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Boiler warning: Six signs that yours may very well be faulty and climbing your energy bills | Personal Finance | Finance


Experts at Boiler Central have warned that faulty boilers could make soaring energy bills surge even further, so it’s essential for homeowners and tenants to keep watch over their appliance. The law states that a boiler must be serviced every 12 months, with homeowners and landlords accountable for ensuring that this happens.

Tenants are responsible to tell their landlord of any faults or issues, in order that they need to ascertain their boiler frequently.

Signs that a boiler must be serviced include if energy bills suddenly go up and if there isn’t a hot water or the water will not be sufficiently heated.

There could also be a problem if heating water takes longer than usual or if the boiler is leaking.

Other signs to look out for are if the boiler makes an unusual noise or if foul smells come from the boiler.

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Odours coming from the boiler may very well be gas leaks, akin to carbon monoxide.

A spokesperson for Boiler Central said: “Regular boiler service can prevent issues that will not be only expensive but potentially hazardous to a household.

“UK law is evident about who’s accountable for maintaining and servicing boilers in rental properties.

“The law stipulates that landlords or letting agencies must maintain boilers (and other gas appliances) in rented properties, do a yearly gas safety check on all gas appliances, and provides a duplicate of the newest certificate to recent and existing tenants.”


Boiler Central provided some recommendations on things people can do to assist keep their boiler functioning properly.

Turning on the heating, even in the course of the warmer months, can make sure that that the appliance is working accurately.

This may help flag up any issues and avoid any problems going into the colder months.

People also needs to make sure that that the vents aren’t blocked, as adequate airflow is significant for the boiler to work.

Vents work best by being left clear, with no home goods covering them, even when the boiler is installed in a cabinet.

One other tip is to bleed the radiators yearly, to maintain them running as they need to.

Boiler specialists can assist with this, if homeowners will not be sure the right way to bleed a radiator.

A recent survey by OnePoll found that two thirds had problems with their heating or hot water in the course of the winter months.

Just one in five said that they service their boiler every yr.

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