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Energy bills: The ‘neglected’ item that forestalls heat ‘bleeding’ out | Personal Finance | Finance


On BBC MoneyBox, reporter Dan Whitworth spoke to Professor Richard Fitton at Energy House on how people can preserve energy in colder houses. He said: “Curtains could make an enormous difference, they are sometimes neglected.

“Underneath the curtains are a really heavy weight metal object – radiators, that can height as much as 80 degrees and above them is something very thin – our windows.

“So it’s a natural bleeding point for warmth.

“So now we have these layers of material that we are able to just close and save about two percent in your heating bills by shutting your curtains.

“So shut your curtains when the heating is on which will likely be at night, and early mornings.

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“Zero cost strategy to save energy.”

Despite the recent decline in wholesale gas prices, household energy bills look prone to rise sharply again in 2023.

The Government is about to review its energy price guarantee, which caps the typical household bill at around £2,500, in April.

When it was first announced in September, then Prime Minister Liz Truss said the guarantee would remain in place until September 2024.


Households with flow temperature set at 80 degrees could save around nine percent on their annual gas bill by reducing it to 60 percent, Nesta says.

A medium-sized household using 12,000 kWh of gas a 12 months would cut usage by 1,092 kWh, thus saving it £112 a 12 months at current energy prices.

It is because heat is lost when water travels from the boiler to the radiator.

By reducing the flow temperature to 60 degrees, less heat shall be lost and the boiler won’t must devour as much energy when reheating water, thereby saving money.

If 10 million households were to cut back the flow temperature on their combi boilers to 60C or lower, this might slash UK energy bills by £1billion.

As well as, it could also save 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions, reminiscent of almost six million transatlantic flights.

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