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Jan. 6 Committee’s Devastating Case Against Trump Could Most Help Ron DeSantis


WASHINGTON ― The Jan. 6 House select committee investigating Donald Trump’s coup attempt used Republicans to put out the case against him, and the most important beneficiaries of its work likely can be, perhaps paradoxically, other Republicans ― specifically those that seek the 2024 presidential nomination that Trump covets for himself.

In a tightly choreographed production spanning 20 hours over six weeks, the committee showed tens of tens of millions of Americans how the previous president, having lost his reelection, ultimately tried to make use of violence and the specter of violence to stay in power ― the very definition of a coup d’etat, or, more technically, a self-coup.

“Jan. 6 corresponds in every technique to the definition and unfolding of a coup,” said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a history professor and expert on authoritarianism at Recent York University, who added that crucial to this was the support from quite a few leaders within the Republican Party. “You wish buy-in from those elites in order that your illegitimate government can be accepted as legitimate once the coup has happened.”

This summer’s presentation culminated Thursday night with testimony from Trump’s own White House officials narrating how the then-president refused to inform the armed mob tha the had unleashed on the U.S. Capitol to stop their attack and to go home until after police had turned the tide and had begun retaking control of the constructing.

The panel had in previous hearings established that Trump knew full well that he had lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden but continued pushing his lies about voter fraud and a “stolen” election. That he and his campaign almost immediately began working to have their supporters in states narrowly won by Biden send slates of faux Electoral College voters to Washington. That Vice President Mike Pence would, upon seeing the “competing” slates from seven states, have the excuse he needed to declare Trump the winner. And that, enraged when Pence refused to associate with the illegal and unconstitutional scheme, Trump lashed out with an offended Twitter post ― while Congress was conducting the certification ceremony ― that further inflamed his mob and put Pence’s life in jeopardy.

The testimony revealed a president with no regard for laws or the Structure or the concept of democracy itself, committee members argued, and shredded any notion that the Jan. 6, 2021, assault was merely a protest that got out of hand.

“For the individuals who cared to look at, there was lots of damning information. Viewers were in a position to clearly understand that Trump was not the commander in chief sworn to guard the federal government but as a substitute was the commander in chief of the insurrectionists,” said Rick Tyler, a Republican consultant who worked for Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign. “He disgraced himself, dishonored the boys and ladies in law enforcement, showed a disregard for human life and himself as a small, cowardly person.”

What effect the hearings can have, though, is unclear. Many if not most Republican officeholders and candidates remain frightened of Trump due to his willingness to lash out and switch his supporters against them, and most have adopted his claims that the committee is unfairly targeting him.

Polling shows that, as results of the hearings, most Americans again consider that Trump was personally answerable for the Jan. 6 assault and needs to be charged criminally for his actions. However the surveys also show that Americans don’t consider that Jan. 6 is a very vital issue compared with inflation.

One Trump adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said only 18% of Americans see the Capitol attack as a top issue. “Polling shows that Trump dipped early within the hearings but has bounced back and even risen within the face of Biden’s cratering numbers from skyrocketing inflation,” he said.

Yet polls are also starting to indicate that while most Republicans proceed to say that they consider Trump did nothing incorrect and that he’s being unfairly hounded by Democrats and the news media, many are using that argument as a rationale for backing other candidates within the 2024 primaries.

In a recent Recent York Times survey, Republican support for Trump because the 2024 nominee fell below 50%. An earlier Recent Hampshire poll found that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had overtaken Trump in that crucial early primary state, 39% to 37%.

Those numbers found voice on the Family Leader Summit, a gathering of Christian conservatives in Des Moines, Iowa, last week. Attendees, while mostly acknowledging they liked Trump and what he had completed, nevertheless said that DeSantis would probably be a better selection going forward.

Doug Ohlfest, a 71-year-old retired construction contractor, said the media had “destroyed” Trump and that he would have a tricky time winning the final election. “I feel DeSantis could be a greater option. I’ve followed what he did in Florida.”

David Kochel, a longtime Iowa GOP consultant, said that may be a sentiment he’s hearing increasingly regularly. “I feel there’s a fatigue setting in with lots of rank-and-file activists. They’re done with the drama and prepared for a candidate with a clean slate.”

Trump’s desire to return to the White House, meanwhile, has turn into entangled with Republicans’ more immediate goal of winning back control of the House and Senate. Biden’s low approval rankings and the high inflation rate have created a good environment for the GOP, but Trump’s must scare off rivals is sort of certain to harm the party, should he declare prior to the November midterms, by giving Democrats a simple goal to fireside up their base of voters.

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, as an example, has reminded Trump that the day he becomes a candidate is the day the party will stop picking up the legal bills it has been paying for the reason that summer of 2021, due to a rule that requires it to stay neutral within the 2024 contests.

Other Republicans, though, indicate that Trump’s coup-plotting baggage on top of all his other negatives make him a silly selection for president.

“Everyone aside from the gnarliest of the MAGA nuts realizes or at the least senses that Trump is poison on the polls for a majority of Americans. People eligible to vote will return from Swiss chalets, ashrams in India and Amazon villages simply to vote again him no matter who the Democrat nominee is,” said Mac Stipanovich, a Republican consultant in Florida who advised Jeb Bush’s first campaign for governor. “The juice shouldn’t be well worth the squeeze, particularly with DeSantis, who’s Trump without all the boogers, waiting stage right to make his entrance.”

Added Tyler: “The Republican Party now has to select of a celebration with Trump or a celebration without him. Given his record of losing the House, Senate and White House all inside two years, that shouldn’t be a tough decision.”

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