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Cruise holiday sickness warning as passengers advised to ‘avoid the buffet’ | Cruise | Travel


Although cruise lines work hard to maintain hygiene at a high level onboard, it could be easy for germs to spread. With so many passengers onboard, a bug can easily be passed between guests.

Yasmin Pekel, owner of Blue Cruise, shared her top tricks to avoid getting sick onboard a cruise ship.

She said: “Many diseases are transmitted by a person touching a contaminated surface. To combat this, you need to all the time wash your hands before you touch your mouth, eyes or nose.

“It’s best to accomplish that for 20 seconds, washing with soap and warm water. One other great option to ensure your hands are clean is to bring some hand sanitiser in your trip.

“Convenient, inexpensive and helping to kill viruses, hand sanitiser is an awesome backup once you don’t have access to a sink.

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“Washing your hands is healthier, as this cleans your hands, fairly than killing germs, but many ships offer sanitiser stations for good reason!”

The vast majority of cruise ships may have sanitiser stations across the ship, particularly by the restaurant areas.

Guests should have the option to commonly sanitise their hands to avoid passing around germs after they touch things.

Nevertheless, Yasmin warned that there’s one area of a cruise ship that is perhaps best avoided altogether.


She said: “Avoid the buffet. While the foundations say not to choose up food with bare hands, and buffets provide many tools, there is no such thing as a guarantee that individuals will follow them.

“Many cruise buffets will often have staff standing by to make sure no slip-ups occur, but they’ll not all the time catch culprits.

“As a substitute, giving the buffet a miss and selecting to eat at considered one of the ship’s restaurants, wherein the staff can be following food hygiene standards, could also be best.”

Buffets generally is a hotbed for germs as many alternative passengers will touch each of the utensils at each meal.

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Unfortunately, some passengers may even touch the food with their hands which could quickly spread germs.

Crew can be available to watch the buffet but may not have the option to control everyone directly.

The vast majority of cruise ships can even have specialty restaurants where passengers can decide to eat.

At these outlets, only staff will serve the food which can put passengers minds’ at rest relating to germs.

In the course of the pandemic, many cruise lines used crew to serve the buffet food to minimise the danger of spreading Covid.

Nevertheless, since restrictions were relaxed, nearly all of ships have reinstated the buffet to its normal level.

Recently, a Cunard cruise ship was unable to dock in Bali as scheduled resulting from the variety of passengers onboard with Covid.

Carnival Cruise Line decided to reinstate mandatory face masks on all its ships within the Australia region.

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