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Luke Parker Bowles, the Queen Consort’s Nephew, on Life in Latest Jersey


Last month in Latest York City, the outpouring of grief over Queen Elizabeth II’s death mostly happened in a handful of English specialty shops and inside many, many apartments. But there was at the very least one public memorial service, which took place on the Queen Elizabeth II Garden in Lower Manhattan.

“Long live the king,” proclaimed Luke Parker Bowles, a movie and tv producer and one in all just a few individuals who helped create the garden in 2005 to honor members of Commonwealth nations who died on Sept. 11.

As a Latest Jersey resident and the nephew of Camilla Parker Bowles, Mr. Parker Bowles suddenly finds himself a diplomat, of sorts, for the crown within the metropolitan area. “I do like being an envoy for her and His Majesty in Latest York,” he said. “I’m the Parker Bowles who’s here.”

Besides his day job — he works with the British Consulate to advertise British talent and owns a film-production company, Odd Sausage — he and Patrick Wilson, the actor, began and now help to run Cinema Lab, an initiative that rescues struggling small-town movie theaters and turns them into sophisticated venues for eating, drinking and taking in the most recent blockbuster. The group currently owns five theaters, including several in Latest Jersey and one in Latest Canaan, Conn. “These theaters are metaphorically and literally the center beats of certain towns,” Mr. Parker Bowles said.

Mr. Parker Bowles, 44, lives together with his wife Daniela Parker Bowles, 47, and their three children in Montclair, where he helps oversee the town’s film festival, scheduled this yr for Oct. 21-30.

Ahead of the Montclair Film Festival, Mr. Parker Bowles spoke with The Latest York Times about his work and mission. The next interview has been edited and condensed.

What inspired you to maneuver to Latest York?

I used to be visiting Latest York City from London for a protracted weekend with two friends. We went to this club named Spa that was situated right next to Union Square. That night P. Diddy jumped onstage and began playing this impromptu performance. I assumed that is just how Latest York is and this happens every night.

Some Key Moments in Queen Elizabeth’s Reign

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A historic visit. On May 18, 1965, Elizabeth arrived in Bonn on the primary state visit by a British monarch to Germany in greater than 50 years. The trip formally sealed the reconciliation between the 2 nations following the world wars.

First grandchild. In 1977, the queen stepped into the role of grandmother for the primary time, after Princess Anne gave birth to a son, Peter. Elizabeth’s 4 children have given her a complete of eight grandchildren, who’ve been followed by several great-grandchildren.

Princess Diana’s death. In a rare televised broadcast ahead of Diana’s funeral in 1997, Queen Elizabeth remembered the Princess of Wales, who died in a automobile crash in Paris at age 36, as “an exceptional and gifted human being.”

A visit to Ireland. In May 2011, the queen visited the Irish Republic, whose troubled relationship with the British monarchy spanned centuries. The trip, infused with powerful symbols of reconciliation, is taken into account probably the most politically freighted trips of Elizabeth’s reign.

Breaking a record. As of 5:30 p.m. British time on Sept. 9, 2015, Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, surpassing Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother. Elizabeth was 89 on the time, and had ruled for 23,226 days, 16 hours and about half-hour.

Marking 70 years of marriage. On Nov. 20, 2017, the queen and Prince Philip celebrated their seventieth anniversary, becoming the longest-married couple in royal history. The 2 wed in 1947, because the country and the world was still reeling from the atrocities of World War II.

My wife and her two friends had a booth and we were across the dance floor in our booth. The cocktails should have been good, because us Brits should not that confident, but I made an approach. We dated long distance for 3 years until I packed up and moved here.

Why the move to Latest Jersey?

I lived in Williamsburg for years, where Patrick Wilson, now my business partner, was my neighbor. He disappeared and in the future I bumped into him again, and I asked him where he had been. He said, “I moved to probably the most amazing town, Montclair.” I’m not a stalker, I don’t just follow him around, but I went to go to and I purchased a house.

