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“Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown”: NBA World Erupts as Kevin Durant Breaks Silence on Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Comparison


Heavy is the pinnacle that wears the crown. There are some debates that may never end. Considered one of them must be, who’s the best basketball player, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? Famous for his disputes with the NBA community on Twitter, Kevin Durant once more got here into the highlight. Recently, the Brooklyn forward found his way into the comparison of the legends.


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On the court, Kevin Durant gave the fans a number of the best playoff memories. Nobody can forget his 50-point explosion against the Clippers within the 2019 playoffs  But off the court, he is thought to provide controversial remarks on Twitter. He could be seen several times quoting himself as “A God” on social media. As a result of this, he has faced quite a lot of backlash from the audience.


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TA podcast named ‘Pick a Side‘ had a furious yet hilarious debate on “Is Kevin Durant legendary?” They began talking about numbers and the performance of KD but it surely soon was a screaming show. KD didn’t take long to reply by saying, “Can’t ask mediocre people about legendary activities.”  

Netizens blasted Kevin Durant for his remarks on Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

A series of remarks were made shortly following his tweet. Considered one of the users said, “Legends don’t must tell everyone they’re a legend.” On to which KD replied, ” Well, stop questioning me.” Then a user commented, “They talk like KD is just a few all star player but keep him on MJ and Kobe standards.” Very quickly KD replied, “I be confused too.”

Mar 29, 2022; Brooklyn, Latest York, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) reacts throughout the third quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Barclays Center. The Nets defeated the Pistons 130-123. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The world has still got a debate to choose who’s the very best between Kobe and MJ. And, in response to the principles of the web, if someone put themselves into the comparison, like within the case of KD, it’s certain to create an avalanche of criticizing comments. In relation to their favorite icon, the netizens show no mercy.

In case you didnt cry to Golden State youd be one other Carmelo Anthony

— LBJ (@BronsBurnerrr) October 3, 2022

Heavy is the pinnacle that wears the crown 🤷🏾‍♂️

— Mike K 🇰🇪 (@_ImClutch) October 3, 2022

MJ and Kobe standards? More like Scottie and Pau standards. KD’s only been the second option on a championship team. He’s never been THE GUY.

— Go Hawks (@LobSeahawks12) October 3, 2022

all good KD. They praise Steph for teaming up wit you but kill you for going to oakland.. they simply pushing they narrative

— Dan Uggla (@Danuggladagoat) October 3, 2022

My whole thing is Lebron join two other stars and lost within the finals imagine Kd doing that and what they might say. What gets me much more is that they they are saying Bron was the very best on that Miami team but guess what Kd was the on the GS team

— Magz Keezy (@MAGzKeezy) October 3, 2022

it’s common knowledge that the soldiers saved your legacy, who’re you attempting to idiot💀💀💀

— SAGE (@MasterSage_) October 3, 2022


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One more controversial chapter added to KD’s life. Undoubtedly the 2-time Finals MVP  is the most effective in the sport. The way in which he reads the sport is outstanding. Nevertheless, the legacy established by Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan requires quite a bit from anyone who desires to compete with them.

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Do tell us your thoughts about KD’s legendary status within the comment section.


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