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Mac Pro: Latest Apple updates mean that high-end computer stands out amongst computer line-up


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Apple’s latest Mac updates have left one computer standing out in its line-up.

The high-end Mac Pro, which starts at £5,499 and has gone with out a significant update for years, is now the one computer in Apple’s line-up to incorporate an Intel processor.

Apple began transitioning away from that Intel technology in 2020, when it announced that it was launching its own chips, under the branding Apple Silicon. It said in June 2020, when it began that process, that every one of its computers would switch to its own processors in two years.

That mostly happened on time, with its MacBooks, iMacs and more now all including different versions of Apple’s M1 or M2 processors. The chips have even made their strategy to Apple’s iPads.

Apple has repeatedly said that its own chips are each more powerful and more efficient than those offered by Intel, and various tests and reviewers have agreed.

But in its highest-end, costliest computer, users are still unable to really get those chips. The Mac Pro – first released in 2019 – still includes an Intel chip.

When Apple released its recent Mac Mini, this week, it dropped an older version that also included an Intel i5 processor and so left the Mac Pro because the only one in every of its computers still using that technology.

Apple has repeatedly reassured customers that an upgraded version of the Mac Pro is coming. While it missed its own deadline of June 2022, it has nonetheless indicated that it remains to be working on an update.

Apple could have been expected to drop the Mac Pro branding when it released the Mac Studio, in March 2022. Just like the Mac Pro, that computer is geared toward professionals and acts as a standalone computer in order that users can add their very own display and other accessories.

The corporate has seemingly been hit by delays while working on the brand new Mac Pro, nonetheless. Work has struggled due to changes in Apple’s plans for its strongest processors and a possible change of location for where it is going to be built, in accordance with reliable reporter Mark Gurman.

As the pc goes without updates, its value appears to be rapidly declining. As the brand new Mac Mini was released, some noted that even Apple gives only a tiny amount of credit for trading within the high-end computer – with a top-of-the-range Mac Pro not even offering enough to purchase a base iPhone 14 Pro.

The brand new Mac Mini with an M2 processor was announced alongside updates to the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro on Tuesday. While Apple didn’t explicitly announce the discontinuation of the old Intel Mac Mini, it disappeared from its website similtaneously the brand new models appeared.

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