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Bitcoin crash latest news: Crypto collapse continues as BTC losses top 70%


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Bitcoin crashed below $21,000 on Wednesday, dropping an extra 10 per cent overnight to achieve its lowest level for the reason that end of 2020.

The cryptocurrency has since recovered barely, though analysts warn that the volatility may not yet be over.

The newest losses mean that the worth of BTC is now greater than 70 per cent since its all-time high in November 2021, though previous major downturns following then-record highs in 2013 and 2017 resulted in corrections of greater than 80 per cent.

The general crypto market is down below $1 trillion, following similarly heavy price falls for other leading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL).

Major platforms including Celsius and Binance have experienced operational issues this week, which they blamed on an influx of investors liquidating their assets.

Crypto exchange Coinbase has also announced that it’s culling over 1,000 employees after previously rescinding job offers, nonetheless Binance has announced it’s hiring 2,000 more staff.

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Bitcoin sinks but regains value

After sinking very near the $20,000 mark on Wednesday, Bitcoin has marginally risen to over $22,000, growing in value by about 3 per cent within the last day.

The leading cryptocurrency continues to be down by over 25 per cent in comparison with its price last week.

Ethereum has also grown by over 2 per cent within the last day, but is down by over 30 per cent in comparison with its value every week ago.

Cardano, polkadot, and dogecoin have grown by over 10 per cent within the last 24 hours.

The general crypto market has grown by 3 per cent within the last day, but continues to be below the $1 tn mark.

Vishwam Sankaran16 June 2022 04:42


‘Bitcoin is one of the best performing asset’: MicroStrategy CEO responds to cost crash

We reported earlier that greater than $1 billion has been wiped from MicroStrategy’s bitcoin holdings following the newest market downturn.

CEO Michael Saylor has today addressed those losses on live TV, appearing on CNBC to say he has a long-term view of the bitcoin market, noting that bitcoin has never moved below its four-year easy moving average in its history. Which means anyone who has ever bought bitcoin and held it for greater than 4 years has not lost money.

“I believe it’s been a net positive,” he told CNBC.

“Over any timeframe – two years, 4 years, eight years – bitcoin is one of the best performing asset, I can’t provide you with a greater idea.”

Anthony Cuthbertson15 June 2022 17:30


Coinbase’s reduction in staff shows shows the hazards of counting on HODL, as a substitute of a calculated approach to the crypto industry, based on Dmitry Gooshchin, co-founder of AI trading platform EndoTech.

“Investors and pioneers have didn’t factor market volatility into their business models, which is an oversight provided that volatility is an inherent component of this young market. It’s clear that each investors and crypto pioneers took a HODL approach as a substitute of one which represents a more calculated approach to this nascent industry”, Mr Gooshchin said.

Adam Smith15 June 2022 17:00


Crypto exchange Binance is hiring

Only a day after Coinbase announced that it could be firing 18 per cent of its workforce – totalling roughly 1,100 people – rival crypto exchange Binance has announced that it’s hiring.

CEO Changpeng Zhao, often called CZ, said the corporate has 2,000 open positions, which he attributed to Binance not splashing the money on expensive crypto ads and sponsorship deals in the course of the latest bull run.

Anthony Cuthbertson15 June 2022 16:39


Crypto crash: MicroStrategy’s bitcoin losses top $1 billion

Today’s losses mean MicroStrategy, the world’s biggest corporate investor in bitcoin, is now down greater than $1 billion from its initial investment.

CEO Michael Saylor stays adamant that the firm won’t sell its holdings, and that previous concerns on a margin call on considered one of its loans were over stated.

After spending nearly $4 billion on its stockpile, MicroStrategy’s BTC is now value lower than $2.7 billion. Advocates would say that the USD value may drop however the variety of bitcoins stays the identical.

You possibly can read more about it here.

Anthony Cuthbertson15 June 2022 16:02


stETH has dropped to $4 billion from about $10 billion last month as holders sell while ether’s price crashes.

“Within the short term, stETH will face tremendous selling pressure,” Huobi Research Institute’s report states. “Turbulence is predicted within the near future.”

Adam Smith15 June 2022 15:00


Celsius holds 409,260 stETH tokens

Celsius, which froze withdrawals last weekend can be holding 409,260 stETH tokens.

Celsius took a loss of just about $71 million earlier from staking stETH on Stakehound because Stakehound misplaced the keys, based on Johnny Louey and Andy Hoo, analysts at Huobi Research Institute.

“What Celsius can do is sell its stETH with a view to buy ETH available on the market to satisfy client requests,” Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at crypto market maker Genesis, told CoinDesk

Adam Smith15 June 2022 14:00


Bill Gates says NFTs are based on ‘greater idiot theory’

Billionaire Bill Gates has once more spoken out about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, claiming they’re “100 per cent based on greater idiot theory – that any person goes to pay more for it than I do”.

Speaking at TechCrunch talk, he joked: “Obviously digital images of monkeys are going to enhance the world immensely, and that’s so incredible.”

As the most important private owner of famland within the US, he added: “I’m used to asset classes like a farm where they’ve output or an organization where they make products.”

Anthony Cuthbertson15 June 2022 13:34


Bitcoin price teeters above 2017 peak

An extra 10 per cent price slide on Wednesday morning has left bitcoin hovering just above $20,000.

Rewind nearly five years and this was the height seen in 2017 after a record-breaking rally. If it fails to carry support at this key level, analysts fear that much more losses could possibly be on the way in which. BTC is currently around 70 per cent down from its 2021 record, with major corrections prior to now wiping upwards of 80 per cent from the cryptocurrency’s value.

You possibly can read more about it here.

Anthony Cuthbertson15 June 2022 12:05


Crypto needs safeguards against a liquidity crisis

Crypto lenders and exchanges must leverage adult tools to safeguard against a liquidity crisis, based on Dr. Anna Becker, co-founder of AI trading platform EndoTech.

“In the identical way trading platforms are growing up by incorporating volatility into their business strategy, for example with the usage of algorithmic trading versus the old model of emotional buy and hold trading, crypto lenders and exchanges must leverage adult tools to safeguard against a liquidity crisis just like the one we’re seeing,” said Dr. Becker.

“It’s unacceptable for lending institutions and currency exchanges to stop customers from accessing their funds. I urge regulatory bodies to clamp down on cowboy crypto firms who’re robbing innocent people, and help steer the market into maturity.”

Adam Smith15 June 2022 12:01

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