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Learn how to Take Your Pet Along for the Ride (or Flight)


In case your pet is distressed and whining in its carrier, speak to the animal in a reassuring voice to let it know you might be there, said Dr. Bryant, “or give them a toy or calming treat.” The very best treatment, though, is prevention, she said. “With proper training, which can take a minimum of six to eight weeks prior to travel, your pet will view the travel crate as their refuge.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association suggests packing your pet’s favorite toys, water and food bowls, treats, leash, medication, waste bags, food and any required travel documents. In the event you are traveling by automobile, bringing a bed or favorite blanket could make an animal feel more comfortable at its destination and might help avoid stress-induced accidents, noise or destructive behavior.

In the event you are anxious that stress or motion sickness will upset your pet’s stomach, it’s OK to cut back or skip the last meal before the journey, said Dr. Collins. Keep your animal hydrated, though, with some access to water.

Reflective collars personalized with the pet’s name and your phone number might help reunite you when you get separated. Some owners attach an Apple Airtag to the collar. Microchipping pets could be very vital, said Dr. Bryant. In the event that they are usually not chipped and so they slip their collar, all of your contact information might be gone, she said.

Use a pet harness that attaches to a seatbelt or a carrier for road trips, including in R. V.s, to maintain animals safer in case of accident. “It’s imperative they’re fastened and secured so that they don’t develop into a projectile,” said Ms. Martz, of Sherpa.

Pets loose within the automobile may also distract the driving force. “When Arwin’s not in her crate, she’s attempting to climb into the front seat and we’ve got to maintain pushing her back,” said Monika Bromschwag, a third-year veterinary student at Cornell University of her boyfriend’s 1-year-old golden retriever. The couple and the dog drove last spring from Colorado to Wyoming.

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