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Geminid meteor shower 2022 live: Shooting stars to light up sky over UK and US tonight


How To Watch The Geminids Meteor Shower

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The Geminid meteor shower is peaking on Wednesday night, with vivid dazzling ‘shooting stars’ streaking across the sky.

The celestial event happens every December, though 2022 brings excellent viewing conditions across a lot of the UK.

It’s unusual in that it’s attributable to the debris left behind by an asteroid. When the Earth moves through that trail of debris, the pieces smash into our atmosphere and light-weight up as they do, appearing as streaking stars across the sky.

Often, as many as 150 meteors per hour could be seen within the show, which makes it amongst the most effective of the yr for actually spotting a meteor.

This yr, the brightness of the Moon could have a rather diminishing effect, with Nasa predicting between 30-40 meteors per hour.

Forecasts from the UK Met Office suggest ideal weather conditions on Wednesday night, with clear skies across most parts of the UK.

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How To Watch The Geminids Meteor Shower

How To Watch The Geminids Meteor Shower

Graeme Massie14 December 2022 23:36


How the Geminid Meteor Shower appeared last night

Here’s how the Geminid Meteor Shower appeared in Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, last night – courtesy of nature photographer Peter Forister.

The US still has just a few hours to attend until the Sun falls and the shooting stars appear, but hopefully we’ll be getting some images of tonight’s shower within the UK.

Graeme Massie14 December 2022 23:01


The way to see the Geminid meteor shower

Graeme Massie14 December 2022 22:04


Where must you watch from?

To present yourself the most effective probability of seeing the meteors, you’re going to need to be in the most effective place. There are many things to do to be sure you’re watching in one of the best ways.

The same old advice is that it’s best to get away from buildings and other sources of sunshine to look at the meteor shower. In lots of places, at this sort of yr, that’s going to be very difficult, given the weather.

Due to intensity of the moonlight this yr, nevertheless, you would possibly actually do well to take a seat within the shade of a house or a tree. That can help keep your view from being blocked by the brilliant Moon.

Otherwise, get into as wide open and dark space as you may, given the conditions. Light pollution like street lights will still make it harder to see the sky, so even a slight reduction in the quantity of interference will help.

Once that’s done, look up. The meteors will appear to come back from anywhere within the sky, so so long as you’re looking towards the celebrities you’re in with a probability of seeing one.

(They’ll appear to come back from the Gemini constellation – hence their name – but looking just at that may actually limit the number you’ll see. As a substitute, pick a dark patch of the sky and stay alert.)

Graeme Massie14 December 2022 21:30


Best time to see Geminid Meteor Shower 2022 within the UK

Many of the UK and Ireland currently has remarkably good weather for viewing the Geminid Meteor Shower tonight, based on the most recent forecasts from the Met Office.

Here’s how the weather map currently looks:

(Met Office)

For anyone on the south coast or in East Anglia, don’t lose heart. The skies will clear because the night goes on, with the most effective views on offer within the early hours. Equally, anyone in Ireland are higher off going outside now to envision out the shower, as they won’t have for much longer to accomplish that,

That is the present forecast from the Met Office for 5am:

(Met Office )

Anthony Cuthbertson14 December 2022 20:10


The way to capture the Geminid Meteor Shower 2022

Skilled photographers have given their suggestions for capturing the Geminid meteor shower, with all saying that some type of tripod to regular the camera is important.

It’s price using a tripod for taking pictures with a smartphone too, as any camera shake can compromise the standard of the photographs – but when you don’t have one at hand you may simply rest your phone on a window ledge

Arguably the most effective technique is to make use of a timelapse feature in your camera or smartphone, though for anyone without those capabilities then there are another methods that might help capture shooting stars.

(Getty Images)

David Reneke, an astronomer and author for Australian science magazine advises anyone using an SLR or DSLR camera to play with aperture settings in your camera to photograph the night sky.

Burst settings also can capture multiple photos directly.

For older smartphones that use a digital zoom slightly than an optical zoom, it’s generally best not to make use of the zoom because it could compromise the standard of the image. As a substitute, take the image after which crop it.

Newer phones feature incredible zoom capabilities that may take detailed pictures of distant objects. Other cameras include special features to enhance pictures of the night sky, resembling the Google Pixel’s Astro mode.

Anthony Cuthbertson14 December 2022 19:30


Geminid meteor shower gets underway within the UK

In accordance with Anna Gammon-Ross, an astronomer at Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Geminid meteor shower will begin to be visible within the UK tonight from 6pm GMT. That’s immediately, so if the skies are clear in your area, have a look outside.

“For the most effective possibilities to identify the Geminids, discover a dark area of clear sky and permit around 20 minutes to let your eyes adapt to the dark,” she says. “It may additionally be advisable to lie down as you could be looking up for a very long time.”

For those who miss them tonight, don’t fret. Anna says they’ll still be visible up until 20 December.

Anthony Cuthbertson14 December 2022 17:58


Nasa predicts 30-40 Geminids meteors per hour tonight

Weather could also be great (not less than within the UK) for viewing the Geminids meteor shower tonight, but a recent full moon means it should be barely harder than if the Moon was closer to a recent moon.

Nasa predicts between 30-40 ‘shooting stars’ per hour at its peak.

“Don’t miss the annual Geminids meteor shower,” Nasa tweeted.

“A waning gibbous moon will make it harder to view a lot of the shower, however the Geminids burn so vivid, as much as 30-40 must be visible per hour!”

Anthony Cuthbertson14 December 2022 16:21


Weather forecast suggests clear skies across a lot of the UK

The weather could almost not be higher for a December evening, with the UK Met Office forecasting clear skies across most parts of the country this evening.

Apart from parts of Cornwall and Devon, people in England and Wales should find a way to expect a great showing once the Sun goes down. Unfortunately, conditions in north-easterly Scotland and Northern Ireland don’t look ideal.

Here’s how the weather will have a look at 10pm GMT tonight, based on the Met Office’s latest forecast:

(UK Met Office)

Anthony Cuthbertson14 December 2022 15:02


Shower is peaking – and there’s just a few days left

The true peak of the meteor shower is early on 14 December. There’s still a while to see it, though – but not much time. The last opportunity is 17 December, though there won’t be many to see then.

Andrew Griffin14 December 2022 12:34

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