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Family claims Ezra Miller controls daughter in ‘cult’ situation


Sara Jumping Eagle grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, one in all the poorest counties within the US. She graduated from Stanford Medical School and returned to the reservation to assist the Lakota people as a pediatrician and activist.

Now 50, Jumping Eagle never expected to wind up on a busy street in Santa Monica last month — in a physical brawl with “The Flash” star Ezra Miller, 29. But she believes that the troubled Hollywood superhero has brainwashed, assaulted and possibly drugged her 18-year-old daughter, Tokata Iron Eyes, after grooming the girl for years. Miller is now traveling with Tokata and several other other young women in California, she told The Post.

“He’s not letting Tokata or the opposite girls bathe or wear makeup,” Jumping Eagle claimed to The Post. “They should ask his permission. It’s an R. Kelly type situation and it’s very scary.”

The parents of Tokata Iron Eyes (left), 18, allege that their daughter was secretly groomed by “The Flash” actor Ezra Miller for years.NY Post photo composite

Jumping Eagle and her husband, attorney and Native American activist Chase Iron Eyes, 44, say Miller’s toxic behavior includes the appropriation of Native beliefs. She told The Post that Miller, the Latest Jersey-born child of a Manhattan publisher and his actress wife, even lectured them on what form of Lakota medicine man her family should use.

“Like this guy knows s–t about what he’s talking about,” Jumping Eagle said. “Telling us what to do in our own culture?”

Jumping Eagle said she is glad the grandmother who raised her, Juanita White Eyes, isn’t any longer around to see what’s happened to Tokata.

Tokata (in red, with actors Shailene Woodley and Mark Ruffalo) has proved such an influential activist over the years that Angelina Jolie interviewed the teen for her 2021 book, The family of Tokata Iron Eyes’ — in red, with actors Shailene Woodley and Mark Ruffalo — are concerned that Ezra Miller has brainwashed, assaulted and possibly drugged her.Getty Images

#EzraMiller is [a] spiritual voyeur dabbling in various indigenous peoples’ spiritual beliefs, combining w voodoo; using these beliefs [in] Tokata Iron Eyes mind, luring more people in cult-like manner,” Jumping Eagle tweeted last week.

The “Justice League” star was arrested in March in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and later pled no contest. Miller, who uses them/they pronouns, was also accused of allegedly throwing a chair at a lady and being the topic of 10 911 calls in lower than a month in Hawaii. They were caught on video apparently choking a lady in Reykjavik, Iceland, on April 1.

Tokata, who has called Miller her “comrade” on social media, was in Hawaii with the actor once they were arrested.

Tokata's parents say that the girl dropped out of high school to live and travel with Miller (above).Tokata’s parents say that the girl dropped out of highschool to live and travel with Miller.David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Alexander McQueen

Jumping Eagle and her husband each flew to Los Angeles from Pine Ridge in late May to, they are saying, rescue Tokata, who’s also an activist, from what they describe because the “cult-like” grip of Miller.

Calls and emails from The Post to Miller, the actor’s parents, Miller’s agent at CAA, Warner Bros. and Tokata herself went unanswered. Tokata posted a video on Instagram Thursday defending herself against accusations she is being controlled by Miller.

“It’s no person’s business and no person is owed a story or consequence,” she said within the two-minute video. “That is my life and these are my decision and I’m disillusioned in my parents and the press — in every way. “

Tokata (center) posted a video Thursday saying her situation with Miller was nobody else's business.Tokata (center) posted a video Thursday saying her situation with Miller was no person else’s business.Getty Images for MAKERS

Tokata dropped out of a non-public highschool in Massachusetts in December, her parents said, to live with Miller in Vermont and go on road trips with them everywhere in the country. She has not had a phone since January 2022, by her own admission. Her parents failed to influence her to depart the actor in LA, nonetheless, and returned to Pine Ridge without her.

But before they left, Jumping Eagle said that she filed a police report about what she called Miller’s assault of her on the road. (She showed The Post photos of bruises she claimed were inflicted by the actor through the skirmish.) The couple also went to the Warner Bros.’ headquarters in Burbank to pressure the corporate to do something about its “The Flash” star. The Post didn’t hear back from the Santa Monica Police Department about whether a police report had been filed.

