exotic locations might need to look elsewhere.

NordVPN allows iPhone owners to mechanically connect with its VPN service at any time when the handset connects to the web. This implies – irrespective of how forgetful you could be – your online data, payment information, streaming and payment data will at all times be shielded by the additional protection. You too can pause your encrypted connection for five, 30 or 60 minutes. After that point, the VPN will kick in again within the background.

For extra security, NordVPN’s iOS app can mechanically scan the Dark Web and provide you with a warning if it discovers any of your information – email address, passwords – being shared by hackers. It is a standout feature in various the most well-liked password managers, like 1Password, so to have it included with NordVPN at no extra cost is ace. If the iPhone app detects any leaks, you may have the option to quickly change the password of all accounts that use the email-password combo – keeping you protected from any attacks from hackers.

NordVPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a reimbursement guarantee

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?

Yes, at an additional cost

NordVPN also has designed its app to match the operating system, whether you have your iPhone set to light or dark mode.

In our testing, NordVPN only marginally impacted download speeds, which makes it great for streaming video. Without NordVPN enabled, we clocked up 120Mbps and a number of moments later, with its VPN enabled and shielding our data, we recorded a download speed of 110Mbps. Sure, that’s slower. Nevertheless, it is a minimal hit and still good enough to stream in crisp 4K Ultra HD in multiple rooms across the house. And with features like split-tunnelling included with NordVPN, you simply must be certain that only devices that must be configured to a VPN server on the opposite side of the globe will get the largest hit to their speeds.

Advanced features, like an automatic kill switch, split-tunnelling and a double VPN connection, are all available with NordVPN. You too can reserve a dedicated IP address that is only yours to make use of, although that can cost extra.

best iphone vpn nordvpn app

NordVPN is deeply integrated into iOS with support for homescreen widgets and even iMessage Stickers (Image: NORDVPN • APPLE • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Where NordVPN really shines in comparison with its closest rival, ExpressVPN, is the difference in price. This provider offers various stellar deals, with prices commonly dropping below £3 a month for a subscription. That is incredibly competitive for such a reliable service, with stunning apps to your iPhone and iPad in addition to advanced features like split-tunnelling, auto-connect, and Dark Web monitoring.

NordVPN offers various possible payment options, including all major bank card providers (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discovery). PayPal and Amazon Pay are also accepted too. Unlike a lot of the other providers on this list, you may also pay for NordVPN using Apple Pay, which is able to assist you to breeze through the checkout process, together with your iPhone simply filling out the entire payment details (and keeping your bank card details stashed away). In the event you download the NordVPN app from the App Store in your iPhone, you may have the option to sign-up for a subscription using the payment information stored together with your iTunes account too.

For many who need to pay with cryptocurrency, NordVPN accepts each Bitcoin and Ethereum. And with 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t any reason to not unlock the largest savings by choosing an extended subscription to NordVPN.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a well-respected Virtual Private Network service – and for excellent reason. It offers the identical iron-clad encryption, but with a minimal impact on download speeds. iPhone owners will have the option to pick from various VPN Protocols before they connect for the primary time, including the next-generation “Lightway” system that’s optimised for speed.

In comparison with the 120Mbps unprotected download speed on our iPhone, ExpressVPN’s Lightway system was in a position to eke out 105Mbps, which is slower than NordVPN but still good enough to observe a video in the very best available picture quality, stream music, and make FaceTime calls out of your iPhone with none trouble.

In the event you’re hoping to observe boxsets and blockbusters in your iPhone, ExpressVPN could be your only option. That is because this provider works tirelessly to be certain that its service performs well with the largest streaming services on the planet, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more.

For instance, ExpressVPN has a team dedicated to making sure that it has a gentle stream of latest servers coming online to flee Netflix’s recent crackdown on VPNs. So while some providers might encounter problems when attempting to access catalogues available in other countries, ExpressVPN never runs into a difficulty. It’s the explanation that we named ExpressVPN as the very best VPN for streaming.

best iphone vpn expressvpn screenshots

ExpressVPN is some of the popular VPN providers on the planet, and it has earned that accolade (Image: EXPRESSVPN)

ExpressVPN’s iPhone VPN app is not quite as refined as NordVPN, however it’s still well-designed and devilishly easy for newcomers.

Launching the iOS app for the primary time, you may be presented with a big On/Off button that permits your secure connection. Below that, ExpressVPN will list your current location, the “smart location” that it believes will offer you the very best possible encrypted connection, and a recent location. There is a useful Help tab that gives suggestions and guides to profit from the service.

While there isn’t any Dark Web monitoring, as you will get with NordVPN, but ExpressVPN does include a secure password generator. This may create a singular, randomly-generated password for brand spanking new accounts so that you’re going to never re-use the identical email address-password combination, which makes you rather more vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals. That is a useful addition, nonetheless, iPhone users can find the identical functionality built into Apple’s Keychain feature, that synchronises your logins securely across all iOS, watchOS, and macOS devices.

ExpressVPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a reimbursement guarantee / 7-day free trial from iOS and Android app

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?


ExpressVPN pledges to never collect identifying details about its customers, including IP address, online activity, traffic destination, and even the length of every session.

On condition that one in all the foremost advantages of using a VPN is the boost in privacy, it is a reassuring step. Actions speak louder than words, and ExpressVPN has taken various steps to indicate its dedication to privacy. The corporate has based itself within the British Virgin Islands because there aren’t any data retention laws there. Which means ExpressVPN is not legally obliged to maintain tabs on the browsing habits of its customers.

