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Is LeBron James probably the most disrespected player in NBA history?


Who’s probably the most disrespected player in NBA history?

That query led to a spirited debate amongst NBA fans this week. Current stars equivalent to Kawhi Leonard and James Harden received loads of support, while former NBA icons Hakeem Olajuwon and Isiah Thomas were thrown into the conversation as well.

Nevertheless, Shannon Sharpe believes that the reply to the query is a no brainer. 

“It isn’t even close — it’s LeBron James,” Sharpe said on Thursday’s “Undisputed.”

While James is consistently viewed as certainly one of the best players of all time, Sharpe believes James is probably the most disrespected player due to standard he’s held to.

LeBron James probably the most disrespected NBA player of all time?

LeBron James the most disrespected NBA player of all time?

Shannon Sharpe explains why LeBron James is probably the most disrespected player in NBA history on “Undisputed.”

“Every part that you just thought he would’ve achieved coming out of highschool, he’s exceeded every part you most likely thought he could possibly be,” Sharpe said. “‘But he’s still not [Michael] Jordan.’ You see? 

“The person has won 4 MVPs, gone to 10 NBA Finals, he’s about to turn out to be the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. When he’s done, he’ll probably be top-3 or top-4 all time in assists. ‘But he’s not Jordan. Or he isn’t graceful like Kobe. He’s a poor free-throw shooter. He cannot shoot the three. He cakewalked through the East.'”

Sharpe believes one other Lakers legend is not too far behind James on the “most disrespected player of all time” list. 

“You would actually make the case that Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] is definitely the best highschool player, there is no doubt he’s the best college player, and you might make the case he’s the best NBA player,” Sharpe said. “He has six MVPs. He has six championships. He has the third-most rebounds and probably the most points. He played in 10 NBA Finals.”

While Sharpe acknowledges that Abdul-Jabbar could possibly be the best player in NBA history, he still maintains that James is indeed probably the most disrespected. He went on to cite some recent social media studies that determined which players receive probably the most hate as a part of his proof.

“There isn’t any query about it. That is what the analytics say. Whenever you return and check social media, probably the most disliked guy, probably the most talked about guy, is LeBron James. And it’s factual.”

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