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Errol Musk says Elon upgraded security at his home as a consequence of ‘recent threats’


Billionaire Elon Musk has implemented heavy security measures at his father Errol’s home in South Africa as a consequence of his concern over potential threats against the family, the 76-year-old said in a recent interview.

Errol Musk said the improved security measures implemented at his home include 24/7 video monitoring, an electrical fence and a backup power system.

“He decided, after the recent threats against him, that I would like protection as well,” Musk’s father said in an interview with the US Sun published last Friday. “In the event that they kidnap one in every of us, it is going to be the quickest $20 million anybody’s ever made of their life.”

The elder Musk said he was contacted by “Elon’s people” after which received a notice in December that a security company could be upgrading his home’s defenses and supply constant support.

“They focus one hundred pc on me. It’s a recent, super big security company armed to the teeth,” he added. “They check on me on a regular basis. In the event that they see an odd automotive in my driveway, they are available in and ask me if I’m alright.”

Errol Musk told the outlet he had 4 break-ins at his home during the last yr before the safety measures were implemented.

Elon Musk is CEO of Twitter and Tesla.Bloomberg via Getty Images

In recent months, Elon Musk has openly discussed the safety risks he’s faced while leading a controversial overhaul at Twitter. In December, the Twitter CEO shared a video of what he described as a “crazy stalker” who allegedly followed a automotive carrying his two-year-old son.

Musk also permanently banned a Twitter account operated by college student Jack Sweeney that tracked the movements of his private plane. The billionaire had long referred to the account as a “security risk.” Sweeney has since began a recent account that posts the flight information with a 24-hour delay.

Errol MuskErrol Musk said he is worried for his son’s safety.AFP via Getty Images

When Twitter abruptly suspended the accounts of several journalists in December, Musk said it was because that they had doxed his real-time location – a move he alleged was tantamount to giving “assassination coordinates” to the general public.

In December, Musk also said he faces a “quite significant” risk of assassination and quipped that he wouldn’t be attending any “open-air automotive parades.”

The billionaire’s moves on the social media site included the discharge of the “Twitter Files,” a large dump of internal documents and communications detailing instances of censorship under the corporate’s old leadership.

Errol Musk told the outlet he felt his son was being “a bit naïve concerning the enemies he’s making, especially with the Twitter files.”

“I’m not scared but I’m really afraid that something might occur to Elon, though he has about 100 security guards around him,” Errol said.

Elon and Errol Musk have had a notoriously contentious relationship. In September, Elon said he had financially supported his father because the Nineties.

In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, Musk described his father as “good with engineering” but “such a terrible human being.”

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