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Intel’s recent app could bring Apple’s primary features to Windows PCs and Android phones


Intel’s future PCs could have features which have been all-but-exclusive to Apple computers due to a recent app.

This system, called Unison, will let Android phones and PCs share messages, take calls, send files, and share notifications between devices via a “easy pairing process” between the 2 devices. The app will even work with iPhones as well, giving them greater functionality with Microsoft’s devices.

“The advantage we will bring to a PC user that’s got a well-designed Windows PC just isn’t having to decide on their device based on the PC they’ve. They’ve an iPhone, they’ve an Android phone, any device they wish to use will have the option to attach with this capability,” Josh Newman, Intel’s VP of mobile innovation, told The Verge in regards to the recent app.

“While you’re … in your laptop, and also you get notifications or texts in your phone, you possibly can keep it in your bag and get right back into the flow of your work.”

Unfortunately, iPhone users will still miss out on some functionality in comparison with Android ones; advanced messaging features can be lacking from the app, which could make it tougher to interrupt users out of Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple, similarly, has often kept away from opening up iMessage because it might “simply serve to remove [an] obstacle to iPhone families giving their kids Android phones”, in keeping with Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software and Services.

Unison can be released on “select Intel Evo laptops” with twelfth Gen processors from Acer, HP, and Lenovo this yr, with it coming to “a much wider range” of thirteenth Gen designs next yr.

Other corporations like Microsoft and Samsung have their very own apps and services to link devices together, but with some drawbacks – Microsoft’s own Your Phone app only works with Android phones, for instance. Google, meanwhile, prefers to depend on the open web, linking its Android messaging app to computers through the browser.

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