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‘Jam Van’ Dares to Ask: What if Family Road Trips Were Actually Fun?


However the two men, who’re fathers and shut friends, intend “Jam Van” to be greater than sightseeing — a resolve that was heightened by their early brainstorms at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Nobody could travel anywhere,” recalled Hunt, the president of Imagine Entertainment Group, a producer of “Jam Van.” “And everybody was mad at one another.”

The very best buddies Anne and Lamb get mad at one another sometimes, too. (Grumpy GPS, voiced by the comedian Marc Maron, is sort of at all times mad.) The series’s creators hope that through these characters’ interactions, children 4 and older can learn life skills and learn how to get along, each on and off the road.

Anne is “really the one driving the ideas and the adventures,” said the comedian Nicole Byer, who voices the character. Lamb, voiced by the comic Pete Lee, “sometimes is like, ‘I don’t like that, that’s not a superb idea,’” Byer added. Ultimately, she said, their friendship “is push-and-pull.”

In each episode, the 2 travel companions face an issue, interpersonal or otherwise, that the segment’s song addresses. Through the pilot, set in Recent York City, Anne grows frustrated when she will be able to’t find her Uncle Salligator (who, naturally, seems to live within the sewer). She and Lamb bump into Miranda, who sings and raps an encouraging strategy.

“Increase a frustration tolerance in children so that they can see their goals through to the tip is such a vital thing to do (as a parent, anyway),” Miranda wrote in an email.

The Nashville episode also counsels persistence. Here, a mischievous armadillo keeps running away with the steel for Lamb’s steel guitar, and Crow’s vocal performance urges Lamb not to present up.

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