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‘House of the Dragon’: Is Larys Strong the Recent Littlefinger?


Up to now, magic on “House of the Dragon” has been low-level — dreams, prophecies — despite the indisputable fact that the story is going down during Peak Dragon. Could it’s that larger magic is going on behind the scenes, behind wood eyes and twitchy noses? “House of the Dragon” has been somewhat heavy-handed with its imagery of the weirwood tree within the Red Keep godswood (regardless of the indisputable fact that most individuals gathering there don’t consider within the old gods). There’s also a recurring motif of rats scurrying around the sides of the story. They infest bedrooms, ballrooms, and secret passages, and in response to some theories, could possibly be nonhuman agents of Larys Strong. What if he’s gathering information by greenseeing (searching through the trees’ carved faces) and warging (taking on the bodies of animals)?

It’s not as much of a stretch because it sounds. Larys grew up in Harrenhal, which is on the north shore of a big lake often known as the God’s Eye. In the midst of this lake is mystical place called the Isle of Faces, certainly one of the last refuges of the Children of the Forest. And in “Fire & Blood,” Larys can also be related to Alys Rivers, a proto-Melisandre witchy woman of indeterminate age who claims to see visions in fires. (She was either his wet nurse or his half-sister, possibly each.) If Larys is an adherent of a magical religion, he may additionally practice blood magic — blood oaths, blood sacrifice — convenient justifications for his bloodletting.

Horrible things are known to occur to lords of Harrenhal, a bunch that in “Thrones” included Janos Slynt and Littlefinger. People in Westeros often attribute these misfortunes to a longstanding curse, dating back to Aegon’s Conquest. King Harren the Black desired to have the very best hall and the tallest towers in all of Westeros, and his obsession resulted within the deaths of 1000’s of enslaved employees. On the very day that this great labor was accomplished, Aegon began his conquest. His dragon, Balerion the Black Dread, soon reduced Harrenhal to cinders.

In “Fire & Blood,” the explanation for this second conflagration is rarely determined, although the histories point to several possible culprits, most with motives to eliminate Harwin Strong and forestall him from revealing the illegitimacy of Rhaenyra’s children. Now, Larys not directly provides this protection for the Targaryens and Velaryons while concurrently giving credit (and blame) to the Hightowers — but why? Is he playing all sides against one another, as Littlefinger once did? Is there nobody he won’t sacrifice?

Larys believes that love is a weakness, and that life is healthier unencumbered by it. This can be a philosophy that may seem to make sure dynastic extinction. Sure enough, by the point “Game of Thrones” begins, Harrenhal is held by House Whent, and House Strong isn’t any more.

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