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Charles Barkley champions a $24.5 million payout to trigger NBA 2k appearance


Charles Barkley has at all times been a crusader for retired players and really recently, his efforts bore fruit and now, ABA players will receives a commission!

Charles Barkley, the person with the mouth, the round mound of rebound, and the list goes on. We almost at all times run out of superlatives to explain this legend and rightfully so.

He is perhaps a bit of louder than usual, nevertheless, there may be a reason behind it. Charles likes to crusade for causes and groups which are marginalized.

He recently, very publically we’d add, showed his support for the LGBT group.

“Should you’re gay or transgender, I like you. And if anyone gives you any shit, tell em Charles says f*ck you!” – Charles Barkley pic.twitter.com/c1tUbvX5ga

— Ned Balme (@NedBalmeLives) July 15, 2022

The Chuckster as his Contained in the NBA co-host likes to call him, has at all times been a person of the people. For ages, he hasn’t appeared on the infamous NBA 2K series. The rationale behind it is just healthful.

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Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller will likely be in the longer term 2K Video Games after NBA agreed to pay 115 Former ABA Players $24.5 million pic.twitter.com/guQqBFBwTL

— AuxGod (@AuxGod_) August 22, 2022

Charles Barkley might appear on the subsequent edition of NBA 2k after his efforts to assist out ABA players have come to fruition

Barkley has at all times maintained that he didn’t appear on the favored game because they don’t pay him enough. He has also spoken at length about why he desired to avoid the games since the NBA themselves didn’t pay former players.

The previous players he’s referring to are the ABA players, who were denied their rightful money when the organization collapsed. And for years Charles has championed his fellow athletes. All of those efforts have finally paid off because the NBA pronounces it’ll pay $24.5 million to 115 players.

NBA votes to pay $24.5 Million to former ABA players, lots of whom are struggling to pay rent, medical bills and buy the fundamental necessities to live.

About 115 players are eligible for the payout, which the NBA is looking “recognition payments,” not pensions. pic.twitter.com/pVvUq7akbe

— Kingdom Lyfe Sports Media (@kingdom_lyfe) July 13, 2022

Well now that these players will receives a commission, it is perhaps time to see Charles on an NBA 2k game, finally! Fans couldn’t be more excited.

While we don’t know if he’ll appear on this current iteration, we hope it happens sooner relatively than later. Fans the world over have been waiting eagerly. It’s finally a fantastic probability to win a hoop with Sir Charles Barkley.

Will we see him on NBA 2k23? Or is it too soon? The larger query could be if he’ll ever be a canopy star. Judging by his resume, and the present events, he just might!

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