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How you can blog about travel? How you can host a television show about travel?


From waiting tables to living in a basement apartment, three travel hosts tell CNBC about how they got to where they’re.

Listed below are their stories.

Samantha Brown

Job: Emmy-award winning TV host of “Samantha Brown’s Places to Love
Began in: Comedy

I went to Syracuse University for musical theater because I so desperately desired to move to Recent York City and grow to be a thespian. I desired to do Shakespeare and be on Broadway.

That did not pan out. I waited on tables for a very good eight years. But I loved improv, and I used to be a component of an improv comedy troupe. So I just kept auditioning for jobs.

Samantha Brown said the perfect a part of her job is not “that I get to travel to all these free places — it’s that I get to spend time with people of their on a regular basis lives.”

Source: Samantha Brown Media Inc.

A author really helpful me to a production company that was … searching for a number. But my audition for it needed to be totally improvised. That is how I got the job.

If you end up a travel host, there is not any script. Yet it continues to be as much as you to define the scene, to grasp the trajectory of a story and how one can end it. Also in improv, the golden rule is to never say no, it is often yes — to maintain things going.

Waiting on tables in Recent York City for eight years, you begin to be really humbled, [but] those were the tools that I had that got me a job that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever have.”

Mike Chen

Job: Creator of “Strictly Dumpling” and other YouTube channels (total: about 8 million subscribers)
Began in: Accounting and wedding videography

“I moved to the U.S. from China once I was 8 years old. My parents began working in restaurants, and eventually began their very own very Americanized Chinese restaurant. So I grew up on a gentle weight loss plan of General Tso’s chicken and crab rangoon.

There wasn’t numerous diversity where I’m from, however it helped that my parents sent me back to China once I was 13. Most individuals get grounded and sent to their room as a punishment — I got sent to China for 2 years. That is once I was like: Wow, it is so amazing — the people, the history — I would like to know more.

After college, I went to Recent York and worked on Wall Street for a 12 months. Then I became a marriage videographer because I desired to be flexible. I used to be living in a small basement apartment in Brooklyn with no air con, making about $400 — on a very good week.

But this was the primary time I used to be eating something that wasn’t Red Lobster and Olive Garden. I got a taste of diverse ethnic food in Chinatown, and I began to find numerous my heritage that I never really saw as necessary before.

I began recording food videos on YouTube as a food diary for myself. I remember having a conversation with a friend that food content won’t ever amount to anything. There wasn’t anybody online doing it. I had like 10 subscribers. In some way it grew to this, which was never expected.

I never really had much money growing up — or throughout most of my maturity. So I used to be at all times searching for things that were inexpensive but additionally really filling and delicious. And that is just about what I do around the globe now.”

Colleen Kelly

Job: Television host of “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly
Began in: Sales

“I attempted out for the published school on the University of Texas. The varsity gave you one probability to be accepted into this system. I had never sat at an anchor desk with a camera pointed at me. I failed miserably.

Several years later, I graduated and got my first job in sales, eventually moving to Chicago and dealing within the pharmaceutical industry. The cash was amazing, and I had an organization automobile. But I wasn’t living my dream, and this began to actually trouble me.

In my early 30s, I got married and eventually quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom. Someday, when my two little girls were in class, I went to our town hall’s cable TV station and asked if, in exchange for teaching me how one can edit, I could host the local entertainment show about our village — something like “Access Hollywood” for our 50,000-resident town.

Because they’d no other offers, they said yes. I acted confident, but I used to be as green as they arrive. each time I did an interview and skim voice-over, but I used to be gaining experience and knowledge.

Colleen Kelly together with her family at Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria (left); and filming “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (right).

Source: Kelly Media Productions LLC

I confided in one other mom that my dream was to host a national travel show, and, surprisingly, she agreed to provide it with me. We wrote a script, found an area camera guy for just a few dollars and made a pilot.

I took meetings with two major firms — each said no. I used to be told by one network that girls don’t watch travel shows, so the concept of family travel didn’t appeal to them. I then sent hundreds of emails to television stations. Nothing worked. Finally, my mother suggested I call the local PBS station. I googled the pinnacle of programming, called him (no emails) and got a gathering. 

After more meetings, we learned PBS was picking two shows to go national, and “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” was considered one of them.

We scraped by for a 12 months, producing 13 episodes that first season. Now, the show has been on for greater than 10 years. And, the perfect part is that I can bring my family with me.  

It has been an extended and arduous journey, but I hope this story inspires others to consider in themselves, ignore the naysayers, and never hand over on their dream.”

Editor’s note: These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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