As one in all the market leaders, ExpressVPN charges somewhat greater than the competition. As such, when you’re in search of a very competitive deal, it could be price looking elsewhere for the very best iPhone VPN for you. That said, ExpressVPN is one in all the one providers that supports Klarna – so you possibly can break up the payment into smaller instalments. This implies you may still have the option to make the most of the largest savings available (ExpressVPN saves probably the most impressive discounts for its one-year subscription plans) while still paying in smaller instalments, just like the monthly subscription plan.

ExpressVPN accepts various payment methods, including the largest credit and debit card providers, like Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Paypal and Bitcoin are also options. Unfortunately, unlike NordVPN, there isn’t any Google Pay or Apple Pay for a one-tap checkout.

3. Surfshark VPN

In the event you’re in search of an incredible deal in your iPhone VPN, you must sign-up for Surfshark VPN. This popular provider is some of the reasonably priced options around, especially when you’re willing to sign-up for an extended contract. 

Apple users might be pleased to seek out a well-designed iOS VPN app complete with support for various popular iPhone features, like Stickers to make use of in iMessage, homescreen widgets for quick access to configure your VPN connection, and an identical iPad experience.

best iphone vpn surfshark screenshot ios

SurfShark has embraced various core iOS features, including homescreen widgets (Image: SURFSHARK)

With a single subscription, you may have the option to make use of each iPhone and iPad VPN apps at the identical time. In actual fact, you may have the option to make use of all of Surfshark’s many VPN apps concurrently as it’s the only provider in this text that permits users to make use of a vast variety of devices at the identical time. For comparison, NordVPN and ExpressVPN only allow customers to make use of a handful of apps with the identical account.

Surfshark features a dedicated kill switch inside its iPhone VPN app too, which you will not find from the opposite providers in this text. If that is a feature that you simply imagine might be essential in your iPhone, it could possibly be price picking Surfshark over its closest rivals.

It’s backed by the identical 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, so there isn’t any risk when signing up for the primary time and seeing how Surfshark performs for you. In the event you’re not completely satisfied with the best way the Virtual Private Network works together with your iPhone, you possibly can at all times contact the helpful customer support team and request a refund to your subscription.

SurfShark VPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a reimbursement guarantee / 7-day free trial from iOS and Android app

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?


Dark Web Monitoring?

Yes, at an additional cost

In the event you’re able to sign-up, Surfshark offers various payment options, including all major bank cards, from VISA to Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. It also allows customers to pay for his or her subscription to Surfshark with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But better of all, iPhone owners will have the option to subscribe to the service with a single tap using Apple Pay in the course of the checkout process. In the event you’ve got your bank card details stored together with your Apple ID, this is well the fastest payment method, however it’s also likely probably the most secure as Apple generates a singular payment code, slightly than sharing your card number in the course of the payment process.

Does iPhone have a VPN included in iOS?

Apple has included deep support for VPN apps inside iOS. After installing the app out of your chosen provider, it is going to install a VPN configuration profile onto your handset (you’ll have to input your password to authorise this).

After that, you may have the option to configure a VPN server connection from the Settings app in your iPhone, which is able to now include a toggle within the foremost menu. After all, you may also kickstart a VPN connection out of your chosen supplier’s app and, within the case of NordVPN, begin a connection from an iOS homescreen widget or mechanically every time your iPhone joins a Wi-Fi or mobile data network.

Apple has announced a latest feature dubbed Private Replay, which is able to form an integral a part of its upcoming iCloud+ subscription plan. That is currently being tested in some countries in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Private Replay is a privacy feature that permits iPhone owners to withhold their IP address from web sites visited via Safari in addition to apps with insecure connections.

Keeping your IP address secure is one in all the foremost features of a VPN, nonetheless, Apple’s solution will only work on its devices – so your subscription will only cover your Apple-designed devices. In the event you own a Fire TV Stick, Windows laptop, or one other gadget at home that you would like to make use of with a VPN, you are still higher taking a look at our top pick, NordVPN.

Private Relay also misses out on a very important feature with VPNs – the flexibility to manually switch your IP address to access TV shows, movies and sports fixtures that are not currently available in your location. We’ll put Private Replay through its paces when it launches for iPhone owners within the UK. But in the intervening time, we might recommend benefiting from the good support for VPNs included with the iPhone to unlock an incredible experience with NordVPN’s competitively priced and full-featured Virtual Private Network service.

Can I get an iPhone VPN without cost?

We have a dedicated guide on the best free VPNs available on the market, which incorporates some improbable options for individuals who need to test-out these good services without paying. Nevertheless, it’s price saying that (inevitably) all of those free VPNs include strict limitations with a purpose to push customers to the paid subscription plans.

In the event you want the very best experience – which we might absolutely recommend if you ought to test a VPN for the primary time – it’s significantly better to subscribe to a paid-for plan. Our top-rated provider, NordVPN, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and has customer support representatives available 24/7 so when you run into any issues, you possibly can get a full refund. It isn’t quite a free trial, however it’s nearly as good as one. Alternatively, you possibly can download the NordVPN app from the App Store and launch a seven-day free trial from throughout the app. That is only available direct from the app, but will assist you to experience the fully-fledged NordVPN service without paying a penny.

In the event you determine that you ought to keep using the VPN, the very best deals are reserved for individuals who sign-up for a one- or two-year contract direct from NordVPNs’ online store.

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