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Giancarlo Esposito Plays Other People So He Can Know Himself


“Then GC gave them this speech about how you might be your vessel, you might be the thing that the acting flows through,” Garcia recalled in an interview. “It was probably five, 10 minutes, off the cuff. After they were done, they were all Brando. Each one among those actors was sure that they were going to be the following thing, because he just imbued them with it. And because of this, they’re incredible within the scene, and it was an incredible day of filming.”

“That’s only one example,” he added. “Nevertheless it was that kind of thing that might occur.”

Esposito’s good cheer isn’t at all times so formal. “My favorite thing was in between camera setups when he’d sidle as much as you and mutter a joke under his breath, something that might crack you up in between scenes,” said Elbay, who plays the heist crew’s chemist, Judy. In the future on the set Elbay was admiring one among the miniature animals that Leo carves to maintain his hands busy.

“He slipped it into my pocket on the last day of shooting,” she said. “He’s just a extremely, really lovely team leader and collaborator, and he made it a really, very lovely experience for me.”

Esposito’s performance in “Kaleidoscope” derives much of its power from its humility, especially once Ray breaks out of prison and becomes Leo. We see him turn into increasingly frail, confronting his disease and a life filled with regret.

“He has the brain skill, however the body’s going,” he said. “In a way, that’s the tragedy of our lives. As we grow old, we get more delicate and we get more fragile. I still have the brain and the sense of a younger man, but to think, ‘I actually have to watch out stepping off that curb,’ it’s a bitch.

“By the point Leo realizes how sick he’s, it’s just too late and he knows it’s going to go downhill,” he continued. “So this job becomes really vital to him.”

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