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It’s the top of the road for our troublesome all-electric cars 


We’re all being encouraged to change to electric cars for obvious reasons: they’re kinder to the environment than petrol or diesel models as they don’t release CO2 – a key contributor to global warming.

And figures show a rise in uptake ahead of the Government’s plan to ban the sale of recent petrol and diesel cars by 2030.  Personal use of electrical cars is much outweighed by business use, because of generous tax breaks.

Around 20,500 electric cars were registered within the yr to April 2023, up 59 per cent from the 12,899 the previous yr and these account for 15 per cent of total market share, based on data from industry body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 

Yet a growing number of electrical automotive owners are unhappy. Last week, actor and automotive collector Rowan Atkinson told of his disappointment at their performance, as did author and broadcaster Giles Coren. 

The list of complaints include battery issues, software glitches and the proven fact that vehicles are unable to travel distances promised by manufacturers.

Concerns: Actor and automotive collector Rowan Atkinson has told of his disappointment in electric cars as did author and broadcaster Giles Coren

The important thing problem is that while the number of electrical cars is on the rise, the charging infrastructure is woefully inadequate to deal with demand. 

There have been 36 electric cars on the road for each public charger last yr, in comparison with 31 in 2021, says the SMMT.

Mike Hawes, the industry body’s chief executive, admits availability is prone to worsen before it gets higher and that he’s aware of a growing variety of complaints concerning the lack of reliable public charge points.

The Motor Ombudsman recorded its highest-ever quarterly volume of consumer complaints about electric vehicles in the primary three months of the yr. 

Some 273 were logged, up from 104 the previous yr. The ombudsman said complaints ranged from customer support to brakes and range.

Lizzie Butler-Meadows, 36, a hospital doctor based in Chichester, West Sussex, sold her Nissan Leaf a yr ago due to frustrations over an absence of public charge points. She now drives a diesel Mercedes Benz A-class. 

She had used her electric automotive for the commute to work, alongside day by day use and occasional longer trips across the country.

Nevertheless, her rented flat had no off-street parking and there have been no nearby charge points either at home or on the hospital where she works. As an alternative, she relied on a public charging station quarter-hour from her home – which was sometimes already getting used by other vehicles or out of motion.

She says: ‘I sent multiple emails to the local council asking in the event that they could look into installing an on-street charger in our area.

‘Nevertheless, I received a generic response explaining how that is something they’d address in the long run and I should use the limited range of chargers present in council automotive parks around Portsmouth which is eighteen miles away. Before I might consider an electrical automotive again, I might need to see improvements within the charging network.’

John Wilmot, founder and CEO of comparison site LeaseLoco says: ‘We’re seeing more enquiries for electric vehicles, which increased rapidly between 2021 and 2022, despite levelling off within the last 12 months. 

The Government might want to boost the variety of charging stations and facilities in the event that they expect drivers to change to electric vehicles after 2030, particularly if hundreds of thousands of households are unable to put in their very own electric charging points.’ 

Despite often costing more upfront than petrol or diesel cars, running costs for electric cars are lower. A full charge that offers a typical driving range of 200 miles would cost around £8-£12 at home, based on the Energy Saving Trust. 

I got a parking ticket for charging! 

At the top of the trial, she opted for a hybrid alternative as a substitute as she found the charging infrastructure too confusing.

Roz Colthart, a hair salon consultant based in Edinburgh, rented a Peugeot fully electric automotive in December 2021 to check whether it could work for her.

‘Some chargers accept a bank card but for others you wish a pre-loaded charge card. 

There are a number of apps that individuals can use to search out chargers near you, but these aren’t necessarily up thus far,’ she says. 

Roz Colthart,was once issued a parking ticket for staying too long charging her Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid

Roz Colthart,was once issued a parking ticket for staying too long charging her Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid

‘Places like Ikea and Aldi are rolling out charging stations but they’re generally quite busy so you might have to decide on your time correctly.

‘One of the best place for me to charge my automotive was on the local McDonald’s. It took two and a half hours for a full charge. I might park up, read a book and sit within the automotive because it charged. 

I used to be once issued a parking ticket for staying too long!’ Roz, 49, now drives a Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid for private use resembling doing shopping trips or visiting friends. 

She charges the automotive in her garage through a normal three-prong plug and fills up with petrol every five weeks. 

She says she wouldn’t recommend an electrical automotive to anyone without off-street parking, and who, as a substitute, would need to depend on public chargers.

‘I hope that by the point I purchase my next automotive, the charging infrastructure may have improved but there remains to be a approach to go,’ she adds.

This compares to £26-£32 for petrol or diesel, although the electricity costs can escalate for those who use public charging points. 

Rapid charging points at motorway service stations typically cost £22 for a 30-minute, 90-mile charge, says charging firm Pod Point.

Electric cars are also exempt from the £165-a-year road tax on petrol and dieswel cars, although this may end in April 2025. Meanwhile, they’re exempt from congestion charges in cities including London and Birmingham, although they are going to pay the charge in London from 2025.

There are also tax benefits for business owners and employees who use company cars. Business owners who lease an electrical automotive can deduct the total monthly payments from their turnover, meaning a lower corporation tax bill. 

They may also claim back 50 per cent of the VAT, or 100 per cent if the automotive shouldn’t be utilized in any personal capability. 

For workers and directors who use an organization automotive for journeys beyond work, the benefit-in-kind tax rate is just two per cent in comparison with a typical starting rate of 25 per cent for fossil fuel-powered cars.

Two thirds of electrical vehicles were bought by business customers in 2022, says the SMMT.

Betsy Benn, who runs a business selling personalised gifts in Cheltenham, began leasing a Jaguar iPace three years ago due to the tax and environmental advantages, in addition to economical running costs. Betsy, 48, uses the automotive mostly for private trips and for infrequent trips to London to go to suppliers.

She boosts the automotive’s battery overnight, as her energy provider charges less for off-peak electricity use, with the prices figuring out at about 2.8p per mile. She says there are various attractive qualities to an electrical automotive, but overall she has been disillusioned by the iPace.

Betsy doesn’t trust her Jag’s promised 282-mile range as she says this quickly drops if factoring in air-conditioning, heating the automotive or sitting in slow traffic which all drain the battery. For long distances, Betsy says she’s more prone to travel by train or hire a petroleum automotive.

‘The charging network isn’t there – even for those who discover a charging station there’s often one out of order. You then need to wait 20 minutes until someone has finished charging. I’ve had scenarios where I’ve come off a motorway junction and located all of the banks are out of motion, so I’ve needed to go up the motorway, come back down and go to the opposite side of the services within the hope those are operational.’

Her leased iPace is coming up for renewal and he or she plans to change to a different electric automotive, a Kia e-Niro, which she says has a for much longer range.

An option for drivers nervous about going fully electric is to go for a hybrid model, which runs on a mix of electrical and petrol or diesel. With a plug-in hybrid automotive, you should use electricity for local journeys and switch to a standard fuel for longer journeys.

Overall, hybrid cars emit less CO2 than petrol or diesel cars and so must also profit from tax breaks. Nevertheless, the Government plans to ban the sale of recent hybrid cars from 2035 to encourage more drivers to take up full electric vehicles.

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