I call Montclair Narnia because people’s perception of Latest Jersey is of highways and byways. But in the event you turn off the highway and go up this hill into Montclair, there are trees and flowers and yards and persons are nice to one another. It’s like a slice of heaven. And I even have three children so I needed some space.

What English habits do you continue to have? How do you incorporate them into your Latest Jersey lifestyle?

I’m not an important cook but on Sundays I make my family something called bacon butties, which is bacon between two pieces of white bread with butter. In America you want your bacon burned to a crisp, but we like streaky bacon in England.

We also go to the Pie Store every Sunday, which is owned by my friend Sam who’s a Brit. We buy pies to eat through the week, but we also get this English candy that my kids love. Their favorite is Cadbury chocolate buttons.

My son and I are also football-obsessive and really very big supporters of Tottenham Hotspur, a team that is far reviled, but that makes us love them much more. We watch every game.

You continue to come to Latest York City about once every week. What are your favorite spots?

There’s this amazing Philly cheesesteak place within the West Village called Wogies. Every time I’m on the town I attempt to stop by. I’m also a vodka martini freak, so I’d say Cafe Luxembourg on the Upper West Side. I’d fight anyone who suggested there’s a better-made vodka martini in Latest York City. The bartender there taught me the rationale James Bond all the time drinks his martini shaken and never stirred. In the event you stir a martini you might be combining the alcohol and bringing it to the highest so it’s stronger. In the event you shake it you might be weakening it, because if you pour it the ice comes out last and there’s a layer of water on top.

What are you looking forward to seeing on the Montclair Film Festival?

“She Said.” I’ve read the book, and I’m so fascinated to see the movie. My favorite thing every yr can also be to look at the shorts and listen to the voices of recent filmmakers. A whole lot of the people now making big movies made a brief film just a few years ago, and also you get to follow and back their careers.

Does the Queen Elizabeth II Garden in Hanover Square have much more significance after the queen’s passing?

I’m one in all just a few individuals who put together the garden. After Sept. 11 happened there wasn’t an area for Commonwealth victims to reflect. For instance, the Australian Consulate had an office and that’s where people went. It seemed very clear that we would have liked to do something, and with the assistance of Mayor Bloomberg, we managed to get that space in Hanover Square and develop it into what it’s now. It appears like probably the most British place in Latest York City.

I’m incredibly pleased with it. It feels cleansing to be there. Now once I am there I remember how wonderful the queen was. I pinch myself and say, “That woman was not human.”

How has your life modified now that your aunt is queen consort of England?

This will be a cynical response, but a number of individuals who couldn’t care less about me or didn’t have relationships with me have suddenly come out of the woodwork, which I don’t particularly like.

You talk so much about your responsibility for helping others and serving people. Are you able to tell us more about why that’s so necessary to you?

I think if I even have this name, I don’t need to use it to go to cocktail parties or hang around with Upper East Side socialites. That’s the antithesis of what my responsibility is.

I learned to do charity at a really young age. It was distilled in me by my parents and grandparents because they didn’t want me to be a part of the chaos of the early days of my aunt and Prince Charles’s relationship. After I was at boarding school I remember getting bullied and even death threats because people put together that Diana had died due to Camilla, and due to this fact I had killed Diana by association.

It was not a completely happy time, and I desired to deflect that so I got involved in charities. I remember swimming three hours nonstop (which is bonkers) for charity. I loved it and I loved specializing in what I could do for other people, as a substitute of specializing in getting bullied.

You spend most of your time working on Cinema Lab. Why are movie theaters so necessary?

Movie theaters are such as the vibe of an English pub where everyone can meet and get together. In Latest Canaan, for instance, the playhouse was not only a gorgeous iconic constructing; it was also where all the youngsters used to hang around, and the parents would know they were secure. The identical thing happened in towns in England once I was growing up. My teenage daughter now hangs out within the CVS car parking zone, and I feel it’s since the lights of those town high streets have gone out, and we’d like to bring them back.

I don’t exaggerate once I say we now have been approached by over 100 movie theaters across the country who want our assist in saving them. We want to show them into places where people of all ages can gather and socialize and work and be together.

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