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Flight attendant explains ‘ ask’ at no cost upgrade – ‘I might definitely give to you’ | Travel News | Travel


Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz exclusively told Express.co.uk essentially the most effective ways to get things at no cost on board the plane – including higher seats. Miguel explained: “Sometimes people come to me asking for an orange juice or a snack because they are saying they’re dizzy or have low blood sugar. We [the crew] mechanically think they’re lying simply to get something at no cost. And possibly some people lie.”

He continued: “But I at all times think in the event you’re lying karma will come back obviously. But in the event that they are usually not lying and I do not give them anything it’s even worse.

“I even have to, just in case. On the plane, the crew is answerable for helping passengers, so now we have to trust them really,” he explained.

Miguel said this is definitely a  excellent trick to get free stuff on the plane, as flight attendants cannot query a passenger’s request when claiming they feel unwell.

Nonetheless, the crew member said it also is dependent upon “the way you ask”.

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He said: “Most airlines don’t give anything at no cost, not even water, so when passengers come saying they’re very thirsty, they should take medication or they only ask for a glass of water, I officially need to say no.

“First, I at all times tell them that we sell bottles of water. I’d normally give it at no cost however it all is dependent upon the way you ask really.

“For instance, if after I say we charge for water they [passengers] get all upset saying things like ‘however the law says you could have to offer me free water’ or ‘ it is a human right’ mechanically I’m not going to offer them any.

“Now, in the event you say you do not feel well otherwise you ask very nicely then definitely I might be giving that to you,” he said.


When it comes to upgrades, Miguel said “it’s about being nice and honest” and revealed what passengers should and should not say to improve seats on the plane.

The flight attendant explained: “If passengers come to me and say they need extra space for some reason I move them to the overwings [seats by the emergency exit with extra legroom].

“But you could have to watch out with what you say! Because in the event you say you could have a foul knee, for instance, I even have to watch out with these people as passengers seating by emergency exits are those who need to assist the crew in case of an emergency.

“If you happen to cannot operate the emergency exit because you could have a foul knee, I am unable to move you to the overwings. So it won’t work.”

So what should passengers say to be moved to the emergency exit row?

Miguel said: “My advice is to be honest, don’t attempt to be dramatic. If it’s true that you could have a foul leg, fair enough (although you will not be seating within the overwings!). But don’t lie about it because probably you do not comprehend it however it won’t profit you.

“The opposite day a passenger said he had hip pain and he desired to have extra legroom.

“Unfortunately, due to that, I could not move him to the emergency exit but I moved him to the last row which was completely empty.

“Just be honest. If you happen to have no pain, simply say ‘Hey in the event you guys had any seats available within the emergency exit row could you let me know?’ and I’ll,” he suggested.

Miguel added: “That is the trick: make it easy for the crew. Perhaps say ‘Listen in the event you don’t mind me seating within the overwings if there’s space available, I even have been seated there before, I know the way it really works, I’m glad seating there’, then I do know that person is comfortable seating there, operating the exit, knows that every little thing must be placed within the overhead compartment etc.

“So make it easier for the crew, mainly.

“And in fact, when now we have passengers who’re very tall and wish extra space or individuals who nicely ask for it because they only wish to be more comfortable; if the seats are free, I definitely move them.”

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