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Hotel room hack to remain secure on holiday using the ‘handle of a hairbrush’ | Travel News | Travel


Travel experts at Hotels & Discounts shared the very best places to cover valuables within the hotel room, and those to avoid in any respect costs.

They commented that “many individuals imagine their valuables are secure deep in a drawer” but this is strictly where travellers should never place them.

Side tables, drawers and the wardrobe are a few of “the worst places to cover things,” the experts said.

Other obvious places are under the bed, within the fridge, in the bathroom tank or under the mattresses, and hotel guests should “not hide valuables” there as thieves will at all times search those.

The travel gurus also advised travellers to avoid hiding valuables in a backpack or suitcase and to “forget in regards to the in-room secure”, as they’re more odd and clever places to cover money and jewellery within the room.

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Most unusual places to share valuables within the hotel room

The travel experts revealed that holidaymakers should hide valuables in essentially the most common items within the room.

They really helpful using “the handle of a hairbrush” as a hiding spot for money and jewellery.

Amazon actually sells secure hair brushes specifically designed to cover money inside. Some buyers commented that it’s “a fantastic strategy to hide your money when travelling or on the beach”.

“Most individuals don’t desire to handle others’ hairbrushes so it serves as a wonderful diversion from would-be thieves or nosey family and friends,” security website Hideandstash explained.

Skyscanner really helpful placing valuables in “empty bottles,” equivalent to the small complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the lavatory.

“In case you’re apprehensive about invaluable stuff in your hotel room, hide it in an empty suntan lotion container. You might also use empty lip balm containers to cover rolled-up notes.”

A money belt is one other effective strategy to keep valuables secure. “The cash belt has definitely earned its place as a travel essential, offering a strategy to discreetly store money and valuables while sight-seeing,” travel site Gapyeartravelstore explained.

Alternatively, holidaymakers can hide money under their bra or in underwear, or buy special clothes with hidden pockets.

If travellers do not feel prefer it is secure to cover their money within the room, they will at all times leave it on the front desk within the hotel.

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