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Dean Martin’s multimillion fortune over decades-long profession — but who did he leave it to? | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


Dean Martin, one of the loved and enduring American entertainers of the mid-Twentieth century, would have turned 105 today. The crooner and funnyman sadly passed away in 1995 because of an acute respiratory failure, but was born on this present day in 1917 — only a yr before World War 1 ended. He was nicknamed “The King of Cool” after breaking into the mainstream with comedian Jerry Lewis, billed as Martin and Lewis, in 1946. Dean became one of the popular acts in Las Vegas and was known for his friendship with icons Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

The singer also made it big on TV, hosting The Dean Martin Show, which began in 1965, featuring his singing and comedic talent.

His best known songs include ‘Ain’t That a Kick within the Head?’, ‘Memories Are Product of This’ and ‘That is Amore’.

On the time of his death, Dean had amassed an enormous reported fortune of $30million (£24million), but it surely is unclear who he left it to.

It is feasible that he left some money to his ex-wife Jean Biegger, and he also could have passed on his wealth to his eight children, in line with reports.

Amongst his kids is Dean Paul Martin Jr, a pop singer and film and tv actor.

A member of the California Air National Guard, he sadly died in a crash during a military training flight in 1987, aged 35.

Ricci, one other of his sons, was a musician and singer. He passed away in 2016 aged 62.

His daughter, Deana Martin, is a singer and actress aged 73.

She covered a few of her father’s hit songs, including the title cut and ‘Everybody Loves Any person’, ‘That is Amore’, ‘Just Bummin’ Around’, and ‘For Your Love’ written by her mother Betty Martin.

She also sang a duet along with her father’s former comedy partner Jerry Lewis on ‘Time After Time’, an album produced by her husband John Griffeth that reached the iTunes Top 10 chart, where it remained for 40 weeks throughout 2006 and 2007.

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Deana once recalled a story when none apart from Elvis Presley gave his opinion on her father Dean.

Deana told Buzzworth Radio: “Elvis was doing a movie at Paramount, and so was my dad. I went to go to dad on the studio and we were standing outside [dad’s] dressing room.

“And in those days, you rode across the studio on bicycles. And Elvis Presley comes riding up on his bicycle. And he gets off the bike when he sees my dad… And he says hi to my father. And pa introduces me.

“’Deana, that is Elvis Presley. And, Elvis, that is my daughter Deana.’

“And [Elvis] leans all the way down to me and says, ‘Deana, they call me the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. But your dad is the King of Cool.’ And I assumed, Oh my gosh. It should be true. Elvis Presley said so!”

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Last yr, Deana reflected on a few of her earliest memories she had along with her father.

She told Ticklish Business: “Watching my dad, he took care of his time, you realize, I don’t understand how he got every little thing in… (he was) doing nightclubs and films and radio, after which in a while in his life (he) began The Dean Martin Show.

“So he did a lot. But he also was capable of play golf each day. He loved golf. He told me ‘the rationale why I work is in order that I can care for you kids and play golf’.

She added: ” what, he was very special. He was different from from anybody else’s parents…. all of the the youngsters within the neighbourhood wanted to return to our house because my dad was a lot fun.

“(He) had sense of humour. And we were all respectful. We were brought up right…. you realize, ‘Please’ and ‘Thanks’.

“Thank God, I had my parents and my grandparents, but I did know that our parents were type of special.”

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