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Couple end TUI Cape Verde holiday early after falling violently unwell | Travel News | Travel


A pair claim they cut short their African holiday and paid for an early flight home after falling violently unwell as their dream trip became a nightmare.

David Watkinson and his partner Karen Edwards are amongst greater than 560 tourists who’ve now instructed lawyers to research why so many individuals were allegedly struck down with gastric illnesses in the identical area this summer.

The holidaymakers all stayed at seven TUI hotels on Cape Verde, a bunch of islands within the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, their lawyers Irwin Mitchell say.

David, 55, says he tested positive for Campylobacter, a common bacterial reason behind diarrheal illness and Karen, 58, claims he was so unwell she still cannot return to work greater than five weeks later.

David and Karen claim they each suffered severe stomach cramps during their stay on the TUI Blue Cabo Verde, an adults-only beach hotel near Santa Maria. Having flown out on October 2, they caught an early return flight to Manchester on October 9.

The couple claim they saw a health care provider on the resort, who prescribed anti-sickness tablets, and David was also given antibiotics for sickness and diarrhoea. They are saying their symptoms remained so bad they felt they needed to return home as soon as possible, North Wales Live reports.

Karen, who runs a store in Pwllheli, northwest Wales, branded the hotel “terrible”.

“Dave and I even have still not fully recovered from what we suffered at that terrible hotel, and I feel someone needs to elucidate exactly how the situation that left us so unwell was allowed to develop. We still cannot imagine that that is billed as a five-star TUI hotel,” Karen said.

“We felt there was no selection but to go away that hotel as soon as possible. We had seen the doctor on the resort, were forced to attend the medical centre and reported matters to the TUI representative, but nothing appeared to change.

“Hotel management said they might do what they may, but that amounted to being offered room service; not much use when the rationale you may’t leave the room is you’re too sick to achieve this.”

The couple said they’d concerns over the usual of food on the hotel.

In some cases, it’s alleged that symptoms among the many 560-plus holidaymakers were so severe that they cancelled excursions and were forced to go to the local hospital in Cape Verde. Many tested positive for bacterial pathogens reminiscent of Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella and E coli, Irwin Mitchell say.

Karen continued: “We were really fearful about other individuals who could be arriving for his or her holiday, unaware of what was happening. Those arriving as we left seemed to be older people and we genuinely feared for what might occur to them.

“The standards at this hotel were completely unacceptable and I’m not surprised others had similar experiences. Apologies at this stage aren’t ok.

“I feel those answerable for the state of affairs at that hotel have a number of explaining to do. What everyone needs now’s the reassurance that something is being done to see that this doesn’t occur to anyone else again.”

On their return to the UK, holidaymakers who had stayed in Cape Verde asked Irwin Mitchell to research. They questioned why they were allowed to remain at a  total of seven hotels within the Sal area of Cape Verde where others had already fallen unwell. An Irwin Mitchell spokesperson said all the clients “holidayed on the seven hotels with TUI”.

Jatinder Paul, who’s leading the Irwin Mitchell team, claimed more holidaymakers are contacting the firm on a each day basis. He said: “At best had they’d their holiday ruined and at worst they’d their health seriously affected.

“That so many must have been affected at these hotels, in the identical region under the identical tour operator, has left the people we’re representing with a number of questions. We’re determined to assist them find the answers.

“Bacterial illnesses are serious and will never be underestimated. They could cause long-term health issues for essentially the most vulnerable, and even death. The very fact some still remain unwell several months after their return may be very concerning. If the causes are identified, then it’s critical that lessons are learned to make sure no other holidaymakers are left with debilitating illnesses.”

Irwin Mitchell said the firm hopes to work with TUI to resolve the claims “amicably”. A TUI spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to listen to about these experiences in Cape Verde, nonetheless as that is now a legal matter it could be inappropriate to comment. We’d prefer to reassure customers that we commonly audit all of our hotels in respect to health and safety, including hygiene.”

Express.co.uk has contacted TUI Blue Cabo Verde for comment.

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