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How UConn Hoops players could be rated in NBA 2K


Last week, Adam Gorney released his Madden Rankings of ACC football players, which turned out to be a fantastic read and looked like a fun exercise. Inspired by this, I made a decision to do the identical, but in a smaller region: UConn Basketball Players. In fact though, we won’t use EA Sports’ Madden; as an alternative we’ll use the basketball equivalent, 2K-Sports’ NBA 2K.

Just a few things to notice before I start discussing my rankings. The scores are on a 0-99 scale, but 2K gives out 99’s much less freely than Madden does. Madden currently has 4 players rated at a 99, while 2K has none with its highest player as former MVP Giannis Antetokoumnpo at a 97. With that in mind, I’ve rated UConn’s men’s hoops players inside the realm of school basketball. So as an illustration, reigning NPOY Oscar Tshiebwe could be a 97 or 98 because he’s arguably the perfect player in CBB and he’s coming back. That is NOT a rating of how a player could be within the NBA, but merely within the NCAA universe. A star player on a top level team shall be within the 90-97 range. A median to good starter shall be between 80-89. Role players and benchwarmers shall be within the 65-79 range. Without further ado, let’s get into this…


92 – Adama Sanogo, 6’9” C

To start out things off, we’ve the player that some may consider the frontrunner for Big East POTY. Sanogo was roughly the fifth best center in college basketball last yr AND he’s returning. So why doesn’t he get more love than simply a 92? The reply is that a 92 remains to be a extremely good rating. The tenth best player in 2K, James Harden, is a 92. Sanogo, who lines as much as be the third best center in CBB after Drew Timme and Tshiebwe ranks between 10-20 within the country overall, warranting this rating. He’s an entire beast and there’s a robust probability he can get even higher to have a more complete season than he did last yr.

88 – Andre Jackson, 6’6” PG/F

Having Jackson as an 88 may appear a bit high to some, however the rating comes with the thought that he’s going to take a substantial leap going into his junior season. Why not though? He figures to grow into more significant point guard duties and in offseason videos, his shot has looked cleaner and more fluid than it did last season. His aggressiveness increased last yr and it should only increase. His rating puts him in the same spot to Zach Lavine or Paul George, players whose heights he’s able to reaching in the faculty world.

85 – Jordan Hawkins, 6’5” SG

This will seem a bit low with the quantity that Hawkins is presupposed to grow this yr, but it will possibly be hard to accurately predict development on a player in his first true, healthy offseason. Visually, his jumper looks prefer it should connect not less than 40% of the time, but he only made a 3rd of his threes. Expect Hawkins’ accuracy from deep to go way up and for him to get more aggressive on drives. He appeared to believe issues at times last yr which is the explanation why he’s a touch lower, but at yr’s end we may very well be him as a 90+ sort of player.

83 – Tristen Newton, 6’5” G

Newton is one other player who’s hard to predict simply because of his transition from the American to the Big East. He has all of the tools, but questions remain together with his jumper and the way much shall be asked of him. Performing within the AAC could be very different from Power 6, in order an elite player on East Carolina who isn’t expected to develop too far more, an 83 seems fair. Nevertheless, if the change doesn’t affect him an excessive amount of and he comes near his 17, five and five line, he could leap all of the solution to an 88.

80 – Nahiem Alleyne, 6’4” SG

After Newton, deciding who’s going to begin gets sticky. Typically, on a great team, the worst starter is around an 80. There are three or 4 guys contending for that fifth slot and Alleyne appears to be at the highest. He brings ACC pedigree and commenced on Virginia Tech, a tournament team. He shoots the rock at a high level, which is able to help the Huskies space the ground well.

78 – Hassan Diarra, 6’2” G

Diarra doesn’t figure to begin, but will bring roughly quarter-hour a game of toughness on defense. He’s mentally tough and has a clutch gene that scored him and his Texas A&M Aggies a couple of extra wins in March. Otherwise, his offense is a bit shaky, but his ability to protect on-ball will keep him in games and earns him a “Marcus Smart”-esque rating within the high 70s.

78 – Alex Karaban, 6’8” PF

The perfect rookie in 2K every yr gets roughly an 81 and it decreases from there. Karaban gets a slight bump since he’s been with this system for an additional semester improving, and he has a probability to contend for serious minutes. Karaban has an extended frame and shoots great for his size. His all-around skillset and height will give him a possibility to interrupt out in an enormous way in a revamped 4 guard lineup.

77 – Samson Johnson, 6’10” PF

Johnson is perhaps the largest query mark on the team. Hurley said the forward had potential to be a lottery pick going into his freshman yr and proceeded to present him lower than 100 minutes on the season. Jon Rothstein recently tabbed him as a projected starter. Plenty of people around this system have said many positive things in regards to the rising sophomore, which do help his rating, but it’ll be as much as Johnson to prove it, as he did virtually nothing last yr.

76 – Joey Calcaterra, 6’3” G

Calcaterra figures to be a fringe rotation player used as a spark plug deep-threat. If he can shoot well, he’ll find time on the court, but nothing else about his game stands proud an excessive amount of positively or negatively. His floor is high, which is predicted of your sixth-year senior, making his rating relatively stable.

76 – Donovan Clingan, 7’2” C

Clingan is one among two true centers on the roster, alongside Sanogo. It’s tough to inform how good he’ll really be, given the incontrovertible fact that he played public school-ball for the past 4 years, which can hinder his rating against his actual skill. Fortunately, he won’t be asked to do an excessive amount of with Sanogo on the market for more often than not. This yr will give a pleasant taste of Clingan in a low-pressure situation, lowering his short-term ceiling.

70 – Richie Springs, 6’9” PF

Springs goes into his redshirt junior yr and has been a non-factor thus far. Rankings are partially based on potential, which Springs is running out of with each passing yr.

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