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Doesn’t Add Up: Gov. Ron DeSantis Rails Against ‘Woke Math’


Way right Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday claimed he has “woke math’s” number, and he doesn’t prefer it.

He railed in regards to the mysterious mathematics Friday in a speech in Tampa to a bunch of conservative Mothers for Liberty who’re against several facets of education.

DeSantis was unable to elucidate exactly what “woke math’ is. He indicated that it’s math with little regard for proper calculations, which was news to the world.

“I’m just pondering to myself like, 2 + 2 equals 4. It’s not 2 + 2 equals: Well how do you’re feeling about that? Is that an injustice?” he “explained.”

“No. We gotta teach the youngsters to get the fitting answer.”

He boasted that Florida sent “woke math” textbooks back to publishers. They “took the woke out and sent us back normal math books,” DeSantis insisted.

WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis slams “woke math”

“I’m just pondering to myself, like, 2+2=4 right? It is not ‘2+2= well, how do you’re feeling about that? Is that an injustice?’ No – we gotta teach the youngsters to get the fitting answer.” pic.twitter.com/nWbwYuWwJP

— Florida’s Voice (@FLVoiceNews) July 15, 2022

That was a head-scratcher, even for DeSantis. He hasn’t quite nailed the Florida “woke math” patter.

Earlier this yr Florida’s Department of Education shipped 1000’s of textbooks, most of them for college students in kindergarten through fourth grade, back to publishers. But within the case of math textbooks, it wasn’t because lessons were taking a “whatever” approach to calculations, as DeSantis claimed.

It’s not crystal clear why so many books were rejected. Florida is desperately attempting to dodge, for instance, any teaching in schools about racism or the LGBTQ community (with the brand new “Don’t Say Gay” law). But it surely’s difficult to know the way those issues would pop up in a math textbook.

One among lots of of Floridians reviewing school textbooks within the state earlier this yr flatly noted to the Education Department that its restrictions simply weren’t “irrelevant to a math textbook,” The Washington Post reported.

The Education Department released images to the press in April of just 4 pages of allegedly “woke math” in returned textbooks. One, for instance, included a bar graph showing that folks over 65 and political conservatives are likely to express more racial prejudice.

Twitter critics of DeSantis’ nonsensical explanation of his version of “woke math” think someone needs a greater education.

@GovRonDeSantis calls it “woke math” when he’s caught red handed giving $5.7 billion to corporations in giveaways and paying for it by raising taxes on working Floridians by $1 billion all while he takes in $30 million in from corporate donors.

— MJ Delaney (@gracieandmike) July 15, 2022

Woke math:

Democrats + More Democrats = Voting Ron DeSantis out of office

— Friday On My Mind 🌊🌊🌊 (@TheLostGenXer) July 15, 2022

Meanwhile you’re crying about “woke math”. Dude. It’s math. 2+2 will ALWAYS equal 4. If that’s “woke” then …


— CaliSandStorm🇺🇦☮️ (@calisandstorm) July 15, 2022

He has yet to indicate what which means or why they banned math textbooks. But everyone knows what woke means to white supremists like DeSantis and the Mothers for “liberty”, right?

— KCD (@kbbtt90) July 15, 2022

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