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Even Forcing 10-12 months-Old Rape Victims To Give Birth Is No Longer Too Much For The GOP


First, conservatives tried to pretend that this girl didn’t exist, despite an Indiana obstetrician-gynecologist saying she had treated the girl. The Wall Street Journal even published an editorial calling it “an abortion story too good to verify.” Fox News, after all, readily ran with the smear campaign. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) initially tweeted ― after which deleted ― that the entire thing was a “lie.”

This girl does exist, and sadly, she did undergo this horrible experience. This week, a 27-year-old man was charged with raping her.

This news didn’t provoke much soul-searching. Republicans as a substitute doubled-down on their position that individuals must be forced to present birth.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R) said he plans to research the doctor who provided the abortion to the 10-year-old girl, despite the fact that abortion continues to be legal within the state.

James Bopp, a conservative lawyer who has written model laws encouraging states to ban abortion in all cases except to save lots of the lifetime of the pregnant person, said he believes the girl must have been forced to have the newborn.

“She would have had the newborn, and as many ladies who’ve had babies consequently of rape, we might hope that she would understand the rationale and ultimately the good thing about having the kid,” Bopp told Politico Tuesday.

And on Thursday, Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) blocked Democratic laws that will protect the best to travel across state lines to hunt abortion services. During a civil trial deposition in 2010, Lankford reportedly took the position that 13-year-olds can consent to having sex, based on a transcript provided to the Associated Press.

Other Republican politicians, corresponding to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, have defended their state laws that provide no abortion exceptions in cases of rape or incest.

Large majorities of Americans support abortion access in those instances, even in red states.

Other Republicans have tried to downplay the potential of pregnancy from rape and incest, but that task was made harder after the nationally publicized case of the 10-year-old girl in Ohio. Some Republicans were actually shocked that a woman that age could get pregnant, underscoring that they shouldn’t be writing laws that dictate these medical decisions.

Perhaps probably the most absurd try to move away from this case got here Thursday from Catherine Glenn Foster, the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.

Asked about the potential of 10-year-old girls getting raped, impregnated after which being forced to present birth, Foster eventually appeared to suggest that the girl would give you the option to terminate the pregnancy ― but that it wouldn’t be an abortion.

“If a 10-year-old became pregnant consequently of rape and it was threatening her life, then that’s not an abortion,” Foster said. “So it might not fall under any abortion restriction in our nation.”

It might be an abortion.

Even when some Republicans are still squeamish about saying outright that rape victims who’re 10, 12, 14, 18 or whatever must be forced to present birth, that’s the results of these policies that ban abortion.

Even when these exceptions for rape or incest exist, it is usually incredibly difficult for pregnant people to satisfy the standards ― corresponding to reporting the assault to police ― required to qualify. The Guttmacher Institute notes that they’re “designed to be insurmountable and are sometimes retraumatizing if not dangerous for the patient.”

As Guttmacher added, the most effective approach to support rape and incest survivors is “removing abortion bans and restrictions entirely.”

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