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Flights: Why it is best to ‘avoid last-minute’ booking to ‘get the most affordable price available’ | Travel News | Travel


Getting a superb deal on a flight can rely upon quite a lot of aspects, but how far prematurely you book travel could be the key to unlocking a deal. Nevertheless, while many tour sites and package holiday operators boast alluring “last-minute deals”, a travel blogger has warned this shouldn’t be necessarily the case for airlines.

Jessie Moore, founder and director of luxury travel and adventure website Pocket wanderings (@PocketWanderings), is an authority in luxury travel, solo travel, ski and adventure holidays and staycations.

She explained that hopeful holidaymakers with a destination and date of travel in mind should “avoid booking on the last minute”.

Jessie told Express.co.uk: “One of the best time to book a flight depends upon quite a lot of aspects, including the destination, the airline and long haul vs short haul.

“For that reason, there is no such thing as a set best day of the week or month of the 12 months to book – despite the rumours!

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“Nevertheless, there are some things to envisage to make sure you get the most affordable price available.

“Avoid booking on the last minute wherever possible. Unlike other industries where last-minute bookings can get you a fantastic deal, airlines don’t operate this fashion.

“This is usually because airlines depend on those that must travel last minute, in addition to business travellers who aren’t as fazed by the value, to fill the gaps.”

Jack Sheldon, a self-proclaimed “low-cost flight hacker” who says he can “allow you to find low-cost fares and learn some tricks”, claims to have found the “sweet spot” for booking flights at the very best price.

He said: “For Ryanair, I’d wait until they’ve a flash sale to book.

“They do them often so it’s possible you’ll just want to enroll in their newsletter to see once they are.”

For those who prefer to fly with one other airline, there are still ways to snag a deal closer to your date of departure.

Jessie explained: “That’s to not say it’s impossible to get a last-minute deal – they do exist if the demand really isn’t there and when you may be flexible along with your dates. Nevertheless it’s a little bit of a roulette.

“Booking no less than three weeks prematurely goes to get you cheaper prices, but aim for a number of months prematurely when you can.”

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