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Kobo Clara HD review: A superb alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite


Kobo Clara HD review – The Kobo Clara HD is an awesome alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite (Image: KOBO GETTY) This text comprises affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Kobo Clara HD: 60-second review

The Kobo Clara HD is an excellent alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite and does barely enough otherwise to be a focus for ereader fans.

It has a built-in light for evening time reading which is simpler on the eyes due to its ability to cut back blue light.

This helps create a hotter display than Amazon’s Kindle device and really makes it appear as in the event you reading on the soft, yellowish color of pages in printed books.

Although the Clara HD’s 6inch screen is smaller than its Amazon rival it actually makes reading with one hand far easier.

All of this coupled with no built-in ads, some nice UI touches and the flexibility to buy from multiple ebook stores make the Kobo Clara HD not only an awesome alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite but simply an awesome alternative for any ebook fan.

Kobo Clara HD Review

Amazon’s Kindle range has long ruled the roost but there’s more to ereaders than devices sold by the web shopping giant.

Take Kobo, a spread of Rakuten-made ereaders which have been around for over a decade now.

The Kobo Clara HD is the firm’s direct answer to the Kindle Paperwhite, and while you could think there cannot be an excessive amount of different between two rival ereaders that couldn’t be farther from the reality.

The Kobo Clara HD offers some great features not only with the device itself, but with Kobo’s UI which can make you’re thinking that of ditching Amazon and its Kindle range for good.

kobo clara hd review

Kobo Clara HD review – The Kobo Clara HD is a 6.8inch ereader which has a light-weight for night reading (Image: KOBO)

Kobo Clara HD Design

There are a couple of big differences between the Kobo Clara HD and the Kindle Paperwhite that immediately stand out.

Firstly, the Paperwhite looks like a more premium product with shiny, glossy plastic that feels silky smooth to the touch.

The Kobo Clara HD doesn’t have that immediate head-turning impact, product of matte black plastic that has a duller color in addition to a pattern of dotted lines on the rear.

But looks aren’t all the pieces, and there may be loads of interesting things concerning the Kobo Clara HD.

Take for example the pattern on the rear case which has been added to assist provide extra grip when someone is holding the ebook gadget.

And this may very well be seen as a metaphor for the Kobo Clara HD typically – while it might not catch your eye at first glance it’s packed stuffed with great features that each one mix to supply a superb ereader experience.

kobo clara hd review

Kobo Clara HD review – The sunshine for night reading is able to filtering blue light (Image: KOBO)

Kobo Clara HD Specs

The Kobo Clara HD comes with a 6inch HD screen that boasts a 300 PPI ink display, 8GB of storage and a ComfortLight PRO front light.

Whilst that makes it smaller than the Kindle Paperwhite, it has its benefits as this makes it easy enough to carry in a single hand and browse comfortably.

Not only that, however the specs of the Kobo Clara HD mean page turns are nice and speedy while the device also boots up fairly fast.

Kobo Clara HD Screen

Where the Kobo Clara HD really shines is its screen. The front light that Kobo uses is able to filtering through blue light which makes it ideal for reading at evening time.

This tech also helps to create a pleasant, warm glow to the display which is paying homage to the yellowish pages you’d find in a typical, printed book.

In actual fact, in the event you put a book next to your Kobo Clara HD you would possibly find it hard to inform the difference between what you are seeing.

It’s a particularly natural appearance and that is arguably what Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite cannot match.

Kobo Clara HD Extras

Besides the standout display, there are many other reasons to select up a Clara HD.

All of Kobo’s ereaders support a wide selection of ebook formats so you should buy an ebook from plenty of various stores.

Besides this, the Kobo has some nice UI touches that add to the experience.

Not one of the Kobo ereaders should be supported by ads, so while you put your device on sleep as a substitute of being greeted with an ad (like you’ll on the ad-supported Kindles) you’ll as a substitute get a picture of the quilt for the book you were reading.

This even appears while you power down the display together with your progress in your book shown.

This can be a nice little touch and is not the one cool thing concerning the Kobo UI.

We especially liked the stats which are shown while you finish reading a book together with the little trophy icon.

Seeing this almost appears like unlocking a trophy or an achievement in a game, with stats shown in your reading experience corresponding to how long you read each session and total period of time it took to read through the book.

kobo clara hd

Kobo Clara HD review – A pattern is on the reader of the ereader to enable you to grip it (Image: KOBO)

Kobo Clara HD review – at a look

What We Loved

  • Sensible Screen And Night Light
  • UI Has Plenty Of Nice Surprises
  • Ability To Purchase From Range Of Ebook Stores
  • Easy To Read With One Hand

What We Didn’t

  • Not The Most Premium Looking Ereader
  • Smaller Than Kindle Paperwhite

Kobo Clara HD Price

The Kobo Clara HD is priced at £119.99 – which is £10 cheaper than the ad-supported Kindle Paperwhite or £20 lower than the one without ads.

That’s an awesome price point, but keep in mind with the Paperwhite you will get a much bigger display.

The Paperwhite boasts a 6.8inch screen in comparison with the Kobo Clara HD’s 6inch display, which may very well be an element for you.

While this may not appear to be a giant difference in size while you take a look at the 2 models together the Paperwhite does look considerably larger.

Kobo Clara HD Final Verdict

The Kobo Clara HD is an excellent little ereader which offers enough differences to the Kindle Paperwhite to make long-time Amazon users seriously consider it.

The nice and cozy, front-lit display is the true standout which offers an awesome, naturalistic look which will make you forget you are even reading an ereader and never a printed book.

While the Kobo UI has loads of great tricks up its sleeve that can surprise and delight those used to the Amazon Kindle range.

For those who fancy trying something a bit different then the Kobo Clara HD is well price your time.

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