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Flight and passport delay compensation: What are you legally entitled to? ‘keep receipts’ | Travel News | Travel


The last couple of weeks has seen an influx in summer holiday cancellations attributable to disruption within the travel industry. Easy Jet and British Airways removed as much as 40,000 flights from their schedules attributable to staffing problems, and Heathrow has asked airlines to not sell any more summer flight tickets until September because it struggles to address demand. Lufthansa airline recently cancelled over 1,000 flights while ground staff staged a walkout.

Not only is the difficulty on airport grounds posing a challenge for Britons, however it’s recently been reported that greater than 50,000 passport applications have exceeded the 10-week wait period.

This has caused many to miss out on booked holidays, or pay more for holidays attributable to rescheduled flight dates.

Nevertheless, you do have compensation rights under UK law in the case of flight and passport delays and general cancellations, and travel experts at Money.co.uk have provided some key pointers for making a claim.

Are you entitled?

Passengers are protected under UK law in the event that they are:

  • Flying from a UK airport
  • Arriving at a UK airport on an EU or UK airline
  • Arriving at an EU airport on a UK airline.

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Contact your airline

In the event you’re flying out of the UK, you are legally entitled to compensation from the airline once your arrival is delayed by three hours or more.

Experts at Money.co.uk said: “How much you get is determined by when the airline told you concerning the delay, how long it’s and where you are flying.

“The minimum you are entitled to is £110, while probably the most you’ll be able to claim is £520.”

Flight delays

In the event you’re trapped on the airport waiting for a plane, the airline is required to supply numerous supplies to accommodate you.

Money.co.uk experts said: “The airline is required to provide you with an affordable amount of foods and drinks, normally vouchers, a way so that you can communicate, i.e. refunding your calls, accommodation in case you are rerouted the subsequent day, and transport to and out of your accommodation or home, if it’s nearby.”

Package holidays and travel insurance

Individuals who bought their accommodation and activities as a part of a package deal have the fitting to say compensation if their flight is cancelled.

Money.co.uk experts said: “It gets slightly more complicated in case you booked them individually.

“If you’ve gotten travel insurance, they need to find a way to pay out in case your airline is unable to get you to your destination and also you miss out in your holiday in consequence.”

Passport delay compensation

In case your passport is delayed, there are a number of other routes and considerations to take to say compensation.

Nevertheless it needs to be noted, passengers have fewer rights if a visit has been booked before travel documents are ready – or in case you’ve chosen the passport standard service.

Money.co.uk experts stated: “In the event you’ve opted for the usual service, you’re unfortunately not entitled to any compensation, as there is no such thing as a guaranteed turnaround time. Nevertheless, you may get a refund as a goodwill gesture – so it’s value asking.”When can I apply for passport compensation?

The one strategy to qualify for a compensation payment is that if the Passport Office is seriously at fault, and these cases could be considered on a case-by-case, ‘goodwill’ basis.

Experts from Money.co.uk said: “If the HM Passport Office is accountable for drastically missing the guaranteed premium service deadline, you may find a way to be compensated in your service fee.

“If within the rare case that any of your documents are lost or damaged, this might lead to greater payouts, equivalent to out-of-pocket expenses or potentially your entire holiday.”

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