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Joe Rogan podcast latest: Zuckerberg stirs controversy discussing bots, Hunter Biden and Metaverse


Zuckerberg says the FBI reached out to Facebook warning about Russian propaganda

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who oversees Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the Metaverse, made a surprise appearance as a guest on controversial podcast host Joe Rogan’s latest show.

Mr Zuckerberg’s three-hour interview touched on quite a lot of subjects as he touted the potential of Metaverse, discussed his favourite hobbies, weighed in on Hunter Biden’s laptop and revealed he doesn’t have time for social media sites despite having founded one in all the world’s largest.

A standout moment got here when he replied to an issue on bot accounts and controversial content on social media platforms, saying he believes there weren’t going to be “perfect” artificial intelligence systems.

“I feel it’s all trade-offs all the way in which down,” he said.

Mr Rogan has been a lightning rod since his Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s hottest podcast, was bought by Spotify in a $100m deal.

Earlier this yr Rogan found himself on the centre of controversy when he was accused of spreading Covid-19 misinformation and hosted a guest who claimed that Americans were “hypnotised” into wearing masks and getting vaccines.

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Mark Zuckerberg makes surprise appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

This can be a live blog covering the Meta CEO’s three-hour appearance on Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast.

25 August 2022 19:18


Zuckerberg says recent Metaverse equipment coming

The tech entrepreneur told Rogan that the brand new equipment was being released in October and that it might allow avatars to mimic users facial expressions and permit avatars to make eye contact.

“Virtual reality really convinces your brain you’re there. You will have to persuade your brain that this isn’t real and that you just will not be actually there,” he said.


25 August 2022 19:25


Fully immersive VR suit?

“I feel there will probably be opprortunities to wear things to reinforce the experience further,” said Zuckerberg, highlighting gloves the corporate is working on that may allow the user to “feel” objects.

“But I would like to design this where you don’t want to try this. You don’t desire a set-up where you’ve 10 pieces. Ultimately people will want versions of this they will bring around, tackle anairplane, within the office or in a coffee shop.”

25 August 2022 19:27


Metaverse aiming for glasses not VR headset

“You would like them to be a normal-looking pair of glasses,” he added saying they were working on “waveguide” technology that might be made out of plastic or glass.

He predicted that in five years they might be doing the interview using AI glasses and a hologram version of the Facebook boss can be talking to Rogan.

“So few of the physical things we have now on the planet don’t have to be physical. chairs and food have to be physical, but most entertainment, like TVs, don’t have to be physical, it would just be an app in your wall and you may snap your fingers and a hologram of a TV will appear.”

25 August 2022 19:33


Zuckerberg admits he “hates” sitting at his desk

“I hate sitting in front of my desk, I feel that if I’m not lively I’m just wasting away,” he said as he predicted that VR headsets could change fitness regimes and said he enjoyed playing boxing games.

“My energy level and mood and the way I interact with the world relies on…its so physical. I don’t imagine we are only brains in a body, our physical being and actions we take there are as much of kind the experience of being human.”

25 August 2022 19:45


Browsing through the pandemic in Kauai, Hawaii

“I spent plenty of time down in Kauai early on. I got really into browsing and hydrofoiling and I might rise up early and go and do this after which be really refreshed for my day of meetings,” he said. “That is just not something I could do in Palo Alto.”

25 August 2022 20:01


Zuckerberg says company spending $10bn on research this yr

“You go across all these items and it this incredibly wide amount of technology that should get built,” he said.

25 August 2022 20:09


Zuckerberg says he doesn’t have time for social media

He was asked by Rogan if he limited his time on social media, or if he controlled his children’s access to it.

“Me personally I’m just doing so many things that in practice that there will not be (enough) hours within the day,” he said.

“My kids, I actually have probably not needed to give it some thought quite as much as they’re pretty young, six and five, so that they use it. I would like them to make use of technology for various things, I teach them tips on how to code, it’s an outlet of creativity.

“Max likes constructing things and Augie thinks of it as art. I attempt to do bedtime with them religiously each night. I ask them what activity they wish to do, read, or wrestle, and Augie says she desires to do code art, she thinks of it as making the pc make art.

“It is nice for them to get that exposure, all the things you’re doing on a pc or screen is just not the identical. are you engaging with someone, constructing relationships, or simply consuming?

“For those who are only sitting there and consuming stuff, it is just not bad, but it surely is just not related to the advantages you get for actively engaging with people and constructing relationships.”

He added that he does a “bunch of messaging” but that he doesn’t watch much TV because it puts him in “a weird mental state”

25 August 2022 20:39


Zuckerberg says he wakes as much as ‘1,000,000 messages’ and ‘its often not good’

“My type of day is, you get up within the morning have a look at my phone, get 1,000,000 messages which have are available, its often not good,” he told Rogan.

“People reserve the great things to inform me in person, right? So it’s like what’s occurring on the planet that I would like to listen to? So it’s almost like daily you get up you’re punched within the stomach.

“Then it’s like okay, well f**k, what do I would like to do to go and reset myself and be productive and never stressed by this? How do I do this? I principally read I absorb all the data after which go and do something physical for an hour or two and reset myself.

“I used to run so much but the issue is you possibly can think so much if you find yourself running, the previous couple of years I actually have gotten into things that require full focus.”

25 August 2022 20:51


Zuckerberg says that 3.5bn people use Meta’s platforms

He told Rogan that “there’s at all times stuff to work on” and that he needed to “maintain control” of his time so he was not only reacting “to things that folks throw at me.”

“You could possibly spend all of your time reacting to that but what creates the power to achieve success long run is carving out the time that’s proactive, that’s each caring for yourself and being physical and getting on the market and spending time with my family and my girls,” he said.

25 August 2022 21:03

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