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How a Scottish Moral Philosopher Got Elon Musk’s Number


Mr. Moskovitz and Ms. Tuna’s net price is estimated at $12.7 billion. They founded their very own group, Good Ventures, in 2011. The group said it had given $1.96 billion in donations. In 2017, Open Philanthropy, its collaboration with one other early and influential effective altruism organization, GiveWell, began operating independently and is now the foremost vehicle for his or her funding.

Those two enormous fortunes, together with giving by scores of highly paid engineers at tech firms, mean the community is exceptionally well funded.

So it doesn’t need Mr. Musk, necessarily. However it wouldn’t mind him.

With an estimated $220 billion fortune, Mr. Musk could single-handedly make effective altruism the leading movement in philanthropy. Mr. Musk spoke on the EA Global conference in 2015, appearing on a panel in regards to the risks posed by artificial intelligence.

Mr. MacAskill said that he got to know Mr. Musk higher through Igor Kurganov, an expert poker player and effective altruist, who briefly advised Mr. Musk on philanthropy.

That’s how his text messages popped up amongst lots of of others sent to Mr. Musk.

Mr. Bankman-Fried ultimately didn’t join Mr. Musk’s bid. “I don’t know exactly what Elon’s goals are going to be with Twitter,” Mr. Bankman-Fried said within the interview. “There was just a little little bit of ambiguity there.”

He had his hands full within the months that followed as cryptocurrency prices crashed. The Twitter deal has been volatile in its own way, with Mr. Musk attempting to back out before recently announcing his intention to follow through with it in any case.

In August, Mr. Musk retweeted Mr. MacAskill’s book announcement to his 108 million followers with the statement: “Price reading. This can be a close match for my philosophy.” Yet as a substitute of wholeheartedly embracing that endorsement as many would, Mr. MacAskill posted a typically earnest and detailed thread in response about a few of the places he agreed — and lots of areas where he disagreed — with Mr. Musk. (They didn’t see eye to eye on near-term space settlement, for one.)

For his part, Mr. MacAskill accepts responsibility for what he calls misconceptions in regards to the community. “I take a major amount of blame,” he said, “for being a philosopher who was unprepared for this amount of media attention.”

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