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Elon Musk taunts Twitter-holdout Trump with crude meme


Elon Musk is taunting former President Donald Trump with a crude, sexually charged religious meme to suggest he’s struggling to stay away from Twitter.

The world’s richest man shared the religious meme together with his 118 million users on Sunday in response to Trump, 76, saying he had “no reason” to return to Twitter after latest owner Musk reinstated his long-banned account.

It shows a monk in prayer as a young lady bends over in front of him — with the praying monk labeled “Donald Trump” and the lady’s otherwise naked behind covered with Twitter’s blue-bird symbol.

“And lead us not into temptation …,” Musk captioned it, using a line from the Lord’s Prayer.

“So tempting …,” he added, suggesting that Trump was struggling to keep away from his once-favored site after Musk allowed his return following a controversial poll.

Trump insists he has “no reason” to return to Twitter, although he has nearly 83 million more followers there than on his Truth Social.AP

Elon Musk's meme taunting Trump.Elon Musk is taunting Twitter holdout Donald Trump with a crude, sexually charged meme.

The previous president has insisted he’ll stay on his own Truth Social site, where he has 4.61 million followers, in comparison with the 87.4 million now following his up to now inactive Twitter account.

Musk’s meme quickly went viral, getting nearly 700,000 likes and greater than 64,000 retweets by early Monday.

“You actually are pretty rattling funny Mr. Musk,” famed psychologist Jordan Peterson replied.

It also, nonetheless, gave fuel to lots of Musk’s many critics.

Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago.Trump insists he has “no reason” to return to Twitter, although he has nearly 83 million more followers there than on his Truth Social platform.AP

“Beyond the obvious gross misogyny, that is so pathetically desperate on multiple levels,” seethed self-styled “progressive reformist” and California DNC member David Atkins.

“Imagine being the richest man on earth, and begging for the eye of Donald Trump and the approval of alt-right ‘influencers.’”

Sensei Ryan, a martial arts instructor with greater than 22,000 followers, also blasted Musk’s tweet as “utterly tasteless, sacrilegious, and vulgar.”

Elon MuskMusk’s tweet further encouraged his critics to attack him.AFP via Getty Images

“And it also shows the type of man that you just are,” he claimed of Twitter’s latest free speech-loving owner.

Others suggested different interpretations of the meme, with one follower replying: “So are you admitting to bending over for [T]rump? Just asking.”

Canadian Twitter comedian Leaf Singh claimed to have first made the meme, replying to Musk: “Bro atleast give me credit for my work.”

The artwork, nonetheless, appears to be from Italian artist Milo Manara, who’s famed for his highbrow yet racy illustrations.

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