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Controversial Ex-Celtic Goes Nuclear on NBA: ‘I Spoke Out!’



Enes Kanter is introduced as a member of the Boston Celtics at a press conference in 2019.

Enes Kanter Freedom has had a rough go of it career-wise for the reason that Boston Celtics traded him back in February. Because the team traded him to the Houston Rockets on the trade deadline, Freedom has yet to sign on with one other team since then. In a recent interview with the Israeli outlet Walla, Freedom believes that the league is freezing him out because he spoke out against China, which is a major a part of the NBA’s business.

“Because in recent months, I spoke out against what is occurring in China,” Freedom explained to Walla. “Listen, the Chinese market is a major a part of the business within the NBA. So they’ll mean you can talk freely about what you wish until it hurts their pocket. As soon as you try this, they’ll cut you. It is extremely sad and unacceptable.”

Freedom claims that he knew the ramifications of speaking out beforehand but did it anyway because he believes that he’s bringing awareness.

“I knew upfront that I’d pay this price, and I regret nothing. These items are larger than me, larger than the NBA, and larger than basketball. While I dribble in America, persons are being killed everywhere in the world or imprisoned and tortured in prisons. If that is the sacrifice I even have to make, I’m able to live with it.”

Not only was Freedom speaking out against China, but he was also calling out other NBA stars like LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers for his support of Nike and, by extension, China itself.

Freedom Called Out LeBron and Nike

While Freedom and James have had previous issues with one another, mostly for basketball reasons, Freedom specifically called out James for off-the-court issues in October of 2021.

Freedom directly addressed Nike owner Phil Knight to fly on over to China to see slave labor camps. He also told LeBron and Michael Jordan that they might come too if he liked. Freedom said all of this while posting pictures of sneakers that called Nike hypocrites with phrases like “no more excuses,” “made with slave labor,” and “modern-day slavery.”

Evidently, Freedom desired to get his message across by any means, which included calling out two of the NBA’s best players ever.

In the long run, Freedom believes that his unfiltered activism is what ultimately led to his NBA profession ending. Nevertheless, he wasn’t playing that much for Boston before the team traded him.

Freedom’s Last Season in Boston

Enes Kanter Freedom played in 35 out of a possible 54 games for the Celtics in the course of the 2021-22 season. In those 35 games, Freedom averaged 11.7 minutes while putting up 3.7 points and 4.6 rebounds in those minutes.

Each minutes and scoring-wise, those were the bottom numbers Freedom’s put up in his NBA profession. Rebounding-wise, those are the bottom numbers Freedom’s put up since his second yr within the NBA.

His efficiency also took a success in the course of the 2021-22 season. On 2.8 shots a game, Freedom put up a field goal percentage of 52.6 percent from the sphere. That’s a solid shooting percentage, however it’s also the bottom field goal percentage from Freedom since his fourth yr within the league with the Utah Jazz.

All in all, Freedom’s numbers were down across the board his last yr within the NBA. He’s entitled to imagine his activism led to him getting kicked out of the NBA, but his latest numbers can have had something to do with it too.

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