In court documents filed in Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court last week, the couple allege that Miller, 29, “uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and medicines to carry sway over a young adolescent Tokata.” Each Jumping Eagle and Iron Eyes have tweeted out frantic cries for help for his or her daughter in recent days.

Jumping Eagle was offended with Miller (above) lectured her family on which Lakota medicine man they should use.Jumping Eagle was offended with Miller lectured her family on which Lakota medicine man they need to use.WireImage

The tribal court has issued an order of protection against Ezra on behalf of Tokata. A hearing is ready for next month.

Tokata was around 9 years old in Nov. 2012 when Miller, then 19, got here on a fact-finding mission to a uranium-mining region of the Black Hills in South Dakota that the Lakota consider a sacred site.

Miller returned in 2016, when Tokata was 12, to take part in the #NoDAPL protest on the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, together with celebrities including Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley. Tokata was there, protesting the North Dakota Access Pipeline alongside her parents, when she and Miller first formed a friendship, Jumping Eagle said.

By then, Tokata was already considered a youth leader and had testified against the mining at the positioning while protesting at quite a few tribal water rights demonstrations.

While in Hawaii earlier this year, Miller (above) was the subject of 10 911 calls in less than a month.While in Hawaii earlier this 12 months, Miller was the topic of 10 911 calls in lower than a month.Tim Wright/MEGA

Tokata proved such an influential activist through the years that Angelina Jolie interviewed her for her 2021 book, “Know Your Rights and Claim Them.”

Miller flew Tokata out to London, where the actor was filming “Improbable Beasts and Where to Find Them,” in 2017. Jumping Eagle said one other family from Standing Rock accompanied Miller and Tokata, so she wasn’t fearful concerning the trip.

It wasn’t until last week that Tokata’s parents, stunned by the recent events involving their daughter, began calling around to individuals who knew each Miller and Tokata. Jumping Eagle said she reached out to the family friend who went to London with Tokata and Miller in 2017— and was shocked by what she told her.

“She said she caught Ezra attempting to sleep in the identical room as Tokata, who was 14 on the time,” Jumping Eagle claimed. “She told him, Ezra you may’t sleep in there together with her’ and kept checking on him the entire time they were over there.”

Tokata's mom, Sara Jumping Eagle, here with husband Chase Iron Eyes, claimed Miller attacked her last month.Tokata’s mom, Sara Jumping Eagle — here with husband Chase Iron Eyes — claimed Miller attacked her last month.Provided by Sara Jumping Eagle

But back then Jumping Eagle and her husband had believed that Miller — who identifies as non-binary and queer — was harmless and just “buddies” with their daughter. Over the following few years, the star and Tokata kept in contact. Once Iron Eyes brought Tokata to Latest York for a “Respect Our Water” protest after being invited by Miller and others, Jumping Eagle said.

Miller continued to go to the family at Pine Ridge, where he became infatuated with an area medicine man named Jasper. On one other occasion, he told Tokata’s family he knew a greater medicine person than theirs. “Are you able to imagine that?” Jumping Eagle said. “He thinks he knows our culture higher than us?”

It was Miller who suggested Tokata, who was growing bored on the the Red Cloud Indian School at Pine Ridge, transfer in 2020 for her junior 12 months to Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts, an accelerated private highschool affiliated with Bard, which Miller’s sister attended.

Tokata exhibiting bruises her mother says occurred while she was with Miller.Tokata exhibits bruises her mother says she had while she was with Miller.Courtesy of Sara Jumping Eagle

But Tokata ended up dropping out of Simon’s Rock late last 12 months after an intensified involvement with Miller, Jumping Eagle said. Tokata began spending time at Miller’s Vermont home with an entourage that included people like queer performance artist Stella Marbles.

Although each Miller and Tokata say they’re gay and possibly transgender, Jumping Eagle said she believes the 2 have been having sex for months.

“Ezra’s using ‘they’ pronouns because they don’t wish to be labeled a white, privileged male,” Jumping Eagle told The Post. “But that’s what Ezra is. Ezra’s gaslighting everyone with the pronouns. What he’s doing with Tokata is R. Kelly type stuff. But he doesn’t know who he’s f—king with. Tokata has a family who loves her. And also you don’t f–k with water protectors.”

