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iPhone and Android users must know these battery saving tricks


With the brand new iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 all being recently released, many individuals across the UK will likely be getting a shiny latest smartphone delivered to their doorsteps. These smartphones all have pretty epic battery life but when you may have an older device that keeps running flat then there are some very useful suggestions and tricks tp help make things last slightly longer.

Most up-to-date smartphones have quite a few settings that could be switched on to assist boost the period of time you should utilize the phone without having to go near a plug. There are also small changes that could be made which is able to squeeze slightly extra juice out of the battery.

Express.co.uk has rounded up these handy tricks below which is able to help extend the battery lifetime of your Android or Apple smartphone…

Each Android and iOS have modes you possibly can quickly toggle on to assist make a charge last so long as possible.

For the iPhone that is Low Power Mode while the Android equivalent is Battery Saver Mode.

These modes help make your phone’s battery last for significantly longer by limiting certain features similar to app refresh and 5G usage.

ON ANDROID: Head to Settings, after which tap Battery and device care. Tap Battery, after which tap Power saving.

ON iPHONE: To show Low Power Mode on or off, go to Settings > Battery. You can even turn Low Power Mode on and off from Control Centre.

If you would like to make your battery last so long as possible that is an obvious setting to activate, but there are other things you possibly can do to assist make your phone’s juice last more.

If you may have your brightness as much as full whack each and every single day this may significantly eat into your battery life.

In reality, the period of time your screen is on and energetic plays an enormous part in how quickly your battery drains, because the screen is the a part of your phone that uses essentially the most amount of energy.

Turning the brightness right down will help make your battery last more.

Also, changing the settings so your phone goes to sleep after a shorter amount of inactivity can even help reduce power usage.

Airplane Mode – because the name suggests – is a setting designed to limit features while you get onboard a flight.

This is clearly crucial to assist prevent your phone from interfering with any communications a plane needs, but it could possibly also help with keeping your battery usage down.

In Airplane Mode many settings will likely be disabled, similar to the power to access 4G and 5G in addition to turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

For some people, they would not dream of turning Airplane Mode on of their day-to-day lives because it stops you from accessing essentially the most used features of your smartphone.

But it could possibly turn out to be useful in certain situations. If you happen to’re out and about and see you simply have slightly little bit of charge left, and do not know while you’ll give you the chance to top up the quantity of juice you may have, then you definitely can activate Airplane Mode to make your battery last so long as possible till you get home.

Also, for those who use your phone as an alarm then Airplane Mode may help ensure leaving it on whilst you sleep doesn’t eat away at your battery an excessive amount of.

After all, this implies you would not give you the chance to receive any calls or texts that are available in overnight, so you may have to make your mind up if that is something you’d personally be comfortable with.

Whether you choose to make use of Airplane Mode often to assist make your battery last more will depend upon your individual day after day use of your smartphone.

However it’s a handy tool to have in your armoury for those who are searching for ways to make a single charge last so long as possible.

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