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Denise Austin, 65, reflects on rocking bikini for Sports Illustrated


Denise Austin was stunned when Sports Illustrated Swimsuit asked if she would walk down the runway in a bikini.

The fitness icon joined her daughter, SI Swim model Katie Austin, on the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show in July. The mother and daughter proudly rocked two-pieces on the catwalk for the live broadcast show on the W South Beach pool in Miami Beach, Florida.

“At first, I assumed, ‘Am I actually doing this? Are you kidding me? In a bikini at age 65?’” Austin chuckled. “But how exhilarating that was! It was this amazing, natural high. It was an honor that they even asked me. After which to do that with my daughter made it much more special. It was the highlight of my life to walk the runway with my daughter. I’m still not over it.”

The previous gymnast shared that her daughter, 28, has been an inspiration to her.

“It brought tears to my eyes [when I first saw her in SI],” Austin explained. “I used to be just so happy with her. She’s just the sweetest person with the most important heart. And she or he’s a tough employee. She tried out for it three different years through Swim Search, so it’s not like this was given to her. And I’m just so proud, because this has been a dream of hers. I remember seeing Christie Brinkley and Kathy Ireland on the duvet and [thinking] how that was such an enormous deal. So it’s amazing to see my daughter within the magazine. And she’s going to now at all times be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.”

Denise Austin Sports Illustrated Swim Model showDenise Austin called the experience “exhilarating.” Getty Images for Sports Illustra

For greater than 30 years, Austin has been encouraging people to kick off an lively lifestyle through her workout routines. She has sold greater than 24 million exercise videos and DVDs. She also led the longest-running fitness show in TV history. She continues to be bursting with energy and enthusiasm while doing a “total body burn cardio” or training to be “lean, toned and totally fit” – all with a megawatt smile.

Most recently, she teamed up with Easy Spirit to launch a latest collection on Sept. 15 named “Easy Spirit x Denise Austin.” It features lively footwear designed for top or low-impact workout routines.

“Shoes are a very powerful thing you would like whether you’re walking or doing any type of fitness,” she explained. “When Easy Spirit asked me to collaborate, I used to be so excited, because I really like their shoes, but I also desired to make a more fun style with advantages. One shoe is great for power walking that’s also very lightweight… the opposite is for walking fast or running. I created each styles, but I walk no less than 35 minutes a day. I wanted something where I can exit and walk my dog, casually wear to Pilates, or simply for running errands. I’m at all times in athletic wear, so it made sense.”

Denise Austin Katie AustinDenise Austin says her daughter Katie is an inspiration to her. WireImage

Austin said that low-impact workouts often get neglected, but there are many advantages for those needing some motivation.

“You may burn calories and get yourself healthy without putting pressure on the joints,” she shared. “It’s easier in your knees, your hips, your thighs and back. I like to recommend a brisk walk, not an influence walk… I also do low-impact aerobics at home. So as a substitute of an everyday jumping jack, I’ll do a heel jack where you’re not jumping. The larger muscles of the body burn more calories, so you possibly can burn more when you use your thighs and gluteus. You don’t must jump to feel it and get your heart rate up.”

In line with Austin, her secret to feeling and searching youthful is surprisingly easy. She works out half-hour each day and eats balanced meals consisting of “80 percent healthy foods and 20 percent treats,” together with drinking loads of water throughout the day.

“I like HIIT interval training,” she said. “After I’m out walking, I’ll do five minutes of a pleasant walk. Then I’ll do a burst of a quick walk where I’m pumping my arms and powering through. Then I do one other five minutes of just walking after which take it up higher, almost like a light-weight jog. I also consider in a positive attitude. If I get up feeling grateful, I’ll need to take excellent care of myself. And I’ll need to exercise. It’s a message I’ve been preaching for 40 years. I’m still a believer. That’s how I live.”

Austin also emphasized experimenting within the kitchen – and eating every part sparsely.

“I really like Mexican food!” she gushed. “I really like my tacos, guacamole and margaritas. Those are my treats. I come from an enormous family, and we like to eat. When I’m going out to dinner, I need to enjoy myself. I don’t even take into consideration what I’m ordering – I just enjoy it. And after I’m home, I do my very own cooking. I make food on a regular basis for my family.”

The one message Austin has for other women her age is to maintain moving.

“You may at all times improve your health,” she explained. “It’s all about energy level. I exercise for health advantages but in addition to have the energy to enjoy my life. I’m a real believer that 10 minutes a day will enable you to start. Walk for 10 minutes. If you happen to could do this on daily basis, you might improve your spirit and your health.”

“I do know that exercise is among the best preventative medicines, so when you could just give yourself 10 minutes, it would make such a difference,” she continued. “You will help your mind and your body. And when you do this, you possibly can construct yourself as much as half-hour. And there are all types of exercises on the market. I prefer to do leg exercises within the kitchen. I do pushups against the countertop as I wait for my coffee to brew. Day by day, I feel of how I can stretch and move more. If there’s one message I can provide is that it’s never too late.”

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