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Greater than half one million uninsured cars taken off Britain’s roads since 2018


Greater than half one million uninsured cars have been taken off Britain’s roads within the last five years – including 130,000 seized within the Covid lockdown

  • Almost 550,000 uninsured cars in total have been confiscated in 2018-2022
  • Some 64,682 uninsured cars have been confiscated already this yr
  • Probably the most vehicles commandeered were in through the lockdown-hit yr of 2020
  • It’s believed that some motorists cancelled insurance policies to lower your expenses while they weren’t in a position to drive but did not keep their cars off public streets

Almost 550,000 uninsured cars have been seized by police since 2018 as latest figures shine a light-weight on the variety of motors getting used on our roads without cover.

Already this yr, some 64,682 uninsured cars have been confiscated, an investigation by AA Insurance has found.

Of the 542,370 cars commandeered by police forces from 2018 to 2022, probably the most were seized in 2020 when Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions were in place, with some vehicle owners selecting to cancel their insurance policies to lower your expenses while they weren’t in a position to drive. 

This is probably going a results of drivers selecting to cancel their insurance through the Covid-related national lockdowns that yr, but failing to declare them SORN with the DVLA, remove them from the road and keep them on private property, resulting in an increase in offences. 

Over half one million uninsured cars taken off our roads in 5 years – and there are lots of more still being driven today: AA Insurance provided data on the variety of motors seized since 2018

The AA sent a Freedom of Information request to all 46 police forces across the UK regarding the variety of uninsured motors that they had impounded every year since 2018, with 44 providing figures.

The 2 that did not provide figures were Cheshire Constabulary, which said its systems couldn’t easily determine what number of cars had been seized for driving without insurance, and Kent Police, which didn’t respond in any respect.

Despite lockdowns and restricted travel throughout 2020, it saw probably the most uninsured vehicles seized with greater than 129,652 cars taken off the road.

The Metropolitan Police took probably the most cars off the road – a complete of 62,900 within the five-year period. 

West Midlands has confiscated the second highest volume of uninsured cars, with 44,056 taken away.

West Yorkshire accomplished the highest three with 33,829 cars seized.

Greater than 33,000 drivers in Scotland had their cars commandeered, in comparison with 22,700 Welsh drivers and 9,360 drivers in Northern Ireland. 


Police Force20182019202020212022TOTAL
Avon and Somerset Police2,7622,9332,9152,3941,63612,640
Bedfordshire Police1,6091,7291,7651,4378087,348
British Transport Police22720839
Cambridgeshire Constabulary1,9992,1041,8411,6109288,482
City of London Police2985305303981771,933
Cleveland Police1,7071,6131,9431,5757907,628
Cumbria Constabulary7637317696323873,282
Derbyshire Constabulary2,4772,1932,2192,0331,0589,980
Devon and Cornwall Police1,7092,2512,3331,8521,2589,403
Dorset Police1,0999651,0017925304,387
Durham Constabulary1,1191,3921,5011,1176485,777
Dyfed-Powys Police7255856223912182,541
Essex Police3,3943,9804,1353,5552,12617,190
Gloucestershire Constabulary1,0851,0671,2611,020N/A4,433
Greater Manchester Police6,1066,7307,3077,2654,72732,135
Gwent Police1,3761,4181,5151,2137406,262
Hampshire Constabulary2,4482,3832,3341,9591,43410,558
Hertfordshire Constabulary2,2042,2652,3582,0881,11810,033
Humberside Police2,0872,4123,0752,3771,16911,120
Lancashire Constabulary3,3693,3303,3572,5781,52314,157
Leicestershire Police2,4312,6703,5122,9651,36412,942
Lincolnshire Police1,9382,1201,9761,6501,0868,770
Merseyside Police3,0403,3263,2313,4682,15815,223
Metropolitan Police Service14,55113,48912,76013,7638,33762,900
Norfolk Constabulary1,6031,6861,6911,5638517,394
North Wales Police1,1881,0861,1111,0145894,988
Northamptonshire Police2,0842,4443,1562,4671,51611,667
Northumbria Police1,6421,5582,1171,6298697,815
North Yorkshire Police1,0579901,1119847244,866
Nottinghamshire Police2,0842,4443,1562,4671,51611,667
Police Service of Northern Ireland2,6222,1841,9781,6099679,360
Police Scotland6,8376,8518,8116,7473,96333,209
South Wales Police2,5771,9962,1471,2389728,930
South Yorkshire Police2,5663,1113,9152,9991,60414,195
Staffordshire Police2,9562,5462,7442,8041,31612,366
Suffolk Constabulary1,2701,4121,3861,1525575,777
Surrey Police1,6581,5421,6561,5748487,278
Sussex Police1,9921,8592,0551,9791,2519,136
Thames Valley Police3,3883,7963,2822,7251,62414,815
Warwickshire Police1,5071,7071,9861,6366487,484
West Mercia Police2,1712,4172,4852,0841,00810,165
West Midlands Police8,6269,83610,8729,2265,49644,056
West Yorkshire Police6,8737,8898,7086,7343,62533,829
Wiltshire Police9479591,0187765104,210
Source: AA Insurance. NB: Freedom of Information request made to all 46 police forces. Only Cheshire and Kent Police did not respond with data

AA Insurance warned that these figures may very well be the tip of an iceberg, estimating that there may very well be roughly a million uninsured drivers on the road every year – and with the cost-of-living crisis deepening, more motorists could be lured into taking to the roads without insurance.

Insurers have been targeted in a crackdown by regulators to stop raising prices on  renewal quotes but many still report the associated fee of their policy rising. Our ten tricks to cut the associated fee of automotive insurance guide explains the right way to lower your expenses and compare prices.

Gus Park, managing director for AA Insurance Services, said: ‘Every driver is fearful about being involved in a collision, but worse still is the opposite party being uninsured.

‘Sadly, we all know that when times are hard some people attempt to cut their costs, and one area persons are tempted to probability it, is cutting out their motor insurance. 

‘Nonetheless, these figures show that forces across the country are looking out and can take uninsured automotive away.

‘Don’t take the danger. Not only is there the possibility of getting your automotive seized, however the criminal and financial hardship just isn’t well worth the gamble.’

Despite lockdowns and restricted travel throughout 2020, it saw the most uninsured vehicles seized with more than 129,652 cars taken off the road. This is likely due to a rise in the number of people cancelling their insurance policies to save money at the height of the pandemic

Despite lockdowns and restricted travel throughout 2020, it saw probably the most uninsured vehicles seized with greater than 129,652 cars taken off the road. This is probably going attributable to an increase within the number of individuals cancelling their insurance policies to lower your expenses at the peak of the pandemic

On Monday, the Insurance Fraud Bureau launched a latest campaign to boost awareness about ghost brokers using social media platforms to sell false insurance policies to younger drivers.

Victims who fall for the scam will imagine they’re covered by are the truth is driving without insurance, which puts them prone to prosecution. 

It said it had seen over 55,000 cases within the last yr, up from around 21,000 the 12 months prior.


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