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Essentially the most shocking injuries in NFL history


There might be some fierce accidents when 22 NFL players, who’re continually getting larger, stronger, and faster, are on the football field. Since the human body was not intended to face up to such violent impacts, some really horrific injuries can occur.

We’ll take you on a visit down memory lane and show you some video of those collisions. Watching this after a considerable lunch won’t be the most effective selection.

You will find links to other horrible collegiate injuries in addition to 20 horrifying injury slides. Please bear in mind that children or those that are easily offended mustn’t read this type of content. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

E.J. Henderson

E.J. Henderson, a linebacker with the Minnesota Vikings, attempted to tackle Tim Hightower of the Arizona Cardinals. He just shattered the femur in his left leg, which is why it appears as if his left leg is bent awkwardly.

Eric Wood

Buffalo Bills lineman Eric Wood suffered a fractured leg in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars after a Jaguars player landed on it without giving Wood a time to reply. A tribute to how resilient Eric Wood is is the undeniable fact that he recovered to play the complete 2010 season.

Alex Smith

Smith’s right leg twisted beneath him as he was sacked by two Houston Texans defenders, leading to a posh fracture that broke each his right tibia and right fibula.

Tim Krumrie

Hundreds of thousands of individuals watched the Bengals play the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII. Tim Krumrie, a Bengals defensive tackle, attempted to tackle Roger Craig on the sport’s fourteenth play. Krumrie’s lower left leg twisted beneath his weight as his cleat landed on the bottom, breaking 4 different bones and leaving only his skin holding his foot to his torso.

Joe Theisman

The granddaddy of all of them, as Keith Jackson used to say. Theismann’s injury must rank as probably the most horrific in NFL history.

Lawrence Taylor made a sack of the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Theismann was seriously injured, although at first it didn’t appear to be the broadcasters were aware of it.

Destry Wright

Wright’s NFL profession was cut short by a career-ending injury he sustained while playing for the Steelers against the Cowboys in a preseason game. Wright’s right ankle dislocated so badly that he was recorded lying on his stomach together with his right foot pointing upward along with breaking his right leg.

Rashad Johnson

Ever lose a chunk of a finger and been baffled as to the way it happened? We now have not either. Rashad Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals, a security, discovered he had lost the tip of his middle finger when he went to remove his glove after covering a punt return against the Saints.

Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, suffered head and neck injuries on a sack within the second quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He was taken to a close-by hospital and later released.

There are surely more injuries which have shocked viewers through the long history of the NFL, what are a number of the ones you do not forget that weren’t added to this list?

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