Although Tokata herself, in addition to Miller’s supporters, have called Tokata’s parents abusive and transphobic, Jumping Eagle says that is fake.

Tokata was in Hawaii with Miller (above) when the actor was recently arrested for disorderly conduct.Tokata was in Hawaii with Miller when the actor was recently arrested for disorderly conduct.Hawaii Police Department

“None of those people know us,” she said. “We’ve got one other child who identifies as non-binary. In our culture there have all the time been what we call ‘winkte’ or ‘two-spirit’ people who find themselves vital and revered in our community.”

Led by Miller, the group took road trips down South, including to Latest Orleans, in addition to to California.

Jumping Eagle said her husband noticed Miller’s increasingly strange behavior, saying that the actor calling themselves the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and spoke concerning the FBI and the KKK following them.

In late January, a friend of Miller’s who doesn’t wish to be identified called Jumping Eagle and Iron Eyes to say Tokata was at risk at the home in Vermont.

Tokata's father, Chase Iron Eyes (right), and mother say they rescued their daughter from Miller's home in Vermont, where she was in the midst of an apparent breakdown.Tokata’s father, Chase Iron Eyes (right), and mother say they rescued their daughter from Miller’s home in Vermont, where she was within the midst of an apparent breakdown.WireImage

Tokata’s parents then went to Miller’s home in Vermont and said they found Tokata in what seemed to be a psychological breakdown.

“She was ranting and babbling and never making sense and Ezra was just sitting there smirking and snapping his fingers prefer it was all a show,” Jumping Eagle said. Jumping Eagle said Tokata was visibly bruised and believes she was being given marijuana, LSD and ketamine.

Tokata’s parents succeeded in bringing her back to Pine Ridge, where they took her to their medicine man and to a sweat lodge to detox. They prayed Lakota prayers, Jumping Eagle said.

Sara Jumping Eagle says her daughter got better after being away from Miller and detoxing, but eventually returned to the star.Sara Jumping Eagle says her daughter got higher after being away from Miller and detoxing, but eventually returned to the star.Marvel

“I kept telling Tokata, you have already got what Ezra and so a lot of them are searching for,” Jumping Eagle said. “We pray with the sacred pipe and the spiritual ways of Lakota people and we’ve passed that on to our youngsters.”

Tokata got a lot better while at home, her mother said, but ultimately left again to return to Miller. When her parents heard again that Tokata was in LA with Miller and their entourage in May and never doing well, they flew out again to get her on May 29.

After the Native American couple confronted Miller, Tokata and a few friends at a house in Santa Monica, the group began running down the road.

A media analyst told The Post that Miller's behavior is a A media analyst told The Post that Miller’s behavior is a “worst case situation” for Warner Bros.Warner Bros

Jumping Eagle found herself eventually on busy Lincoln Boulevard where, she claimed, Miller assaulted her while she was trying to influence Tokata to get out of a automobile and are available home.

“Ezra was slamming the door on my arms,” Jumping Eagle said. ” I began hollering, Ezra stop!’ The police eventually got here but Ezra and Tokata had gone.”

Miller, whose breakout film was “We Have to Talk About Kevin” in 2011, stars as Barry Allen in Warner Bros.’ film version of DC Comics’ “The Flash.” The movie, estimated to cost between $100 and $150 million, was postponed from this summer to June 2023, amid rumors — thus far unfounded — that Warner Bros. might replace Miller due to actor’s increasingly erratic behavior.

“The movie seemed able to go,” Jeff Bock, a media analyst at Exhibitor Relations told The Post. “The indisputable fact that it’s being postponed appears to be only the results of all this fiddle Ezra Miller. It’s a worst case situation for a studio that wishes to maneuver ahead with what could possibly be a three-picture franchise. Depending on what happens with this example with the young woman, it could possibly be a nightmare for them. Either way it might be a one-and-done for Ezra. You may’t be a giant movie star and act this manner.”

Now, Jumping Eagle and her husband want Warner Bros. to become involved of their battle.

“Ezra just keeps hurting people,” she said. “He’ll probably just drop my daughter eventually but what form of shape will she be in when he leaves her? And who’s next?”

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