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Latest Insights Into Trump’s State of Mind on Jan. 6 Chip Away at Doubts


David French, a conservative critic of Mr. Trump, had been skeptical the committee would produce sufficient evidence. “But Hutchinson’s sworn testimony closes a spot within the criminal case against Trump,” he wrote on The Dispatch, a conservative website. Two law professors, Alan Z. Rozenshtein of the University of Minnesota and Jed Handelsman Shugerman of Fordham University, likewise opposed prosecution until seeing Ms. Hutchinson, writing on the Lawfare blog that she modified their minds because she provided “proof of intent.”

The hearings, which is able to proceed after Congress returns on July 11 from its holiday recess, have presented only the prosecution’s side of the story. With Mr. Trump’s acquiescence, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House Republican leader, opted against appointing anyone to the select committee after Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected a few his original selections, leaving the panel composed entirely of Democrats and two Republicans deeply critical of the previous president.

Neither Ms. Hutchinson nor any of the opposite witnesses who’ve testified have been cross-examined. Their testimony has often been presented briefly edited clips reasonably than of their entirety, and no contrary testimony has been offered publicly. In a courtroom, if it ever got here to that, the case against Mr. Trump could be tested because it has not been thus far.

“The committee’s presentation has been a purely political exercise, deceptively edited,” said Jason Miller, who served as a political adviser to Mr. Trump during and after the election.

Yet even outside the confines of the hearing room, Mr. Miller and others in Mr. Trump’s camp have mainly attacked the committee or tried to chip away at pieces of the testimony reasonably than produce much of a defense of the previous president’s actions or an alternate explanation for his way of thinking.

In his social media posts, Mr. Trump denied asking that armed supporters be allowed at his rally. “Who would ever want that?” he wrote. “Not me!” He focused more of his energy on castigating Ms. Hutchinson in scathing personal terms (“whacko,” “total phony”) and targeting one small aspect of her testimony, namely whether he lunged for the wheel of his presidential vehicle when his Secret Service detail refused to take him to the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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