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Bradley Beal Says Stephen Curry Modified The NBA But Hurt Youth Basketball: “He Messed Up The Game In A Good Way. I Think He Hurt The Youth Because The Youth Just Loves Threes.”


Bradley Beal is certainly one of the best scorers of his generation. Unfortunately, Beal has been in a situation with the Washington Wizards where the team hasn’t enjoyed any postseason success with Beal because the leader of the team. Individual success has come for Beal as he has been an All-Star and a multiple-time runner-up for scoring champion. He’ll proceed hooping with the Wizards for the foreseeable future given the contract extension he signed.

In 2020-21, Beal got here second within the scoring title race to Stephen Curry, arguably certainly one of the best of this generation. Beal gave Curry full credit for changing the sport and making it a more perimeter-centric game while talking to JJ Redick. But Beal also had to say the ailing effects of Curry’s style in youth basketball, as kids are learning to be shooters before they’re learning the basics of the sport.  

“He tousled the sport in way. I feel he hurt the youth since the youth just loves threes and that’s all they fascinated about doing is shooting threes. You may just see within the league how we value the three-point line now. It’s not only something that we just have a look at as a spacer. We value it in any respect five positions. We’d like everybody to give you the option to shoot the three because that’s a threat — spacing the ground, with the ability to create some more drives to your guards… I feel him and Klay and their whole team just modified the sport in but bad way.”

Curry’s impact on the sport is indelible. So far as making kids shoot more 3s, it’s an evolution of the sport and was certain to occur, much like Michael Jordan inspiring kids to perfect the midrange fadeaway. coach will at all times ensure their players are fundamentally sound, especially in the event that they’re adequate to play on the NCAA D1 or NBA level.

The Impact Of Stephen Curry In The Modern NBA

The NBA used to favor the bigs rather a lot more when it comes to the under-the-rim shots being essentially the most sought-after. It’s harder to miss whenever you’re closer to the basket, so big men that would get to the rim and protect it were at all times preferred. A degree guard’s job was to be the playmaker.

The natural evolution of basketball saw those notions change over time but Curry eliminated it after his sudden rise within the mid-2010s. 10 years ago, teams were attempting to play double-big lineups whereas nowadays we see teams use lineups with no centers for max versatility and stretchability.

This transformation is totally linked to the Warriors and Curry. Beal was right to call out the negative points of Curry’s influence on kids but he gave Steph the love he deserves for changing the sport and making guards the most dear assets within the league.  

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