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Kim Kardashian took all of it off during ‘no-nudes’ Playboy shoot


It looks as if we’ve seen all of Kim Kardashian, but these sultry shots obtained by The Post haven’t been viewed until now.

Months after her raunchy sex tape was leaked in 2007, the now-ubiquitous billionaire was apparently a professional at peeling off her clothes in front of the camera — a lot in order that she stripped right down to her birthday suit during a Playboy cover shoot that wasn’t imagined to be nude.

The brand new snaps — outtakes from photographer Stephen Wayda’s shoot that fall — show the fact star striking sultry poses before eventually leaving less to the imagination.

“There was to be no nudity … and we wound up doing full nudity,” Wayda recalled. “For someone that had never modeled before, she really did a great job of taking a difficult unprepared situation and making it into something.”

The shoot became the topic of the fourth episode of her then-new reality series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

“Her mom wanted her to do Playboy to advertise the show,” the 76-year-old photographer said. “At that time, the one thing she had been known for was the sex tape.”

Kardashian on the quilt of Playboy in 2007.

Kris Jenner’s response to her daughter’s work — “You’re doing amazing, sweetie” — went viral and have become its own meme. Jenner even filed to have the catchphrase trademarked.

Once they arrived at Playboy Studio West in Santa Monica, Wayda, Kim and Kris thought they were there to take just her cover photo. Nevertheless, the art director explained that they’d to reshoot her entire pictorial, because the original, done by one other photographer, “didn’t meet Hef’s standards for Playboy.”

Wayda, who shot over 35 Playboy covers, was greatly surprised.

Kardashian's Playboy photoshoot was originally supposed to include no nudity.
Kardashian’s Playboy photoshoot was originally imagined to include no nudity.

Wayda had to reshoot the entire pictorial with Kardashian due to the original photos not meeting
Wayda needed to reshoot the whole pictorial with Kardashian as a consequence of the unique photos not meeting “Hef’s standards for Playboy.”

Wayda gives Kardashian credit for doing a
Wayda gives Kardashian credit for doing a “good job of taking a difficult unprepared situation and making it into something.”

“I am going, ‘Well how do I do this? I haven’t any wardrobe, no set, no preparation [and] the mom is here,’” he recalled.

Wayda was left to improvise with black bedsheets, a fluffy white jacket and strings of faux pearls. Kardashian didn’t bring her own wardrobe, because the shoot was initially imagined to be a quickie.

The stylist on set procured undergarments.

Kardashian behind the scenes preparing for the photoshoot.Kardashian behind the scenes preparing for the photoshoot.@KimKardashian/TWITTER

“She first had a pair of black underwear on, but they were too big,” Wayda said.

In order that they swapped those for a barely-there black thong.

The props and accessories were meant to “cover up the nudity,” he said.

Wayda was forced to improvise with bedsheets and pretend pearls.

The photographer said that
The photographer said that “nudity developed” in 40 minutes.

Wayda said that Kardashian was “a sweetheart” and “very gracious.
Wayda said that Kardashian was “a sweetheart” and “very gracious.”

“But nudity developed” inside 40 minutes, he recalled.

“As she was moving, I’d take pictures … the pearls would open up as she would move … she became comfortable with it,” Wayda said.

Kardashian was a “a sweetheart” and “very gracious,” he said, and Jenner — who was “very controlling” — greenlit all of it.

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