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Biden Warns Inflation Will Worsen if Republicans Retake Congress


HAGERSTOWN, Md. — President Biden laced into Republicans on Friday for attempting to enact policies that will make “every kitchen table cost” go up while lavishing tax cuts on big corporations, shedding his usual tone of bipartisanship a month ahead of the midterm elections.

In a speech before factory employees at a Volvo manufacturing facility, Mr. Biden defended his economic record and accused Republicans of political hypocrisy for looking for to reap the good thing about federal funds made available by laws that that they had opposed. He also laid out the stakes of the upcoming elections, bluntly warning that Republicans will attempt to cut back Medicare and Social Security advantages in the event that they win control of Congress. And he accused Republicans of rooting against America’s economic success.

“This can be a selection between two very other ways of the economy,” Mr. Biden said.

Mr. Biden’s comments got here as Labor Department figures showed that the USA economy added 263,000 jobs in September and that the unemployment rate fell to three.5 percent, from 3.7 percent a month earlier. The report suggests that the labor market is cooling because the Federal Reserve raises rates of interest but that the central bank will likely need to take further steps to slow the economy to be able to tame inflation.

Mr. Biden said that the numbers were an indication that the economy was transitioning to stable growth.

“Our job market continues to point out resilience as we navigate through this economic transition,” he said. “The pace of job growth is cooling while still powering our recovery forward.”

Despite concerns about an economic slowdown, Mr. Biden’s remarks were the newest attempt by the White House to spotlight examples of America’s manufacturing resurgence with a give attention to the auto sector within the run-up to the November midterm elections.

With the primaries over, each parties are shifting their focus to the overall election on Nov. 8.

  • Standing by Herschel Walker: After a report that the G.O.P. Senate candidate in Georgia paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, Republicans rallied behind him, fearing that a break with the previous football star could hurt the party’s possibilities to take the Senate.
  • Wisconsin Senate Race: Mandela Barnes, the Democratic candidate, is wobbling in his contest against Senator Ron Johnson, the Republican incumbent, as an onslaught of G.O.P. attack ads takes a toll.
  • G.O.P. Senate Gains: After signs emerged that Republicans were making gains within the race for the Senate, the polling shift is now clear, writes Nate Cohn, The Times’s chief political analyst.
  • Democrats’ Closing Argument: Buoyed by polls that show the tip of Roe v. Wade has moved independent voters their way, vulnerable House Democrats have reoriented their campaigns around abortion rights in the ultimate weeks before the election.

The Volvo facility in Hagerstown employs greater than 1,700 employees and makes parts for Mack Trucks.

The visit also got here with political calculations, as Representative David Trone, a Maryland Democrat, was locked in a good re-election race together with his Republican challenger, Neil Parrott. Hagerstown can be near the border with Pennsylvania, where the senate and governor’s races are two of essentially the most consequential political contests within the country.

Mr. Biden maintained a more pointed tone with Republicans as he made claims in regards to the advantages of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that Congress passed in August. He called out Republicans comparable to Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona and Representative Andy Barr of Kentucky for looking for federal funds for local projects while criticizing his agenda, calling it “socialism.”

How Times reporters cover politics. We depend on our journalists to be independent observers. So while Times staff members may vote, they will not be allowed to endorse or campaign for candidates or political causes. This includes participating in marches or rallies in support of a movement or giving money to, or raising money for, any political candidate or election cause.

“I didn’t know there have been that many socialist Republicans,” Mr. Biden joked.

Mr. Biden, who on Thursday evening attended a fund-raiser on the Manhattan home of the Democratic donor James Murdoch, said that Republicans have a “Park Avenue” view of the world that stands in stark contrast to his policies which can be born out of concern for people in places like Scranton, Pa., where Mr. Biden was born, and Hagerstown.

Republicans seized on signs of a cooling job market to assail Mr. Biden for economic mismanagement on Friday.

“The economy is shrinking, inflation is raging, and job growth is slowing,” said Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, the highest Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee.

While the White House has up to now sounded very in keeping with the Fed’s push to fight the quickest inflation in 4 many years, that tone could shift somewhat because the economy begins to point out cracks.

The Biden administration has made it clear that it respects the Fed’s independence to set policy freed from partisan interference, but it surely may be difficult for administration officials to embrace the central bank’s actions too loudly when the Fed’s policies are hurting the economy and inflicting pain on employees.

Mr. Biden acknowledged that economic headwinds continued to persist, noting that gasoline prices are inching back up “due to what the Russians and the Saudis just did.”

“I’m not finished with that just yet,” he added.

Despite his sharper tone, Mr. Biden said that he remained hopeful that bipartisan cooperation could possibly be possible after the election.

“That’s my hope, that after this election, there will likely be just a little return to sanity,” Mr. Biden said. “That we’ll stop this bitterness that exists between the parties and have people working together.”

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