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BMW’s vision for the longer term takes inspiration from cars of the past


BMW continues to push the boundaries with its cars featuring an increasing number of advanced technology such full autonomy which allows the vehicle to drive itself. Nevertheless, its next generation of machines seem like taking inspiration from the past by offering owners a far more personal experience. Throughout the unveiling of its recent i Vision Dee, BMW lined up its latest concept alongside two iconic cars that feature loads of personality.

Knight Rider’s Kit and Herbie from Love Bug were each motors with considerable character and that is exactly what BMW wants owners to experience in the longer term.

This cuddly recent automotive comes filled with features including an outer shell that may change color to match your mood. Dee can even chat with you identical to a friend and welcome you with a wink from its interactive front grille.

Latest vehicles is perhaps filled with screens and incredible tech but through these upgrades many have lost their identity and that is what BMW hopes its Dee will bring back to the road.

Together with being fully interactive, hop inside and there are plenty more treats for drivers including a recent head-up display that may take over the entire windscreen. This implies more information will be beamed right in front of the driving force’s eyes. There’s even the choice to overlay virtual reality to make the driving experience feel more immersive and fun.

BMW says that the name Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience with the firm hoping that its idea will create a stronger bond between people and their cars.

After all, Dee will likely be fully electric and eco-friendly with it not using any fuel to get from A to B. Sadly, there’s currently no word on range, how much it should cost or once you will actually see it on the roads but BMW has built a working model so more news might be announced in the approaching years.

Express.co.uk was sat within the audience throughout the launch event in Las Vegas and it’s definitely impressive.

The style-changing exterior, which will be switched to 32 different colors, looks incredible with BMW hoping that AI will even give you the chance to routinely set the look to match your outfit.

The vehicle also feels decidedly friendly and likeable which is precisely what BMW is attempting to create.

“With the BMW i Vision Dee, we’re showcasing what is feasible when hardware and software merge. In this manner, we’re able to take advantage of the complete potential of digitalisation to rework the automotive into an intelligent companion, ” said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

“With its intelligent, almost human capabilities, BMW i Vision Dee accompanies drivers not only through real-life situations on the roads but in addition of their digital environment.”

Who knows once we’ll see the Dee driving around your local town but BMW’s idea of the longer term definitely looks like a whole lot of fun.

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